WWE NXT 05 10 2011

May 10, 2011
Nashville, Tennessee

IN THE RING: Matt Striker, Maryse, Byron Saxton, Conor O Brien, Darren Young, Titus O Neil, Jacob Novak, and Lucky Cannon.

Maryse said she appreciates everyone’s concerns but she isn’t dead from getting attacked by Kharma. Maryse brought out the rookies. Hornswoggle wasn’t in his pro chair. Matt said they were doing the king of the hill challenge. The rookies had to run from the announcer’s table to the top of the stage, grab a flag, come into the ring and blow an air horn. Titus won. Titus said Hornswoggle was missing and asked Todd where he was. Titus asked Darren Young and said he knows that Darren did something to him. Titus said he was going to beat the answers out of him.

Darren Young defeated Titus O’Neil
Darren dodged a kick and rolled Titus up for 3.

Vladimir Kozlov & Conor O Brien

Vladimir was tying on Conor’s new ring jacket. Vladimir told him about respect and they locked up.  Conor said it was like dancing and Vladimir pushed him over. Vladimir took down Conor. Conor tried it but couldn’t.

Byron Saxton w/Yoshi Tatsu defeated Conor O Brien w/Vladimir Kozlov
Byron won with a flying lariat off the top rope. Byron said he’s doing this on his own because Yoshi is too distracted with Maryse. Byron said it might be the language barrier or he might be too stupid to realize that Byron doesn’t need him.

Lucky Cannon & Maryse Ouellette
Lucky asked Maryse if she was okay. Maryse said Lucky didn’t care about her and stole her purse. Lucky said he just wanted to bring her a peace offering. Lucky said he wanted a professional relationship and gave her a new purse. Maryse was impressed and said she would put everything in the past.

William Regal defeated Jacob Novak w/JTG
JTG introduced his rookie. JTG said Jacob represents Strength, skill and style. JTG said Nashville lacks style and good music taste. JTG said Novak lays down the track. William won with the Regal stretch.