WWE NXT 04 12 2011

WWE NXT April 12th, 2011
Announcers: William Regal & Todd Grisham
Location: Albany, New York

Matt Striker & Maryse Ouellette + Titus O Neil & Lucky Cannon & Darren Young & Conor O Brien & Jacob Novak & Byron Saxton + Yoshi Tatsu
Matt asked Maryse if she was going to stay or not. Maryse said no one tells her what to do. Maryse said she’s dated a lot of Millionaires before Ted, and can date a lot after, so she chooses this show. The challenge was a punching contest. The NXT rookies came out and Byron went first, getting 649. Jacob got 456. Darren got 469. Conor got 770 and the crowd popped. Titus got 801. Lucky said he was above the challenge. Titus won. Matt tried to ask Titus a question but Lucky grabbed the mike and said the show was about him. Lucky told Maryse she needs a man like him. Yoshi came out and Lucky challenged him to a match tonight. Lucky invited Maryse to ringside for the match.
Titus O Neil w/Hornswoggle defeated Darren Young w/Chavo Guerrero
Titus rolled up Darren for the win after he got distracted by Hornswoggle. After the match Darren hit Titus with a gut buster and grabbed Hornswoggle. Chavo stopped Darren from beating him up.
Jacob Novak w/JTG defeated Byron Saxton w/Yoshi Tatsu
JTG introduced Jacob Novak. Jacob Novak came out dressed like a rapper/idiot. Jacob said this wasn’t going to work and made fun of the local sports team. Jacob complained about how Regal doesn’t like him and asked him what he thought about him now. Jacob said he was going to show him a star or something. Jacob defeated Byron with a big boot to the face.
Yoshi Tatsu defeated Lucky Cannon
Yoshi defeated Lucky with a spin kick. After the match Maryse kissed Yoshi.