WWE NXT 03 22 2011

March 22, 2011
Columbus, OH
Announcers: Todd Grisham & William Regal


Maryse & Matt Striker + Lucky Cannon & Byron Saxton & Darren Young & Jacob Novak & Titus O Neil & Conor O Brian

Maryse said Jacob Novak was in the lead by accident, when in reality Titus O Neil is in the lead, oops! Matt Striker said they were going to have a battle of the mic, where each guy gets to make fun of their opponent. Matt Striker said they needed a special judge, which of course is the WWE Universe, like every week. Jacob went up against Byron. Jacob said Byron had to be more than just average. Byron said Jacob is the spokesperson for huggies diapers because of his horrible ring attire. Byron won. Conor went up against Titus. Conor made fun of Titus’s catchphrase (which he got wrong) and said Titus was a dumb dumb. Titus did a hilarious fake laugh and made fun of Conor’s nose, even though Jacob Novak’s nose is about 300x bigger. Titus won anyway. Darren went up against Lucky. Darren said the 1980s wants their robe back and told Lucky to leave Maryse alone. Lucky made fun of the local sports team and said Maryse is the only thing that matters here tonight. Darren won. There was then a 3 way dis off between the finalists. Byron said Titus deserves an unlimited supply of kibbles and bits because he barks so much and said Darren Young should join a group of flattops. Titus impersonated Yoshi and made fun of Byrons shaved head. Darren said Titus is the oldest rookie ever and he’s better than Bryon. Darren Young won.


Titus O Neil w/Hornswoggle defeated Darren Young w/Chavo Guerrero

Darren Young accidentally knocked Chavo off the apron and Titus hit him with a sit out spinebuster for 3.


Lucky Cannon & Yoshi Tatsu + Maryse

Yoshi told Lucky to be more respectful to Maryse. Maryse apologized for slapping Lucky. Lucky got creepy so Maryse smacked him. Yoshi started laughing so Maryse slapped him too. Lucky made fun of Yoshi so Yoshi slapped him.


Vladimir Kozlov & Conor O Brian defeated JTG & Jacob Novak

Matt Striker said instead of a match they were going to have a dance off. Byron and JTG went first and did a pretty bad job, especially Jacob. Vladimir did a good job and Conor just copied him but they won.


Lucky Cannon w/Tyson Kidd defeated Byron Saxton w/Yoshi Tatsu

Lucky defeated Bryon with the reverse AA and then after the match gave one to Yoshi too.