WWE NXT 01 18 2012

WWE NXT – January 18th, 2012 from Las Vegas, NV
[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]

Titus O’Neil defeated Darren Young via pin fall: O’Neil won with Clash of the Titus.

After the match Titus O’Neil took a microphone and said that he put an end to the Darren Young drama he wanted to thank each and every one of his dogs in the arena. He continued by saying that he wanted to thank them for absolutely nothing! Titus then told a member of the audience “don’t say hell no” Hell Yes! He went on to say that for the past forty-six weeks he has had to deal with redemption points, and challenges and even having a midget as his pro, and once he learned how to speak, he waddled his fat little ass over to SmackDown! O’Neil then said that it is okay because he is the star, of not only NXT but every other show, and that he doesn’t worry about the fans because they are nothing but dead weight and he is going to make it a win. Titus then dropped the microphone and walked to the back with the fans booing him.

Percy Watson defeated Heath Slater via pin fall: Watson won with the Percycution.

Maxine was yelling at one of the designers about her sewing and then Johnny Curtis walked over and told her to calm down. He told her not to yell at people she doesn’t know, and Maxine replied saying that she was suppose to be helping with the dress, and as she continued to complain and Curtis told her not to worry as Derek Bateman isn’t even here tonight. Maxine said that she didn’t care about Bateman she is focused on the wedding because everyone is going to be watching since it’s been all over twitter and facebook. Curtis then just said calm down repeatedly and Maxine walked off in disgust.

As she walked away Kaitlyn walked up and Curtis stopped her and said that he hasn’t had a proper bachelor party and asked her if she wanted to kill a few minutes with him and get a little weird. Kaitlyn then had a disgusted look on her face and said that he was so, so creepy and then walked away from him.

Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Trent Barreta via pin fall: Reks won with the Killjoy on Barreta.

Matt Stryker came down to the ring dressed as Elvis to officiate the marriage between Maxine and Johnny Curtis. He then introduced the groom, Johnny Curtis. Curtis came down to the ring with his best man. Once they were in the ring, Stryker then introduced the bride, Maxine who made her way down to the ring. Once everyone was in the ring Stryker tried to start the service but Maxine wanted to know who Johnny brought to the ring with him. He said not to worry, as he was his best man, Maxine then said that we should just do this. Stryker then began to do a horrible Elvis impersonation as he goes through the proceedings. Both Maxine and Johnny say I do, and then Stryker said that he got ahead of himself and asked if there was anyone who has an objection to the marriage, no one speaks up so Matt begins to continue but then Derek Bateman screams, wait!

Derek rushes down to the ring saying that Maxine cannot marry Curtis. Bateman says that he knows Maxine thinks he sent Teddy Long an e-mail to sabotage her career but he didn’t send that e-mail, Johnny Curtis did. Curtis then said even in a town filled with losers, Derek is embarrassing himself, and Bateman said oh really? Well why don’t we take a look at some concrete evidence and then he had a video play on the titantron that showed Johnny Curtis go into Bateman’s locker and take out Derek’s phone and send the e-mail to Teddy Long. Derek then told Maxine that if she is really over him, he can live with that but he loves her and would never sabotage her career. Maxine then asked Curtis if this was true. Curtis said that he is on his way to the top and he wants to take Maxine with him and he wants to make her feel good. Maxine then said that the only thing that would make her feel good is this, and the proceeded to slap him across the face. Curtis then charged Bateman and the two began to brawl, once Curtis got the upper hand though Maxine got involved clawing at Johnny Curtis’s face giving Bateman the opening to hit the Man-Tastic on Curtis. Bateman then told Maxine that he always wanted her on top and then began to leave but Maxine stopped him. Maxine then slapped Bateman across the face and then pulled him and kissed him passionately to end the show.