WWE NXT 03 15 2011


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Broadcast Announcers: Todd Grisham & William Regal + Matt Striker & Maryse
Location: Kansas City, Missouri | Date: March 15, 2011

Maryse & Matt Striker + The NXT Rookies (Jacob Novak & Darren Young & Conor O Brian & Byron Saxton & Titus O Neil & Lucky Cannon) + The NXT Pros (JTG & Chavo Guerrero & Vladimir Kozlov & Yoshi Tatsu & Hornswoggle & Tyson Kidd) : The rookies got in the ring while their pros took their seats on the stage. Maryse said the winner will also get to choose their pro for the next season. Matt Striker said they were going to have the stupid talk the talk challenge. Jacob Novak (who kind of looks like early Triple H with the nose) went first and did a stupid rap. Darren Young left the ring and got close to the fans. Darren said he was happy about having Chavo as his pro and said he will ‘steal’ the competition. Conor said he wanted to be real with them. Conor said he was a simple person just like all of them (good way to get the fans on your side). Conor said he’s living his dream. Conor said he knows that all of them can live their dreams too. Byron Saxton talked about how he had a hamster and liked football. Byron said he didn’t get his wardrobe from the lady gaga school of excellence like Lucky. Lucky told the audience to shhh and introduced himself as “Mr. Steal Your Girl.” Lucky said he is what every champion should be. Lucky said it’s all about him. Titus said to make it a win. Titus said on season 2 he was the first one eliminated but this season is his. Titus said he had a conversation with Hornswoggle earlier and he thinks Hornswoggle said that he’s the next breakout star. The crowd decided Titus was the best.

Darren Young w/Chavo Guerrero defeated Conor O’Brian w/Vladimir Kozlov: Darren Young won by throwing Conor in the air and catching him with his knees on the way down.

Maryse & Yoshi Tatsu & Lucky Cannon: Yoshi told Maryse she did a great job and was better than Matt Striker. Lucky came in and apologized to Maryse for last week. Maryse said it was okay and left. Lucky said Yoshi wouldn’t score with her.

Lucky Cannon & Tyson Kidd defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Byron Saxton: Lucky Cannon won by hitting Bryon Saxton with a variation of the Attitude Adjustment. Tyson Kidd seemed mad after because Lucky had blind tagged himself in.

Maryse & Matt Striker & The NXT Rookies (Jacob Novak & Darren Young & Titus O’Neil & Conor O Brian & Lucky Cannon & Byron Saxton): The rookies had to carry a keg around the outside of the ring. Jacob went first and got 9.9 seconds. Darren Young did it in 9.8 seconds. Conor did it in 9.4 seconds. Byron did it in 9.5 seconds. Lucky didn’t do it but took the microphone and said he wanted to recite a poem. Lucky recited a poem in French to Maryse. Maryse slapped Lucky. Lucky said he was in love. Titus did it in 9.1 seconds and won.