WWE NXT 03 01 2011 (Season Finale)


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Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Todd Grisham & Matt Striker
Location: Cleveland, Ohio | Date: March 1, 2011

Matt Striker + Maryse Ouellet & Daniel Bryan & Chris Masters + R-Truth & Johnny Curtis & Ricardo Rodriguez & Brodus Clay: Matt welcomed several of the pros to their chairs on stage. R-Truth came down to the ring with Johnny Curtis, followed by Ricardo with Brodus Clay. Matt asked Johnny why he should win. Johnny said he’s not going to verbally bash Brodus. Johnny said since day one Brodus has been on his case and beaten him up. Johnny said he’s been fighting his entire life and tonight he’s going to fight Brodus and knock his teeth down his throat. Brodus said when this competition started everyone blinked when he looked at them but Johnny stared back. Brodus said Johnny stood tall through everything he gave him and he would be his friend if he wasn’t standing in the way of his dream. Brodus said when this is over he’s going to walk out of here a winner just like Lebron James.

Brodus Clay w/Ricardo Rodriguez defeated Johnny Curtis w/R-Truth: Brodus defeated Johnny Curtis with a big splash. After the match, Truth pulled off his shirt and stood up for Johnny.

Derrick Bateman & WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan: Derrick said he really thought his shenanigans would work. Daniel asked if he knew what this meant. Derrick said he’s dealt with heartbreak his whole life and always manages to get by. Daniel reminded his rookie that he said he was going to punch him in the face if he got eliminated. Derrick put on glasses and asked if he would still hit him. Daniel punched him and told him to get in there for his rookie reunion tag match.

Derrick Bateman & Conor O’Brian defeated Byron Saxton & Jacob Novak: Jacob left around the end of the match and Derrick pinned Byron with a reverse DDT like maneuver.

Matt Striker & Brodus Clay & Johnny Curtis + R-Truth: Matt gave a thank you to all the pros who guided the rookies. Johnny Curtis won. R-Truth came down to the ring to congratulate Johnny. Truth told the fans to take a look at Johnny’s face because he was crying real tears. Johnny shook Brodus’s hand and Brodus patted him on the back. Johnny said he wanted to say hi to his dad back home because if it wasn’t for him he wouldn’t be there today. Matt asked Brodus his thoughts. Brodus said the WWE Universe took away his moment. Brodus said he won every competition he was in and did everything he had to do but he doesn’t look like any of them. Brodus said he’s going to take their heroes and the things that they love away because of how they made him feel tonight. Brodus said he’s the thing that goes boom in the night and what they love he will take because they took what he loves. Brodus said he will not stop. Brodus said he isn’t going to stop until he breaks their hearts. Matt said Johnny and Truth would get a tag team title shot.