WWE NXT 03 06 2014

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: March 6, 2014
Commentators: William Regal and Josh Matthews

The March 6, 2014 edition of NXT Arrival is a professional wrestling television show of the WWE, which took place at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

It’s a new era here in NXT as the shows now air on Thursday as well as on the WWE Network. Last week was NXT Arrival with a classic between Cesaro and Zayn and Adrian Neville FINALLY ending Bo Dallas’ title reign. It should be interesting to see if WWE will allow NXT be themselves again as that could be great news for them. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of NXT Arrival and Neville winning the title.

Adrian Neville vs. Camacho

Non-title. Neville offers a handshake but gets kicked in the ribs instead. The champion puts on an armbar but Camacho comes back with forearms to the head and chops in the corner. A powerslam gets two on Adrian but he comes back with kicks to the leg and head. Neville puts him down with a middle rope dropkick and the Red Arrow is good for the pin at 2:51.

Result: Adrian Neville b. Camacho – Red Arrow (2:51)

Adrian says he can’t believe what he did last week and he can’t wait to go around the world doing what he loves. Last week was the most amazing moment of his life, but the most important thing is this title on his shoulder. It’s a message that anything is possible because he’s not your typical champion. He looks like an elf man, he’s from a small town that no one has heard of, and the ACCENT. “Renee, can you even understand me?” However, the most important thing about last wee is NO MORE BO.

This brings out a serious looking Bo Dallas who says Neville did something no one else could do, but he didn’t get a pin. Adrian climbed a ladder like a father cleaning out his gutters. He’ll be cashing in his rematch clause very soon, and when he does it’ll be Bo Time. The cheesy thumbs up makes this even better.

Last week Emma said she underestimated Paige but she’ll be a champion someday. Ric Flair comes in and says the next champion will be his daughter. Charlotte comes in and offers a condescending shoulder to cry on and Emma leaves. Charlotte was taller than her dad.

Last week Paige said she never doubted that she would win last week and welcomes all challengers for her title. Flair and Charlotte come up again and accept the challenge. The girls introduce themselves to each other and Charlotte talks down to Paige again.

Emma vs. Charlotte

Renee sits in on commentary and does the Emma dance off camera. Charlotte misses a clothesline in the corner to start and Emma takes her down with a wristlock. A dancing rollup gets two on Charlotte and she stops a charging Charlotte with a boot in the corner. Emma gets two rollups for two each but Charlotte grabs her ankle. Emma buys into it and gets caught with the flip over faceplant for the pin at 3:17.

Result:Charlotte b. Emma – Flip over faceplant (3:17)

Sami says what Cesaro said to him was personal and he got everything he wanted out of that match.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Corey Graves

Before the match Graves goes on a rant about how he’s stuck in NXT facing people who think they’re WWE superstars. He’s tired about hearing people talking about Sami Zayn, because Sami never wins any matches. Apparently all you need is heart to get chance after chance against people you can never beat. Corey could beat Cesaro in just one match but instead he’s stuck fighting the irrelevant Yoshi Tatsu. Graves immediately heads to the floor and says forget this but Yoshi goes after him at a seven count. Corey clotheslines him down and sends Tatsu into the steps before sliding back in for a countout at 1:38.

Result: Corey Graves b. Yoshi Tatsu via countout (1:38)

Post match Graves puts Tatsu in Lucky 13 until Sami makes the save. Sami says he’s up for a match if Sami wants it and why not do it tonight?

We look at an Adam Rose (Leo Kruger’s new rock star character) party from last night which looks like an actual party instead of eight people standing in pre-planned positions. Rose is on a couch with two women next to him and says his in ring debut will be of Jurassic proportions. The fans are called the Rosebuds. This was a very solid segment as it felt like an actual character instead of something planned out step by step. Also Kruger’s British voice worked very well and sounded almost nothing like his old voice.

Clip of Rusev cleaning house last week.

Xavier Woods wants a piece of Rusev.

Rusev speaks Bulgarian and accepts Woods’ challenge for next week.

Adam Rose vs. Wesley Blake

The people from the party, all in costumes, are at the entrance and carry Rose to the ring in a very cool entrance. The fans instantly think that was awesome and they’re right. Tensai is on commentary now for some reason. Rose rolls around the ring over and over to frustrate Blake and scores with a hard chop. He lays on the ropes and starts rocking back and forth until Blake comes over and gets kicked in the chest.

Blake slaps him in the face so Rose jumps up and down and tackles Wesley down before driving MMA style elbows to the face. A spinebuster draws Rose chants and the Slice clothesline gets the pin at 2:24. Rose is a VERY fun character and the crowd had a blast with him. The party comes back to celebrate.

Result: Adam Rose b. Wesley Blake – Slice (2:24)

Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves

The announcers even throw in that this match was made by JBL. Graves hammers away with elbows to the back of the head before putting on a headlock. Sami comes back by flipping Corey to the floor but has to bail out on a big flip dive. He flips back into the ring into the splits to draw an OLE chant. Corey snaps Sami’s throat across the top rope for two and we take a break.

Back with Sami fighting out of a chinlock but getting punched in the corner. Lucky 13 is countered but it’s right back to the chinlock. Zayn starts fighting up again but gets caught in a belly to back suplex for two. It’s chinlock #3 but Sami quickly escapes and backdrops Corey down, only to get caught in a fireman’s carry into a backbreaker for two.

Zayn kicks his way out of the corner and gets two off a high cross body. He charges into a boot in the corner but comes back with the Blue Thunder Bomb for two more. Corey shoulders the knee but Lucky 13 is countered into a small package for another near fall. Graves loads up another backbreaker but gets countered into a second small package for the pin at 13:18.

Result:Sami Zayn b. Corey Graves – Small package (13:18)


Adrian Neville b. Camacho – Red Arrow

Charlotte b. Emma – Flip over faceplant

Corey Graves b. Yoshi Tatsu via countout

Adam Rose b. Wesley Blake – Slice

Sami Zayn b. Corey Graves – Small package

Source:  www.wrestlingrumors.net