WWE NXT 05 24 2011

WWE NXT May 24th 2011 – Spokane, Washington


Tyson Kidd & Lucky Cannon defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Byron Saxton

Byron said he’s been doing a lot of thinking and has come to the realization he doesn’t need his pro. Byron said he can’t relate to a guy who tries to hold him back and neglects him because of a Diva. Byron said he’s infatuated with taking control of his career and winning NXT on his own. Byron declared his independence. Byron said from now on he is big league Byron Saxton. Maryse came out. Maryse said she’s a big deal around here. Maryse said Byron is a rookie who doesn’t make rules. Maryse said tonight Yoshi will be teaming with his rookie. Byron said he is big league. Maryse said Byron would be selling popcorn if it wasn’t for this show. Maryse said Byron and Yoshi will be facing Tyson Kidd & Lucky Cannon. Maryse said next week is the second elimination (thank god). Yoshi was in the ring almost the whole match and as soon as Byron got in Tyson submitted him with the sharpshooter. Yoshi kicked him in the head after the match.


Matt Striker & Chavo Guerrero & Darren Young

Matt asked them why they were mean to Hornswoggle. Darren said two weeks ago he did the impossible by beating Titus and he did it a second time. Chavo said he told Darren to trust him at the beginning of the season and now look where he is.


Conor O Brien w/Vladimir Kozlov defeated JTG

Conor won with a small package. After the match JTG attacked him. Vladimir knocked JTG out of the ring.


Titus O Neil & Hornswoggle

Hornswoggle was hiding backstage in a bag. Titus said everything was going to be okay. Titus told Hornswoggle to watch what he does to them on the monitor.


Titus O Neil defeated Darren Young w/Chavo Guerrero

Chavo hit the ring and attacked Titus mid match. Chavo wrapped a chain around his fist and punched Titus in the stomach. Hornswoggle came running down to the ring. Titus and Hornswoggle got the upper hand and Titus won after Hornswoggle hit Darren with the tadpole splash.