WWE NXT 07 31 2014

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: July 31, 2014
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips, William Regal

Welcome for another night of WWE NXT action with Adam Rose taking on Tyson Kidd in tonight’s main event. So buckle in for a glimpse into the future of the WWE for the next hour.

We start off with Tyler Breeze, the number one contender for the NXT Championship taking on Tyler Dawkins and Breeze made fast work of Dawkins. He hit his beauty shot and ended it quickly. Breeze said having to wrestle a match was annoying and he throws to a clip of the interference last week against Adrian Neville. Which draws Neville out to confront Breeze. Neville goes after Breeze, but Breeze slips away and gives Neville a dirty look as only he can

Breeze Wins by Pinfall

Jo Jo remember her from “Total Divas,” she is interviewing Natalya and Tyson Kidd interrupts. Natalya said prior to that how she enjoys the fun Adam Rose brings. She says Tyson is being a lemon and Tyson says for her to tell Rose he has a match with him tonight. Opps… I guess that I gave a spoiler off the top.

Charlotte Flair in action next taking on Becky Lynch a fairly recent addition. Charlotte looking a lot like Dad going to work on the left leg of Lynch with several moves. Renee Young points out Lynch has lived on her own since 15 and had to rely on herself. Charlotte Flair continued the assault on the leg, but would finish it off with the “Bow to the Queen” for the 3 count.

Charlotte wins by Pinfall

I failed to mention the announcers mentioned earlier that stating of a number one contender tournament next week. Mojo and Jo Jo are in the back and Mojo is looking for a partner for this tournament and ends up paired with Bull Dempsey and they will wrestle. As for now, up next is the NXT Tag Team Champions the Ascension in action.

My apologies as I had some issues with the feed and missed the match, but it was the Ascension picking up the win over basically a jobber tag-team like they do most weeks. They did cut a promo after the match basically putting themselves over.

The Ascension win via Pinfall

After that we got a lengthy pre-package piece on C.J Parker and his whole save the world gimmick he has been doing for the past few months. This was followed by the odd pairing of Mojo and Bull against a team called The Mechanics. Maybe fans of John Cena on Slam City, I have no clue. Not much chemistry between the two but it ended with Bull Dempsey hitting his finisher, “The Bulldozer” for the win.

Mojo and Bull Win by Pinfall

Backstage, we get an interview with Bailey and it was with a male announcer that I missed the name of. He asks for Bailey’s thoughts on break-up of the BFF’s and she says not to be a lemon like Adam Rose says, but she is happy about it as they use to pick on her. Bailey goes on to point out that she pinned Charlotte recently. Charlotte comes in and basically suggests that Bailey not even reference her name in the future.

Main Event is next as Adam Rose and friends hit the ring followed by Tyson Kidd who is accompanied to the ring by Natalya. The announcers play up the issues between Kidd and Natalya have been having recently. Kidd was very frustrated in this match and turned things around by sending Rose into the ring post, which would be the start of a viscous assault by Kidd. This would end up with another posting of Rose after he tried to give Natalya a lollipop. This enraged Kidd to another level of aggressiveness. Rose turned things around with a back suplex and some fire on his side was now evident. Rose hit a big closeline and a spinebuster both only good for two counts. Kidd got back in control and slapped on the sharpshooter but Rose would get a break getting to the ropes. Soon after Rose would get a small package for the win.

Adam Rose by Pinfall

Post match, Kidd is very upset and Natalya goes to comfort him, but Kidd wants no part of it and pulls away from Natalya and that is how we leave it for this week. The show wasn’t bad overall, but the issues with the Network I experienced did take away from my enjoyment of the show. Hopefully if you were watching or will watch it later, hope you have better luck. Not a good endorsement for the WWE Network that as we reported earlier in the day announced they currently only have 700,000 subscribers. Will call it a nice form of irony for me.

So that was NXT I won’t give it a rating this week because I feel my personal view might have suffered from the streaming problems. It did seem like a solid episode of the show overall though.

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