WWE NXT 12 07 2011

WWE NXT – December 7th, 2011 from Jacksonville, FL
[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]

The Usos came out for a tag team match and before their opponents came out they started getting the fans into the show. The Derek Bateman’s music hit and out he came with a microphone. He apologized for interrupting the Usos but he needed to address what happened last week as his alleged fiancé, Maxine left with Johnny Curtis last week as Bateman was securing a future spot on SmackDown. He said that he hadn’t spoken to her in a week and that he just wanted some closure. That is when the Usos interrupted him. They said that all they know is their misguided cousin, Tamina with her boyfriend JGT told you that Maxine left with Curtis last week, but unfortunately it isn’t your fiancé who is playing games on him. Bateman then asked who was then. They said that they didn’t know but they saw Maxine leave last week by herself. Bateman then thanked them and walked out of the ring.

The Usos defeated Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins via pin fall: Jey Uso won with the Super Fly Splash on Reks.

Derek Bateman was walking backstage and asked Tyson Kidd if he had seen Maxine; he replied that Bateman knows he can’t stand her. Bateman then continued on his way. Bateman then asked Trent Barreta and Justin Gabriel and they said they hadn’t seen her as well. Bateman then stopped when he noticed Maxine’s mother backstage and asked her why she was there. Maxine’s mother then coyly asked if that was any way to greet his soon to be mother in law. He said of course not he has just been worked up because he thought she left with Johnny Curtis last week. Maxine’s mother shushed him and said not to worry as she was with her all weekend. Maxine’s mother continued on saying that Maxine was just grumpy but has been like that since birth. Her mother then said that Maxine has a problem keeping her boyfriends happy, but she doesn’t think Maxine knows what she really has with Bateman while running a finger down his chest. Just then Johnny Curtis walked up saying looky here and Maxine’s mother then slapped Bateman saying how dare you and stormed off. Bateman then turned to Curtis and said that it wasn’t what it looked like. Curtis replied saying whatever throws your hair back bud. Curtis said that he has done a lot of dirty, dirty things but he would never leave with another man’s fiancé. Bateman then said okay and began to walk off and then Curtis added that he was with Bateman’s mother last week. This enraged Bateman, and as he tried to go after Curtis both Justin Gabriel, and Trent Barreta held Derek back as Johnny laughed. Tyson Kidd then asked Curtis was okay and he said he was fantastic.

Darren Young & JTG w/ Tamina defeated Titus O’Neil & Percy Watson via pin fall: Young won with a Roll-up Pin on O’Neil.

After the match Titus O’Neil took a microphone. Titus said that for thirty-nine weeks he has been on this show. Each week he comes out here to work as hard as he can. Darren Young though only cares about himself, and now he has a challenge for Young. He said that he wants Darren Young to come down to the ring next week and face him man to man in the ring and show him what he’s got. O’Neil then dropped the microphone and headed back to the locker room.

Derek Bateman defeated Johnny Curtis via pin fall: Bateman won with the Man-Tastic.

After the match as Derek Bateman was in the Maxine’s music hit and out came Bateman’s fiancé. She got into the ring with a microphone and said seriously before pushing Derek and then said she couldn’t believe how low he had gotten by hitting on her mother. Bateman tried to tell her the truth but she wasn’t having it as she said that she didn’t want to hear it, and that she was disgusted by Derek. Bateman kept saying no but then Maxine took her engagement ring and gave it back to him saying the engagement it over, and then she made her way to the back as the show ended leaving a crushed Derek Bateman in the ring.