WWE NXT 11 02 2011

WWE NXT – November 2nd 2011 – Greenville, South Carolina

JTG + Derrick Bateman & Maxine + Titus O Neil & Percy Watson & A.J + Matt Striker: JTG wanted to know why they were cheering since he called him haters. JTG said now that they’re done hating he needs their cooperation. JTG said heneeds them to show some respect for Maxine and Derrick Bateman. Maxine told JTGto refer to them as BetaMax. Derrick said they’re just a little too hot for TV.Derrick said JTG might be his best man. Maxine asked when this became aboutJTG. JTG pulled a ring out of his pocket and handed it to Derrick. Derrick saidlast week he was caught in the moment and wants to do it right and show herwhat 38 weeks of NXT can buy. Derrick pulled out a ring and put it on her.Titus and his crew came out and said nobody wants to see them kiss because itmakes everyone’s stomach move like Jagger. Percy said he would throw up if hesaw them kiss one more time. Titus said it seems like they’re trying to get anew show, The Young and the Fishlips. Percy said love has no bounds whatsoever.Derrick said they’re just jealous. Derrick said he’s obviously upset becausehe’s winning the show and destroyed him last week. Derrick told Titus toskidoodle out of the ring. A.J. said they should have some time to celebratesince girls like Maxine only bag catches like Derrick 7 or 8 times. A.J. saidMaxine and her ring are both cheap and plastic. Maxine said A.J’s never beenbagged and nothing on her is fake. Titus said Derrick’s supposed to askMaxine’s father for her hand in marriage but he couldn’t because no one couldfind her father. Derrick said Maxine’s dad is in the building so they can makethings official. Titus pulled a fish out of his pocket. Maxine tried to attackthem and Derrick got thrown from the ring. Matt Striker came out. Matt saidtonight it would be a mixed six person tag match.

Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso defeated Tyson Kidd & Johnny Curtis: Tyson said somehow Matt has the powers to suspend his friends. Tysonsaid have no fear, he’s found a replacement partner, Johnny Curtis. The Uso’swon with a superfly splash off the top onto Johnny.

A.J. & Kaitlyn: A.J. was getting ready in the back when Kaitlyn said hey. A.J. saidDerrick & Maxine would give birth to hate. Kaitlyn said she’s not worriedat all about her match tonight. Kaitlyn said she hopes A.J. isn’t rusty for hermatch tonight.

Kaitlyn defeated Tamina: Kaitlyn won with a side effect on Tamina.

Titus O Neil & Percy Watson & A.J. defeated Derrick Bateman & JTG & Maxine: Titus won when he hit Derrick with the Clash of the Titus.