WWE NXT 06 21 2011

WWE NXT – June 21, 2011 – Hershey, Pennsylvania

Titus O Neil & Hornswoggle + Maryse Ouellette + Zack Ryder + Matt Striker
Titus said Hornswoggle has unfinished business with Maryse and that they need her out there. Maryse asked what the hell they wanted. Titus said Hornswoggle has surprise for her if she closed her eyes and held out her hand. Hornswoggle took forever putting a ring pop in her hand. Maryse asked if a woman like her would actually care for something like that. Maryse said he had a little brain and told him to get a woman his own size. Zack Ryder came out. Zack said he didn’t get how Titus could get farther with Hornswoggle than with him in season 2. Zack asked how that little munchkin could prepare him for in ring action. Titus said Zack was suffering from spray tan overdose, when Zack was his pro he got eliminated right away but now he’s going to win. Titus said he knows it and the people know it and woo woo woo Zack knows it. Zack said Titus better watch it before he fist pumps his face. Matt came out and said they would have a match tonight.

Yoshi Tatsu & Vladimir Kozlov & Conor O Brien defeated JTG & Chavo Guerrero & Darren Young
Yoshi pinned JTG after a kick to the side of the head.

Tyson Kidd + Yoshi Tatsu
Tyson was on the phone with Lucky when he came across a creepy shrine Yoshi set up. Yoshi told Tyson not to touch. Yoshi gave it a Hershey Chocolate bar.

Zack Ryder defeated Titus O Neil w/Hornswoggle
Zack defeated Titus with the Rough Ryder leg lariat for 3.