WWE NXT 07 24 2014

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: July 24, 2014
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips, William Regal

The July 24, 2014 Edition of NXT is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE, which took place at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

At Takeover, Charlotte Flair became the second NXT Women’s Champion by defeating Natalya. Tonight, Charlotte defends her title against former BFF partner, Summer Rae. Will we see a new champion or will Charlotte retain?

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Renee ‘Can I be the one behind the one behind the one in twenty-one and one’ Young, Alex ‘Sticks and stones’ Riley, and Rich ‘SDCC’ Brennan.

Match Number One: Konor and Viktor versus Jonny Vandal and Aaron Solow in a Non-Title Match

Vandal and Viktor start things off. They lock up and Vandal with a wristlock but Viktor with a reversal and back drop while holding on to the wrist lock. Viktor sends Vandal into his corner and Solow makes the tag. Viktor sends Vandal to the floor. Konor tags in and Viktor and Konor surround Solow on the floor.

Solow chops Konor and Konor with a shoulder tackle. Konor with kicks to Solow in the corner. Konor with a kick in the corner. Viktor tags in and he hits a baseball slide on Vandal on the floor and then they hit the Fall of Man and get the three count.

Winners: Konor and Viktor

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Tyler Breeze versus Mojo Rawley

Breeze makes sure that his finger is okay and he says something to Rawley. Rawley runs Breeze into the corner and Rawley says something to the referee and Breeze with the Beauty Shot and he gets the three count.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Summer Rae versus Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Title

Summer gets in Charlotte’s face but Charlotte pushes Summer. They push each other back and Summer is sent to the mat and Charlotte dances. Summer with a Thesz Press and they fight around the ring. Each goes for a hair based take down and they both go to the mat. They lock up and Charlotte sends Summer into the corner and Charlotte with kicks. Summer with an elbow but Charlotte gets a near fall after a clothesline.

Charlotte with knees to the back and a figure four head lock. Charlotte rolls Summer over and she slams Summer’s head into the mat. Charlotte drives Summer’s head into the mat again before returning to the figure four head lock. We go to commercial.

We are back and Charlotte still has the figure four head lock on Summer as she rakes her face. Charlotte rolls through to send Summer to the mat. Summer begs for mercy and then Charlotte charges but Summer moves, sending Charlotte to the floor. Summer gets a near fall when Charlotte is brought back into the ring. Summer sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles and then she kicks Charlotte.

Summer tells Charlotte that she made her and then she chokes Charlotte in the corner. Summer puts Charlotte in the ropes and stretches her. Summer gets a near fall. Summer with a body scissors on Charlotte. Charlotte leans back to get a near fall. Summer gets a near fall. Summer slaps Charlotte and Charlotte slaps back. Summer with a knee in the corner.

Charlotte with a rollup for a near fall. Summer kicks Charlotte and she applies a knee bar submission. Summer with a single leg crab on Charlotte but Charlotte escapes the hold. Summer with a rollup for a near fall. Summer drives Charlotte’s head into the mat but she can only get a near fall.

Charlotte and Summer each with clotheslines and both go down. Summer with a guillotine and she rolls through. Summer with a spinning round kick and she gets a near fall. Charlotte with a chop and clothesline for a near fall. Charlotte with another near fall. Charlotte hits Bow Down to the Queen for the three count.

Winner: Charlotte

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Simon Gotch and Aiden English versus Kalisto and Sin Cara

English and Kalisto start things off and they lock up. Kalisto gets out of the corner and he applies a side head lock. English blocks a side head lock take down. Kalisto with a slingshot side head lock take down. English gets a rollup for a near fall. Kalisto with an arm drag and wrist lock and Cara is tagged in. They take English to the mat and they hit a stereo kick followed by a back senton by Kalisto assisted by Sin Cara. Cara gets a near fall. Cara with a chop and then he hits a springboard cross body. Cara chops and kicks English but English moves on a springboard move and English with a drop kick to the knee and he gets a near fall.

Gotch tags in and he hits a clothesline from the apron. Gotch with European uppercuts followed by a snap mare and forearms across the chest. Gotch with a knee drop and he gets a near fall. Gotch with a chin lock and a crucifix for a near fall. Cara with chops but Gotch gets Cara up. Cara counters with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Gotch with a European uppercut and English tags in. English with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. English with kicks to Cara followed by forearms and he gets another near fall. English with a quarter nelson and chin lock. Cara gets back to his feet and he hits a jawbreaker to get out of the hold. English kicks Cara and then connects with a leg drop and he gets a near fall. Cara with a rollup and then he turns it into a one arm power bomb and both men are down.

Kalisto and Gotch tag in and Kalisto with a springboard cross body followed by a rollup and kick to the head. Kalisto with a springboard round kick and English breaks up the cover. Cara takes care of English and Cara with a suicide dive to English. Kalisto with a Shiranui for the three count.

Winners: Sin Cara and Kalisto

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lana has something to say before the match. She says that you worship actors, athletes, and politicians in the United States; but stars fade. In Russia, we have heroes. In America, your President is a star, while her President Vladimir Putin is a hero of Russia and the whole world. The man in the ring is just a star. Like all of the stars before you, you will burn out. You will fall to the greatest hero.

Rusev takes the mic and he speaks in Bulgarian.

Match Number Five: Adrian Neville versus Rusev (with Lana) in a Non-Title Match

Rusev picks up Neville but Neville lands on his feet. Rusev catches Neville on a cross body attempt and Rusev with knees and then he hits a fallaway slam. Rusev with boots to the chest followed by elbow drops. Rusev sends Neville into the corner and he kicks Neville in the corner.

Rusev with a foot to the chest. Rusev puts Neville in the turnbuckles and he kicks Neville in the back. Neville punches Rusev but Rusev sends Neville into the turnbuckles. Neville with kicks to Rusev when Rusev charges into the corner. Neville with kicks to Rusev but Rusev stays on his feet. Rusev with a drop kick to the knee and then he kicks Rusev in the chest. Rusev blocks a kick and he picks Neville up for a vertical choke. Rusev with a punch. Neville goes to the apron when Rusev charges into the corner. Neville with a missile drop kick.

Lana gets on the apron and Tyler Breeze tries to interfere but Neville stops him. Rusev with a splash against the ropes. Neville lands on his feet and he kicks Rusev in the corner. Neville goes up top for the Red Arrow but Tyler Breeze pulls Neville off the turnbuckles and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Adrian Neville (by disqualification)

After the match, Rusev with a leaping thrust kick and then he stomps on Neville’s back to set up the Accolade. Lana tells Rusev to release the hold.

We go to credits.

Source: PWInsider.com