WWE NXT 10 12 2011

WWE NXT – October 12th 2011 – Dallas, Texas

Derrick Bateman & Maxine + Percy Watson & Titus O Neil + Matt Striker: Derrick asked if they saw RAW. Derrick said he wanted to thank Vince McMahon and Johnny Ace for restoring order because the chaos was trickling down to his show. Derrick said his opinion truly matters because he and Maxine are the only true superstars on NXT. Maxine said it’s pretty obvious who the breakout star on this show is. Percy and Titus came down to the ring. Percy said Maxine was fish lipped. Titus said there are still two rookies on this show. Percy said the only opinion he cares about is the peoples. Derrick said Titus is jealous that Maxine took out his pro and the people are jealous of their love. They kissed and Titus screamed ew. Titus said this has gotta be the most disgusting couple in the history of WWE. Titus said he knows this season has been very long and Derrick came in the end but he has 30 redemption points and he’s proved that he deserves to be on RAW or SmackDown. Maxine said Derrick beat him last week. Percy said it’s because she interfered. Percy said he knows lots of men who let women fight their battles, it’s called being booty whipped. Matt Striker came out. Matt told Maxine to stop using her mouth so much. Matt said he has the ability to make matches and tonight Derrick will be wrestling Percy and Maxine will be working AJ right now.

A.J. defeated Maxine: A.J won with the shining wizard.

Matt Striker & Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks: Matt said last week was impressive. Tyler said they need to focus on the message, The Uso’s ruined their moments. Tyler said they sent those two idiots packing. Curt said they’re both first generation and don’t need to piggy back on their dads success.

Jimmy & Jey Uso defeated Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks: The Uso’s won with a tandem superfly splash.

Percy Watson w/Titus O Neil defeated Derrick Bateman w/Maxine: Percy finished off Derrick with an F 5 type move.