WWE NXT 04 26 2011

WWE NXT April 26th 2011
Location: Greensboro, South Carolina

Maryse & Matt Striker + Byron Saxton & Conor O Brien & Darren Young & Titus O Neil & Jacob Novak & Lucky Cannon & Hornswoggle & Chavo Guerrero & Yoshi Tatsu & JTG & Vladimir Kozlov & Tyson Kidd
Maryse brought the rookies down to the ring. Matt Striker said Titus O Neil was in the lead with 13 redemption points. Matt said they would be playing how well do they know their pro. Matt said they would ask the pro a question, and then see if their rookie could get the right answer. Matt asked the pros what their rookie could do better than any others. After an extremely boring segment that does NOT need to be recapped, Jacob Novak won.
Titus O Neil w/Hornswoggle defeated Darren Young w/Chavo Guerrero
Titus O Neil won with the spinebuster after Darren got distracted arguing with Chavo because Chavo wouldn’t help him cheat.
Jacob Novak & JTG defeated Vladimir Kozlov & Conor O Brien
JTG introduced the bored audience to his boring rookie Jacob. Jacob said one image has been in his head all week and that’s William Regal’s face after he embarrassed him. Jacob said he has a bright future and his career is just getting started whereas William’s is over. William said he’s on the wrong side of 40 and been his own worst enemy most of his career, but if Jacob thinks that he’s going to let a pathetic muppet dictate to him, then he is very much mistaken. William challenged him to a match. Jacob said that wasn’t going to happen because he already has a match but when they do fight, it’s going to be on his terms. Jacob won with a big boot.
Maryse & Yoshi Tatsu
Maryse said her purse was destroyed and she thinks it was Lucky. Yoshi asked Byron where Lucky was. Byron said he had a match with Lucky in a few minutes and wished that Lucky would spend some time being his pro.
Lucky Cannon w/Tyson Kidd defeated Byron Saxton w/Yoshi Tatsu by DQ
Yoshi attacked Tyson on the outside for putting Lucky’s foot on the rope during a pin. Lucky drop kicked Yoshi and Yoshi got in the ring, attacking Lucky. Byron got disqualified and attacked Yoshi. Lucky hit Bryon with the reverse FU. Maryse seemed impressed.