WWE NXT 06 07 2011

WWE NXT – June 7th, 2011 – Roanoke, Virginia
Announcers: William Regal & Josh Mathews


JTG + Yoshi Tatsu + Matt Striker

A bunch of crap was set up in the ring. JTG said this is his show, Straight Outta Brooklyn. JTG said a couple of weeks ago his rookie was eliminated, which had nothing to do with him. JTG said last week another rookie was sent home and people are blaming his pro. Yoshi Tatsu came down to the ring. JTG said some people are pointing Byron’s elimination at him. JTG said Byron thinks if JTG was his pro he would have won NXT. JTG said he was kidding. JTG said Maryse dumped Yoshi because he has no game. JTG said he has more game than THQ. JTG said he has a big, big, big bank account. JTG said Yoshi has a small, itsy bitsy tiny bank account. Yoshi said the show should be called Straight Outta Your Mama. JTG said that was good. JTG knocked Yoshi over and left. Matt Striker came out and made a match between them.


Yoshi Tatsu defeated JTG

Yoshi won by kicking JTG in the side of the head.


Vladimir Kozlov & Conor O Brien & Titus O Neil & Vladimir Kozlov

Conor was preparing to smash a board with his head while Hornswoggle watched. Hornswoggle tried but failed. Titus picked up Hornswoggle and slammed him head first through the board.


Darren Young & Chavo Guerrero defeated Vladimir Kozlov & Conor O Brien

Darren won with a lung blower on Conor.


Titus O Neil w/Hornswoggle defeated Lucky Cannon w/Tyson Kidd

Hornswoggle destroyed Maryse’s purse and she smacked Lucky with it, knocking him into a sitout spinebuster for 3.