WWE NXT 02 01 2012

WWE NXT – February 1st, 2012 from Omaha, NE

[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]


The show started off with Titus O’Neil making his way to the ring.  Titus grabbed a microphone and he said that is was good that all of the fans were sitting down and being quiet.  He went on to say that he knows that they aren’t the smartest people in the world but the best thing they can do while he talks is sit down and shut up.  Titus went on to say that last week Alex Riley got involved in his business as he was trying to teach his former best friend Percy Watson a lesson as if he were trying to get on Showtime with Percy Watson show, but that show has been cancelled by Titus O’Neil.  Titus then said that he wants Alex to come out here and face him face to face not come from behind.

Just then though Darren Young’s music hit and out he came onto the stage saying that he wished he was anywhere rather than Omaha.  As Young made his way to the ring he said that Titus has better things to worry about other than Alex Riley and that is “Mr. No Days Off” Darren Young.  Titus then asked what he meant by that, and Young said they had some unfinished business.  Titus questioned him saying that he whooped Young’s ass two weeks ago so the only unfinished business Young has is with his barber.  Darren then said that he thought that Titus was a loser and a waste of space, but the last two weeks he has respected him as Titus has realized he doesn’t need any of these people, and even though he doesn’t like him, he respects Titus and then stuck his hand out to shake Titus’s hand.  Titus responded though by saying that he doesn’t care if any of these people respect him so he doesn’t need his respect either.  Titus started to walk away, but then turned around saying that he can respect that Young is finally seeing the light, and the two men then shook hands.

As the two men laugh, Percy Watson’s music hit and out he came onto the stage with a microphone, asking what we have here?  He then said that his eyes must be deceiving him as last week Titus blew a gasket when Watson compared him to Young and now the two are all buddy, buddy.  Watson continued by saying that he should have took Alex Riley’s advice last week by not underestimating Titus, and he promises that will never happen again.  Watson said that he though Titus was always going to be one of the good ones but he was wrong and the gloves are off.  Titus said that again Percy is siding with these stupid fans.  Watson said the only stupid people he sees are in the ring.  Titus now angered yelled that he told Watson he is either with him or against him.  Young then told Watson to come into the ring and say everything to his face.  Titus then asked nicely for Percy to enter the ring, at which point Alex Riley’s music hit and out he came to join Percy Watson.  Alex asked Titus to do everyone a favor and shut up.  The two men then enter the ring with Young and O’Neil.  Riley then said that he knows what its like to have a best friend turn their back on him, and so he did the same thing to Titus what he did to him, and that is kick his ass and he has no problem doing it again.  The four men then begin to exchange blows and Riley and Watson then clear the ring of O’Neil and Young.  Matt Stryker then came out to make the main event of Titus O’Neil & Darren Young taking on Percy Watson & Alex Riley.


Tyson Kidd defeated Trent Barreta via pin fall: Kidd won with a reverse roll up.


Matt Stryker was backstage on his cell phone complaining about NXT when Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins approached him.  Hawkins complained that last week they demanded to be in the main event last week and that didn’t happen and this week they have been completely left off the show.  Stryker said that last week they lost the Usos and so they don’t deserve a rematch.  Reks said that the Internet said their match was the best one last week so the result shouldn’t matter.  Stryker said that if they keep going for the Internet’s pat on the back then their careers are going to stay right where they are.  They are not amused and Stryker said that he is under a lot of pressure so next week they can have a match any kind they want as everyone on the roster will compete.  The two smile and pat him on the back and walk off, as Stryker said under his breath he really hates those two.


Heath Slater made his way down to the ring with a microphone saying he never wanted to come back to this D-list of a show, but he had to because he had to show everyone what happened last week, and then showed footage of his victory last week over and over again.  Before he could continue Derek Bateman came down to the ring to the displeasure of Slater.  Slater then claimed that Bateman was trying to steal his spotlight and demanded that Bateman watch him win the match again.  Bateman said that he was surprised to see that Slater even had a finishing move but this isn’t the Slater family reunion, and that this is NXT and no one came to see that video.  Bateman said that the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak is impressive but Slater’s losing streak is the thing legends are made of.  Slater mock laughed and said it looked like we have a comedian here, but he has been at Wrestlemania, and Bateman hasn’t and Slater has also main evented Summer Slam, and is a former three time Tag Team Champion.  The WWE Universe hasn’t even seen the damage he is about to cause.  Bateman said that he had a video showing all of Slater’s damage and then proceed to show a clip of him losing constantly including to Hornswoggle.  Slater then pushed Bateman and they exchanged blows but Bateman got the upper hand and threw Slater out of the ring.  As Slater made his way up the ramp Maxine made he way down to the ring.  She shared a kiss with Bateman before he left as she is up next in a match against Alicia Fox.


Alicia Fox defeated Maxine via pin fall: Fox won with a roll up as Johnny Curtis distracted Maxine.


Maxine was walking with Derek Bateman rather irritated looking for Curtis.  Maxine assault a random person in her search for Curtis as she knew he was backstage.  She told Bateman to go look down one hall as she checked another.  Maxine then bumped into Kaitlyn who said look who is looking to talk to Johnny Curtis again.  Maxine said that it was none of Kaitlyn’s business and Kaitlyn said that it was because she is friends with Derek and Maxine has this habit of hurting him.  Maxine then claimed that Kaitlyn likes Derek which Kaitlyn scoffed at and then began to walk away as Maxine taunted her and then once Kaitlyn was out of eye sight Maxine went back to her search for Curtis.


Darren Young & Titus O’Neil defeated Percy Watson & Alex Riley via pin fall: O’Neil won with the Clash of the Titus on Riley.