WWE NXT 04 19 2011

NXT April 19th 2011
Announcers: William Regal & Josh Mathews
Location: London, England
Maryse Ouellette & Lucky Cannon & Byron Saxton & Conor O Brien & Darren Young & Jacob Novak & Titus O Neil
The challenge was tug of war. Conor O Brien defeated Byron Saxton. Darren and Jacob both fell off but Jacob got chosen as the winner. Titus got disqualified for pulling the rope before the match started or something. Maryse gave Lucky a buy into the finals. Jacob defeated Conor. Jacob won when Lucky got disqualified for throwing the rope at him. 
Conor O Brien w/Vladimir Kozlov defeated Jacob Novak w/JTG
JTG introduced Jacob Novak to the crowd. Jacob said he is privileged and honored to be an American. Jacob made fun of them for having accents. Jacob said all William has been doing is talking and he should get up and fight for his Country. Conor came out and said if Jacob wanted to fight, all he had to do is ask. Conor said his actions are going to shut Jacob up. Conor won with a rollup. After the match Jacob shoved William and William got up, causing Jacob to run.
Yoshi Tatsu & Byron Saxton + Maryse
Byron told Yoshi to take it slow with Maryse so he doesn’t get hurt. Yoshi said Maryse makes him happy. Maryse came over to say hi and Yoshi said she looks beautiful. Maryse asked Yoshi to go shopping with her and kissed him.
Hornswoggle w/Titus O Neil defeated Darren Young w/Chavo Guerrero
Chavo warned Darren that Hornswoggle is a lot tougher than he looks. Darren said Chavo couldn’t beat him. Chavo said that Darren said he could beat Hornswoggle with one arm tied behind his back. Chavo tied Darren’s arm behind his back. Chavo also said Darren could beat him blindfolded and gave Darren a blind fold. Hornswoggle defeated Darren with the tadpole splash.
Tyson Kidd & Lucky Cannon defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Byron Saxton
Yoshi got distracted by Lucky talking to Maryse and lost to Tyson Kidds spinning fishermans buster.