WWE NXT 02 04 2015

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: February 4, 2015
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Renee Young, and Alex Riley

Welcome to WrestlingINC.com’s live coverage and results for WWE NXT. Tonight’s show was taped a few weeks ago.

Enzo and Big Cass kick off the show. Enzo works the mic and the crowd goes along with it. They bring out Carmella to something of a mild reaction. She tells the crowd that Blue Pants “went back to the clearance rack.” Out comes Emma for a match. The crowd is all for her.

Emma vs. Carmella

Emma gets in a few shots off the bell but Carmella powers up and takes control. Emma comes back with a big clothesline and works Carmella into a submission move. Emma smacks Carmella in the head but Carmella comes back with a drop toe hold and gets Emma into a submission hold, prompting Emma to tap out.

Result: Carmella defeats Emma via submission.

We get a glimpse of some coming attractions and a short break before getting back to the big show.

Adrian Neville vs. Baron Corbin (#1 Contenders Tournament Semi-Final)

The announce team plays up the size advantage as the competitors lock up. Corbin works Neville to the corner and they break. Neville fires back but gets caught off the rope briefly. He keeps at Corbin, making sure the big guy stays on the defensive. Corbin grounds Neville with a big right hand and Adrian rolls out of the ring. Corbin fetches him and once they’re in the ring, he picks Neville apart on the mat. He stays in control for a protracted stretch and tries to put Neville away with a slam but Adrian kicks out. Neville continues to fight with forearm smashes and he propels Corbin face first into the turnbuckle to shift the momentum. Neville hits a dropkick that puts Corbin outside of the ring. Neville follows with a dive and Corbin catches him and chucks him into a barricade. As the ref looks away, Bull Dempsey runs in and whoops Corbin. Corbin gets away but Neville resumes his offense, hitting a splash and flowing with a pinfall.

Result: Adrian Neville defeats Baron Corbin via pinfall.

We see a short segment in which Sami Zayn talks about the rivalry with Kevin Owens. Zayn says he’ll beat the hell out of Owens at NXT Takeover. After that, it’s announced that Corbin and Dempsey will square off in a No DQ match at takeover.

Bayley vs. Becky Lynch

Sure, Bayley is a fan favorite but there’s a strong Becky Lynch contingent on hand in this crowd. Becky works Bayley’s knee early and often, following with a suplex and work off the ropes. Bayley tries to come back but Becky is just too tough at this point in the match. Bayley does dump Lynch outside and Banks comes down the ramp and Becky gets back in to fight. She stays on Bayley but almost gets rolled into a pinfall. Bayley tries for a submission maneuver and Becky gets to the ropes. Lynch tries to escape but Banks puts her back into the fray. Bayley capitalizes, getting the pinfall.

Result: Bayley defeats Becky Lynch via pinfall

Post match, Sasha and Becky start fighting and Charlotte comes out, seemingly to reign it all in.

Kevin Owens in which he explains that it was his ultimate goal to get a title shot and Zayne gave it to him… just two months into his time in NXT.

Hideo Itami vs. Finn Balor

Balor and Itami lock eyes and then they get right to it. First they lock hands, break and then come together again. When they really get grappling, it almost looks like an even match. After some twisting and grappling, they break, stand back and assess one another as the fans voice their approval. Itami tries to get on top of Finn on the mat but Balor won’t make it easy. Itami hits the ropes and Finn gets him with a solid dropkick as we go to break.

Back after the commercial, Itami is back up and he has control of Balor for the moment. Finn breaks loose and heads to the ropes but Hideo takes him down and tries for a cover. Finn gets back into it and works Hideo into an unusual stretch hold followed by a cover. Itami kicks out and Finn covers again, but no dice. Balor stays on top of things, locking in a choke on Hideo. He continues with the mat work but Itami wriggles out and ascends the ropes. Balor connects with a kick, putting Hideo on the canvas. Another break ensues.

As the match resumes, Balor is chopping the holy bejeezus out of Hideo. Itami comes back with a dropkick and then hits a clothesline. Itami goes into full offensive mode now, putting Balor’s neck into the rope and then cracking him with a kick. Itami teases the GTS and they trade counters until both guys are down on the mat. When both men reach a vertical base again, they trade huge shots. Itami finally gets the advantage with strikes and kicks, following with a corner dropkick but Balor takes him out with a sling blade and then a big dropkick. He hits a double-stomp off the top and after a three-count, it’s over.

Result: Finn Balor defeats Hideo Itami via pinfall.

So with that, it’s official: The #1 Contenders Match will be Adrian Neville versus Finn Balor.

After the bell, Finn Balor extends a hand to Hideo Itami and Itami accepts the gesture in a nice display of sportsmanship. Adrian Neville applauds from the announce table. The men shake hands on the ramp to close out the live-action part of show.

They also play a retrospective of the Zayn/Owens rivalry heading into Takeover. That should be a great fight.

Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com