WWE NXT 11 23 2011

WWE NXT – November 23rd 2011 – Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Darren Young + Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks + Titus O Neil & Percy Watson: Darren said this show used to be called Redemption but they should callit the D Young show. Darren said Titus isn’t the next break out star. Darren said he comes out here and panders to them but where were they when he beatTitus up in the middle of the ring? Darren said they sat there and couldn’t do anything about it. Darren said he’s worked Cena, wrestled some of the top, andheadlined PPVs. Darren said Titus hasn’t done a damn thing. Tyler & Curt came out. Tylersaid the only thing that got accomplished last week was Darren taking advantageof an opportunity. Tylersaid he and Curt have done that a lot and it’s not a big deal. Tyler said they’re impressed with the way heattacked Titus, his anger and aggressiveness. Tyler said they aren’t so different. Curt said he’s a big student of the game, he watches everything and everyone. Curtsaid they’re man enough to admit that Darren has the it factor. Titus & Percy came out. Percy asked what it they could be referring to. Percy said it might be the bad haircut he has, or Tyler Rek’s 0 charisma. Darren said he didn’t know what the heck they were doing. Titus told Darren to shut the hell up while he was talking. Titus said they have an agenda, one year ago there he was eliminated on NXT and he said he would come back and make it a win. Titus and Percy attacked Darren. Matt got up from the commentating booth and said tonight Darren would be in the main event with Tyler Reks against Titus & Percy.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Johnny Curtis: Derrick Bateman & Maxine were on commentary. Yoshi won with theroundhouse kick off the top rope.

Derrick Bateman & Maxine & Johnny Curtis: Maxine said nothing happened and nothing will happen between her andJohnny. Derrick said he doesn’t know what nothing means. Derrick said Johnny iseverywhere and he can’t deal with all this because he has too much on hisplate. Maxine said they’re planning a wedding but Derrick doesn’t help withanything. Derrick said he’s busy debuting on SmackDown! trying to give them abetter future. Maxine said Derrick needs to get his priorities straight anduntil then play time is over. Johnny came in and said Maxine was gettingserious eyes on his ass out there. Derrick said she was staring as his loss.Johnny said he should be very thankful he proposed to her first because insteadof living in hell with Derrick she could be living in paradise with him.Derrick told Johnny to step off.

Jimmy Uso w/Jey Uso defeated JTG w/Tamina: Jimmy said everytime they step in the ring they get nervous and emotions flying around because they represent every Samoan that’s ever steppedfoot in the ring. Jey said Jimmy is talking about legends like Yokozuna, thewild Samoans, the Samoan bulldozer, and Rikishi. Jimmy said Uso means brother. Jimmy said WWE has been showing love to their family for a long time. Jimmy got the fans to chant with them. JTG came out with Tamina. JTG told them to pop the brakes. Tamina said if they think just because of their history she is going to listen to them than no. Tamina said she’s strong, independent, and has a man. Tamina said JTG looks good and has style and is going to beat them tonight. Jimmy won with the superfly splash.

Darren Young & Tyler Reks w/Curt Hawkins defeated Titus O Neil & Percy Watson: Darren hit Titus with the double knee gut buster for 3.