WWE NXT 01 25 2011


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Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Todd Grisham + Matt Striker
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio | Date: January 25, 2011

Matt Striker + (R-Truth & Dolph Ziggler & Daniel Bryan & Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Maryse & Alberto Del Rio & Chris Masters) + (Johnny Curtis & Byron Saxton & Derrick Bateman & Brodus Clay) + Howard Finkel: Striker said that the winner of NXt will receive a Tag Team title shot along side his Pro. Striker announced a fourway tonight where the winning Rookie can swap his Pro. Striker showed hidden video of Bateman & Bryan conspiring to cheat on the Know Your Pro challenge last week. Bateman actually used the line “just when you think they have the questions, we change the answers.” Striker said Bateman will be penalized tonight for the “Outfink the Fink” trivia challenge. Striker said the Rookies will have 30 seconds to answer questions, except Derrick, who will have only 20 seconds. Striker introduced WWE Hall of Famer and true encyclopedia of WWE knowledge Howard Finkel! Finkel answered two trivia questions, only because Striker took forever to read the questions. Striker sped it up a bit for the rookies. Johnny Curtis got one right and three wrong in 30 seconds. Derrick Bateman got one right and got screwed on another question, and then got the third right but time ran out because Striker had to make a stupid comment (Bateman really knows his WWE history). The question Bateman got right the answer was “Jeff Jarrett” (very suprising). Byron Saxton got one right and three wrong. Brodus Clay knows absolutely nothing about WWE history but managed to get an easy one right. They all got one right so Howard Finkel wins!

Ted DiBiase Jr. (w/Maryse & Brodus Clay) defeated WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan w/Derrick Beteman: Maryse ignored the match and flirted with announcer Josh Mathews, even giving him an autograph sealed with a lipstick kiss. It was a long match, and some of the Pro’s began yelling comments from the stage. Ted Jr. took a beating near the end of the match, but managed to hold on and connect with Dream Street for the win! Maryse was shocked that Ted was actually successful for a change!

Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse & Brodus Clay: Maryse congratulated Ted for actually winning a match. Ted ignored her and gave Brodus a pep-talk about the fourway tonight, saying he thinks Clay is his best chance at winning NXT. Ted was asking Brodus not to swap him out if he wins. Brodus thanked his “boss” and said he would do him proud.

Brodus Clay defeated Johnny Curtis and Byron Saxton and Derrick Bateman: Brodus Clay, Byron Saxton, and Johnny Curtis ganged up on Derrick Bateman and eliminated him quickly as punishment for cheating last week. Byron Saxton was eliminated by Johnny Curtis after a really cool move (Curtis came off the top rope with a double leg-drop on both Saxton & Clay). Johnny Curtis was eliminated, making Brodus Clay the winner! He now has the opportunity to swap out his Pro. Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse came to the ring to celebrate and suck up to Clay. Clay said his Pro has the money, the power, the class, and will probably destroy everyone in the Royal Rumble – but he is the brokest Rich dude he’s ever seen! Brodus Clay announced that his new Pro was ALBERTO DEL RIO! Brodus concluded by saying there was one thing he wanted to tell Ted Jr. – and proceeded to take him down with his finisher! Maryse was “shell shocked” (quote Todd Grisham)