WWE NXT 09 20 2011

WWE NXT – September 20th 2011 – Dayton, Ohio

Percy Watson + Titus O Neil + JTG & Darren Young: There were chairs and everything set up in the ring. Percy had a suit on. Percy said it’s Showtime. Percy brought out Titus. Titus said this season has been long and he’s seen rookies and pros alike come in and out, none with the athletic ability of Percy. Titus said he looked forward to them working together but he needs to win this season. Titus said afterwards they should take a run at the tag titles. JTG came out with Darren. JTG said they better not be passing themselves off as a legit tag team. Darren said JTG is a tag team specialist. JTG said Titus hasn’t been dominating NXT, Darren has. JTG said they proved themselves last week when they put Regal and Striker in their place. Titus said The Uso’s put the wood to their asses. JTG said The Uso’s were haters. JTG said they all hate on him because they ain’t him. Percy made fun of the way they dress and said their time has run out. Darren said if that’s a threat they accept. Darren said the sky’s the limit. Titus told them to be gone. JTG and Darren attacked them but got beat up.

A.J. defeated Maxine: A.J won with a shining wizard.

Hornswoggle & Maxine + Derrick Bateman & Tyson Kidd: Hornswoggle had a note for A.J. Maxine said she was surprised that Hornswoggle left her here all week long. Maxine said Titus kept her company. Maxine pushed Derrick and asked where he was during her match. Maxine asked Derrick if he was going to the store with Tyson to get matching plungers because he ruined hers…. Maxine said no one can strategize like her and they made out.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Derrick Bateman w/Tyson Kidd by DQ: Yoshi was about to win when Tyson hit the ring and caused the DQ.

A.J & Trent Barretta + Titus O Neil + Hornswoggle: A.J. was looking for Hornswoggle when Titus came and congratulated. A.J was looking for Hornswoggle and Titus told her Maxine made up that stuff about Hornswoggle with the twins. Titus hugged her and left and Hornswoggle saw.

Darren Young & JTG defeated Titus O Neil & Percy Watson: Darren won with the double knee gut buster again. After the match The Uso’s hit the ring and beat them up again and hit some superfly splashes.