WWE NXT 12 18 2014

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: December 18, 2014
Commentators: Jason Albert, Corey Graves, and Rich Brennan

After the phenomenal NXT TakeOver: R Evolution show, it’s time for the fallout episode. We open with a video package showing some of the many highlights of that show. Commentary is Rich Brennen, Jason Albert and Corey Graves.

Adrian Neville’s music plays as the now former NXT Champion comes to the ring. Unlike what happened during his feud with Sami Zayn, Neville gets a warm welcome from the NXT Universe. “Thank you Neville” chants ring out. He says that last week they went to war, it was the best match of his career and he’s proud of his performance. “It was awesome” chants start. The way he says TakeOver sounds damn cool. He says it should be Sami Zayn out here to start the show, but it can’t be because of Kevin Owens. This brings out Kevin Owens because ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN. Before he can talk, Neville shouts at him, saying “SHAME ON YOU!” leading to a “shame on you” chant. Owens responds by saying that Neville’s opinion is irrelevant because all he cares about is that he’s finally here. He admits that his goal to was to fight anyone and everyone. He doesn’t have a problem with Adrian but if he wants to fight, he’s got a fight. He walks off and I guess this match will go down tonight or soon.

The Ascension will face Enzo Amore and Big Cass tonight.

Becky Lynch is interviews by Devin Taylor about her attack on Bayley before TakeOver: R Evolution. They ask about her change of attitude. She says there is no change; she has just had her eyes opened by Sasha Banks. Smiling for the fans is useless if you keep losing. She makes a valid point.

Tyler Breeze sends us a video saying that he’s taking some time off to model overseas. I’ve been wondering where he’s been.

Tonight’s main event is set to be Adrian Neville vs. Kevin Owens!

Bayley vs. Becky Lynch

This is being billed as a grudge match. Bayley has a knee brace and is still selling her knee injury. Becky is sporting new theme music. At the bell, Bayley takes Becky down and clubs her with some shots. “Bayley’s gonna hug you” chants fill the arena. She is on fire with a running back elbow and some clotheslines for two. She continues to elbow Becky, finishing with a big one in the corner. Commentary is selling the aggressive style of Bayley tonight. Becky finally pulls the old school heel tactic of attacking the injured knee. Bayley gets free and starts hitting some Polish hammers and a suplex for two. While she hasn’t been very successful with it, Becky keeps going to the knee like a rabid dog. She manages to get it into the Four Leg Clover, which is a sweet submission, forcing Bayley to tap out.

Winner: Becky Lynch in 3:34

Enjoyable match. Bayley looked good in her aggressive ways, while Becky looked smart by going after the knee. The injury keeps Bayley strong. Good stuff. **1/2

A quick recap of the best women’s match of the year, Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte from R Evolution is shown. We got a wwe.com exclusive where Renee Young, in her perfection, interviews Charlotte after that match. She just spoke about how successful she’s been. Next week, we get a rematch of Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks for the title!

Still photos of the Tag Team Title match from TakeOver are shown. This is how recaps should be done. Not 15 minutes long. William Regal is shown in his office when the Vaudevillains enter. Things go black and white as they want to show Regal an issue with the TakeOver match. They use a tablet and show him that Simon Gotch was pinned, but wasn’t the legal man. Regal agrees to give them a rematch, but not tonight as the show is booked. Alright.

Bull Dempsey vs. Jesus De Leon

Bull Dempsey charges right at his opponent and beats on him. He drives a knee into his side and they try to put over how agile and technical Bull is. I don’t really see it. Bull follows with a headbutt and body block, before going up top with a big splash.

Winner: Bull Dempsey in 1:10

Same old stuff from Bull. At least it makes sense since they’re still building Bull and Baron’s game of one-ups-manship. SQUASH

Baron Corbin comes to the stage as Bull Dempsey is backing out. He walks past him for his match with another no name Jabroni.

Baron Corbin vs. Jobber

The crowd counts the match down again, which ends with the End of Days.

Winner: Baron Corbin in 0:12

You know what? The squashes are redundant, but at least they’re going somewhere. SQUASH

As Baron Corbin leaves, Bull Dempsey shoves him. Before he can retaliate, Bull backs away and leaves. The slow build for this is going to be cool, but I hope the eventual match delivers. I hear good things about Baron on his NXT live event work.

We get never before seen footage of the aftermath of TakeOver: R Evolution. Sami Zayn is stretchered out of the arena. We will be updated on his condition of wwe.com.

The Ascension vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass w/ Carmella

Before the match, Enzo and Big Cass go into song, parodying the 12 days of Christmas. It’s not as good as the Rock’s from about ten years earlier. Viktor and Cass start off, with Viktor getting the better. They trade shots and Cass hits a big splash in the corner. Enzo tags himself in and charges at Konnor but it has no effect. Enzo is not happy that Carmella is talking to fans, and when he turns around, Viktor clotheslines him to end this.

Winners: The Ascension in 0:59

Not sure why they decided to make this short too. I get the Enzo being smitten with Carmella deal, but tagging himself in was dumb. DUD

The Ascension cut a post-match promo about being the very best in NXT. They call Finn Balor and Hideo Itami’s win “beginner’s luck” and say the war is far from over.

Adrian Neville vs. Kevin Owens

They square off but Kevin Owens backs out of the ring. Corey Graves and Jason Albert are going back and forth about Owens. When he gets in, Adrian Neville hits him with a leg lariat, leading him to go back outside. After he clears his head, he comes in and hits Neville with some shots, but the former NXT Champion comes back with a flying head scissors. Owens takes another breather outside. He must have been watching some old school heel work on the WWE Network. He gets halfway in, but comes back out. It’s a smart way to garner heat. Neville tries a baseball slide, but Owens dodges and clotheslines the back of his head. Inside, Owens chops him before we cut to commercial. Coming back, Neville misses a shot and gets thrown into the corner by Owens. He runs in with the big front flip for a near fall. Owens can hear shouting “NOTHING I DO MAKES ME SHAMEFUL!” and “YOU WERE CHAMPION FOR ALMOST A YEAR. WHAT A JOKE!” Owens is great at drawing heat. Owens stomps on Neville and has looked like a beast. He charges into the corner, but Neville moves and kicks him to turn things around. A running uppercut and his kick combo follow. Neville goes to the apron and nails a springboard dropkick for two. He goes for the Red Arrow, but Owens goads him, preventing him from going up top. He tries to springboard in, but Owens catches him with a gutbuster. A senton follows but only gets a near fall. Owens takes Neville to the top and tries a superplex. Neville fights him off, knocking him to the mat. Owens is up quickly though and knocks him to the mat. He puts Owens on the top and hits a STIFF DDT that Neville sells like a champ but he somehow kicks out. Owens tries another move but Neville fights out, and hits a rebound German suplex. Kick to the head sends Owens outside. Neville runs and hits a corkscrew plancha, landing on his feet. Neville is on fire! He goes to pick up Owens, but he’s too heavy and Owens pulls him into the turnbuckle. The referee’s count reaches ten.

Match ends in a double countout at 12:17

Great main event. I loved this match. Both guys looked strong and the double countout finish worked here. Lots of false finishes, but not overdone. ***3/4

After the match, Kevin Owens is not happy so he hits the APRON POWERBOMB on Adrian Neville! The stretcher comes out as the show ends, because that move is being built as a huge deal.

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