WWE NXT 10 05 2011

WWE NXT – October 5th 2011 – Biloxi, Mississippi

Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks + Jimmy & Jey Uso: Curt and Tyler sat on the turnbuckles. Curt said look who actually have microphones in their hands. Curt said RAW and NXT are a mess so they’re invading NXT tonight. Curt said they won’t see the 40 year old dog barking rookie or Yoshi and his embarrassing Great Muta rip off. Curt said tonight is the Curt and Reks show. Tyler said everyone wants to know why they took out the Uso’s. The audience didn’t react and Tyler said he’d ignore that. Tyler said on RAW they walked out on Triple H. Tyler said he hates Triple H. Tyler said he hates him because he continuously dishes out second opportunities to second generation superstars like candy yet they’ve had none. Tyler said this is now their show. Curt said the system is broken but it will not break them. The Uso’s came out and Curt pretended to be drunk behind the wheel of a car in the ring. Jimmy said they earned their reputation and all they’re trying to do is earn their place. Jey said they’re disrespecting everything and most importantly they’re RESPECTING (he said respecting by accident) these people. Jimmy said he and his brother are earning their right to entertain those people but watching them isn’t so entertaining. Jimmy said they’ll give them an opportunity tonight. Jimmy said the system might not break them but they will. The Uso’s attacked them and tossed them both out of the ring. Tyler has an extremely unintimidating voice.

Derrick Bateman w/Maxine defeated Titus O Neil: Derrick won with the bulldog DDT after Maxine distracted Titus.

Darren Young & JTG & Yoshi Tatsu: JTG asked Yoshi if he was going to go play with his makeup. Yoshi said it’s a symbol of pride. Darren told Yoshi to go play with his lipstick and eye liner and called him Lucy Lu and JTG pointed out that he was a lady now. JTG and Darren walked away and Yoshi realized his makeup was missing and someone wrote H8 on the mirror.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated JTG w/Darren Young: Yoshi won with a flying roundhouse kick off the top rope.

Daniel Bryan defeated Heath Slater: Daniel defeated Heath with the Regal stretch.

Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks defeated Jimmy & Jey Uso: Curt pinned one of the Uso’s with a flying elbow off the top rope.