WWE NXT 11 09 2011

WWE NXT – November 9th 2011 – Liverpool, England

Matt Striker & Derrick Bateman w/Maxine & Titus O Neil w/PercyWatson + Johnny Curtis: Matt mentioned Titus & Derrick so Derrick said Matt forgot tomention the power couple Betamax. Titus said Derrick could keep kissing hisbarracuda but he was more concerned with his path to become the next breakoutsuperstar. Matt said over the last 35 weeks he’s been assessing their in ringability and character and how they are in the locker room. Matt said they’veboth done very well but they have a lot to learn. Johnny Curtis came out.Johnny said the idiots who tune into this show every week are the ones who havea lot to learn. Johnny said he’s disappointed with how bad this show has become.Johnny said when he was on this show they were men, they were gladiators andthey competed in challenges but now all they have are a couple of rejects andsome extra talent love birds. Titus said he’s a rookie but he’s no stranger tokicking somebodies ass. Derrick said Johnny won this show, did nothing and isnow back. Derrick said he thought they were boys. Johnny said they were neverfriends and Maxine is too good for him. Johnny said she is way too good forhim. Johnny said he could never do as could as he did. Maxine said she andJohnny went out one time but nothing happened. Percy said they were fightingover scraps. Johnny said he’s not there for the talk the talk challenge. Mattsaid he should be there for the fight the fight challenge because he’ll beteaming with Derrick against Titus & Percy.

Tyson Kidd defeated Trent Barreta: Tyson turned a hurricarana into a single leg boston crab for the win.

Derrick Bateman & Maxine & Johnny Curtis: Derrick said Dirty Curty was a bad person to date. Maxine saidDerrick’s dated tons of gross girls. Johnny said NXT obviously isn’t the onlyunsatisfying uneventful thing on the planet, Maxine being another. Derrick gotmad and ran away, then came back and grabbed Maxine.

JTG & Tamina + Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso: JTG said this place sucks and he wants to take Tamina to a movie. The Uso’s asked Tamina why she was talking to him. Tamina said they weren’t herfather and she could take care of herself. JTG said him and Jimmy are bothsuper fly. JTG said the Uso’s were ugly. JTG got challenged to a match.

Jimmy Uso w/Jey Uso defeated JTG w/Tamina: Jimmy won with the superfly splash.

Derrick Bateman & Johnny Curtis w/Maxine defeated Titus O Neil & Percy Watson: Derrick & Johnny managed to hit Titus with a double team move (a clothesline to the top and bottom of Titus) to win the match.