WWE NXT 02 18 2015

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: February 18, 2015
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Renee Young, and Alex Riley

To get things rolling, WWE re-racks the highlights from last week’s Rival show, complete with the title wins by Sasha Banks and Kevin Owens. Then we get a word from William Regal who reiterates that NXT rules allow for title changes via ref stoppage, as was the case last week. Regal announces that Owens will face Adrian Neville tonight in a non-title bout. After an intro package, Kevin Steen hits the ramp with the NXT title on his shoulder.

With mic in hand, KO acknowledges that a lot of people have an issue with his win at Takeover. He says their opinions don’t matter and that he has never pretended to be anything other than the guy who would be champion. He also declares that Sami Zayn is “the past” and that Finn Balor is the future because he’s the number one contender. He says Finn will meet the same fate as Zayn in the end and heads backstage.

Rhyno hits the ring next and the crowd approves.

Rhyno vs. Elias Samson

In a quick squash match, Rhyno decimates his young opponent after a few power moves.

Result: Rhyno defeats Elias Samson via pinfall.

Backstage, Finn Balor says he’s ready to face Kevin Owens for the title.

Out in the ring, the Vaudevillians are ready for their match.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Vaudevillians

Before the match, Big Cass tells the Vaudevillains that they’ve had their title shot and now it’s time for Enzo and Cass. The bell rings and Enzo squares off with Simon Gotch. Gotch gets the jump on Amore after some interference by Aiden English. He gets in some more offense and English tags in. English works over Amore briefly but Enzo slips away and tags in Cass who whoops up on Aiden. Enzo tags in and they double-team Aiden before landing the pinfall win.

Result: Enzo Amore and Big Cass defeat the Vaudevillians via pinfall.

Post-match, Blake and Murphy show up on the Tron. They taunt Enzo and Cass and tell Carmella she’s lookin’ fiiiine…

Adrian Neville cuts a promo saying he has a personal beef with Owens and then Bailey and Becky share their respective takes on last week’s fatal four-way.

CJ Parker comes out and says he hates everyone because he didn’t get a spot on Takeover. He sets up a cardboard sign in the middle of the ring indicating that he’s taking over the show and starts putting up caution tape. Computer glitches crackle and Parker gets ambushed by a dude who jumps the barricade. It’s Solomon Crowe! Crowe beats the holy bejeezus out of Parker and then tells the audience that regular programming will now resume.

Blue Pants vs. Sasha Banks

Blue Pants gets a big welcome from the crowd, along with some a capella entrance music. After the bell, Sasha invites Blue pants to leave the ring without a fight. Blue pants responds by knocking The Boss outside. She comes back in and eventually gets Blue Pants under control. She stretches Blue Pants in the corner and hits her abdomen with a double foot stomp, pins her but picks her up before the ref counts three. She then locks Blue Pants in a submission hold, earning the tap out.

Result: Sasha Banks defeats Blue Pants via submission.

After the match, Sasha says everybody is going to have to admit that she’s the baddest Diva in NXT. Then we see some bonus footage from Takeover in which William Regal comes out to check on Sami Zayn after the title match. We also get an update on Zayn’s status in which the doc says Zayn was cleared to make the Abu Dhabi shows. The main event is within sight after these commercial messages…

Adrian Neville vs. Kevin Owens

Owens steps out as soon as the bell rings. Neville gives chase and they brawl outside briefly before heading back inside. Neville puts Owens on the mat but KO roars back with a gut buster and gets control. He works over Neville in the corner and then follows with some mat stuff. He pauses briefly to soak in the crowd reaction and then punishes Neville some more. Adrian struggles to put up any kind of defensive effort as Owens slows the pace. He finally tosses Neville outside and heads out after him as we take a short break…

When we return, Owens has Neville back in the ring and he keeps the assault rolling, whooping up on Adrian before returning to the dreaded chin lock. Owens tries to toss Neville outside again and Adrian grabs the rope. He goes right at Owens and KO catches him, preparing for a slam but Neville turns it into a DDT. Once both guys are back on their feet, they trade shots until Adrian gains the advantage. Owens rolls outside for a break and Adrian hits a huge moonsault off the top, nailing Kevin out on the floor. Neville takes to the air again, putting KO down with a nice dropkick from the top rope. He keeps the heat on, taking Owens to task out on the floor with some high impact stuff. Neville earns a near fall in the ring but Owens is still in the match. Neville gets a pair of German suplexes on Owens and the crowd responds with “this is awesome” chants. You can’t teach that, people. Owens hits Adrian with a big elbow but Neville responds with a superkick a few moments later. The end comes when Owens delivers a thunderous power bomb and puts Neville’s shoulders on the mat for the count.

Result: Kevin Owens defeats Adrian Neville via pinfall.

The show fades to black as Owens raises the title over Adrian Neville, who is stretched out on the canvas.

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