WWE NXT 10 19 2011

WWE NXT October 19, 2011 – Mexico City, Mexico

Matt Striker & Titus O Neil w/Percy Watson & Derrick Bateman w/ Maxine Matt had a rope with him. Matt said tonight it would be about redemption. There were flags all around the ring. Matt said the ropes are really important. Matt said there would be a capture the flag challenge. Percy said that won’t be a problem for Titus. Maxine said Derrick has more flexibility and stamina than Titus. Titus said he isn’t worried about Bateman because he has 30 points and Derrick has ZER0. Matt hooked each of them up by their waists. Matt said it was worth 15 redemption points. Derrick said there may be a language barrier there but the language of love is international. Derrick kissed Maxine. Titus was in control until Derrick attacked Titus and ran away. Matt said Derrick has been disqualified. Matt said that was only half of the challenge. Matt said tonight Derrick would be in a tag match against Titus and Percy and he had half an hour to find a partner.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Tyler Reks w/Curt HawkinsCurt was walking with a cane. Curt said he’s in no condition to compete. Curt showed the video of how he got injured. Tyler said that display of unprofessionalism is the reason they have a problem with The Uso’s. Tyler said when that’s healed they’re going to rewrite the definition of revenge. Tyler said he’s going to dedicate all his matches to Curt Hawkins. Yoshi defeated Tyler with the roundhouse kick off the top rope. After the match Curt and Tyler attacked Yoshi even though Curt couldn’t do much, he hurt himself last week falling off the ring apron. The Uso’s hit the ring to save Yoshi.

Kaitlyn & A.J.: A.J showed Kaitlyn a letter Hornswoggle wrote her. Kaitlyn said Maxine probably wrote it and tonight she’s going to beat that fish.

Kaitlyn w/A.J defeated Maxine: Kaitlyn said she’s tired of Maxine’s mind games and she’s going to remind Maxine why she lost NXT and she won. Kaitlyn won with a leg full nelson.

Derrick Bateman & Tyson Kidd & Maxine + JTG: Tyson said he wouldn’t be Derrick’s partner because his girlfriend is nuts. Maxine freaked out at Derrick for not being out there during his match. Derrick said he needs a partner bad. Maxine kissed Derrick and told him to shave his moustache. JTG said he’d be Derrick’s partner. Derrick said like the last girl dancing in a club, it’s on. JTG walked away and Derrick said his life was weird.

Titus O Neil & Percy Watson defeated Derrick Bateman & JTG: Titus finished off Derrick with the clash of the Titus sit down spinebuster.