WWE NXT 08 02 2011

WWE NXT – August 2, 2011 – Lexington, Kentucky

Matt Striker + Titus O Neil + Derrick Bateman & Darren Young: Matt asked Titus how he reponds to the teaming up of Darren and Derrick. Titus said he thinks it’s cute. Titus said he’s dominated from the start so he understands why they’ve formed an alliance. Titus said the only chance they have is to take him out so he’s not concerned. Titus said he’s only concerned about himself. Darren & Derrick came out. Derrick said that’s a big talk from a big man. Derrick said with all that garbage spewing out of his mouth you can’t take away the fact that he beat him last week. Titus said there’s no way he could beat him on his own. Darren said he’s dominated NXT not Titus. Darren said the only reason Titus has redemption points is because he panders to the crowd. Matt said it’s a sound strategy because it’s the universe that counts for 50% of the vote. Darren Young said he’s winning all by himself. Derrick said they might not agree on all things but they do agree that it’s time for Titus to go. Titus said they should have a tag match tonight. Darren said he’s sick of Striker catering to Titus. Darren said the only way they would wrestle is if they could choose Titus’s partner. Derrick said they’re going to destroy the most annoying character on the show, Matt Striker. Darren said tonight they’re taking him to school. Titus said they’re going to make it a win, bark bark bark.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated JTG: Vlad came out dressed like a gangster to JTG’s theme. Kozlov won with the urinage.

Titus O Neil & Matt Striker defeated Darren Young & Derrick Bateman: Hornswoggle & A.J. were on commentary for some reason. Titus won with the sit out spinebuster.