WWE NXT 07 12 2011

WWE NXT – July 12th 2011 – Uncasville, Connecticut

Derrick Bateman + Darren Young + Titus O Neil + Maryse Ouellette: Derrick said he likes to call NXT The super terrific Derrick Bateman half hour extravaganza. Derrick said he’s the only rookie so good WWE begged and pleaded him to come back and save the show. Derrick said he’s here to redeem redemption and win season 5, season 6, and even season 7 if he has to. Darren Young came down. Darren said if Derrick things he’s going to win then he is mistaken. Darren said he main evented SummerSlam and wrestled John Cena on RAW and has done more in the WWE than Derrick ever will. Darren said Titus isn’t DY but at least he’s been here. Derrick said he didn’t understand why he was defending Titus, Darren is almost as good as him. Derrick said for some awfully strange reason the fans seem to enjoy his dog bark and the one thing they like more is his pro the leprechaun. Derrick said Darren needs to be careful because he’s going to be the next one to go home. Titus came down. Titus said they have it all wrong. Derrick said he knows what he’s going to do, look for a cheap pop. Derrick said he’s the master of the cheap pop. Titus said he’s a master Bateman. Maryse came out. Maryse said they all think they’re the best. Maryse said they could have a triple threat elimination match.

Derrick Bateman w/Daniel Bryan defeated Titus O Neil and Darren Yonug: Titus hit Darren with the spinebuster but Derrick stole the pin, eliminating Darren Young. Bateman eliminated Titus with his bulldog DDT.

Matt Striker & Yoshi Tatsu: Yoshi was playing with his shrine when Matt asked him why he hasn’t gotten a new action figure since Tyson broke the last one. Yoshi said something about Tyson breaking his honour and needing to get his honour back, I honestly thought he said owner  until Todd Grisham cleared it up.

Hornswoggle & Titus O Neil: Hornswoggle was drunk on root beer and looking at a photo of Maryse. Titus came in and was made that Hornswoggle wasn’t ringside for his match. Some delivery guy in and had a package for Hornswoggle. It was candy. Titus said he had a secret admirer but Hornswoggle started kissing the Maryse photo.

Vladimir Kozlov & JTG: JTG asked Kozlov if he was interested in another wager. JTG said Vladimir had no swag. Vladimir said they had a deal, I think the bet is that Vladimir needs to be more gangster or something.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Tyson Kidd: Tyson had a leg of the Yoshi Tatsu action figure around his neck on a chain. Yoshi won by rolling up Tyson after a missed moonsault.