WWE NXT 01 25 2012

Location: Tucson, AZ
Date: January 25, 2012
Commentators: William Regal and Josh Matthews

The show kicked off with Titus O’Neil making his way to the ring. Titus said that he can understand everyone’s frustration and he said that an apology is deserved so he wants on the count of three everyone to say “I am sorry Titus”. The fans began to boo him and he said the reality of it is that he did everything for the fans and after last week he has liberated himself from the WWE Universe, so they don’t have to worry about him asking if there are any dogs in the house because there is nothing but puppets here, and he is the man and the big dog now.

Percy Watson’s music hit and out he came asking what is going on with Titus saying that he has been there for him since day one and now that Titus has won a match, he thinks he can turn his back on not only the fans but him as well. Percy continued by saying that these people loved him, which made Titus laugh, at the though of the fans loving him. Titus then said no Percy loves him, his kids love him and that love ain’t got a damn thing to do with this. Percy then said that if this is business than what is the deal with this because you are turning your back on everyone. Titus then said that the redemption points and, all of that means nothing and now they have even dragged Percy into all of this with his talk show. Titus then said that Percy should turn his back on everyone too because the two of them sticking together would be unstoppable.

Percy told Titus that he loves the intensity that Titus has now but there is a better way to go about this and that he shouldn’t turn his back on the fans. Watson then said that he hates to say it but Titus sounds like Darren Young now. Titus then freaked out saying hell no to compare him to Young, and he has two options he is with Titus or against him. Percy then said he isn’t with him and dropped the microphone. Percy tried to walk away but Titus pulled him back and said that there is one difference between himself and Darren Young, and that is he whipped his ass. Titus then pushed Watson to the ground. Stryker then came out and said that Percy and Titus will go one on one in the main event.

As Matt Stryker walked backstage Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks stopped him and asked why they are not in the main event, which is where they belong. Matt said that he didn’t have time for their insecurities because he had other things to worry about and then walked away from the two.

The Usos defeated Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks via pin fall: Jimmy won with a Flush Kick to Hawkins.

Derrick Bateman was dancing his way down the backstage hallway when he came up to Kaitlyn and gave her a high five and then asked her if she saw what happened last week, because true love prevailed Batemax is back. Kaitlyn then asked why he was high fiving her like that after Maxine ripped his heart out, threw it on the ground, stepped on it and probably fed it to a rabid animal. Bateman told her that he knows what he’s doing and things will be different this time. Kaitlyn then asked if he has seen Johnny Curtis, and Bateman said that even Curtis isn’t stupid enough to show up this week. She then said no he is because she saw him cleaning some stains out of his bearskin rug and putting it back in his van. Bateman then thanked her for the heads up and then walked off.

Heath Slater defeated Trent Barreta via pin fall: Slater won with E-Minor.

Matt Stryker was in the ring and showed everyone a replay of the wedding debacle that took place last week. Stryker then welcomed Johnny Curtis to the ring, Stryker said that last week he was embarrassed and would like his thoughts. Curtis said that he loved it when Maxine stuck her fingers in his mouth because he likes dirty fingernails. Maxine and Bateman then came out and she said that Curtis would stoop to any level, how far would he go. Curtis said that she is just like him and that she should stop pretending that she isn’t because he knows she’s a dirty girl. Maxine said she would admit that they have some similarities but last week was a disaster and that she needs to keep him at arm’s distance or off NXT.

Stryker said that no one was getting kicked off NXT as they need all the warm bodies they can get. Maxine said that Derrick has been competing on here forever and that Curtis just showed up and took a squat to mark some territory as he doesn’t even belong here. Stryker said that Maxine, and her new boyfriend need to get along with her ex. Bateman said that was fine because he has beaten Curtis before he can do it again. Curtis stopped Derrick and said that he just wants them all to be one big happy family. Curtis then extended a hand for Bateman to shake but then made a snide remark to Maxine. Maxine then kneed Curtis in the groin and then asked both men if they are all in agreement, and they agreed. Maxine and Batman then left the ring.

Titus O’Neil defeated Percy Watson via pin fall: O’Neil won with the Clash of the Titus.