WWE NXT 05 27 2015

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: May 27, 2015
Commentators: Rich Brennan and Corey Graves

-The show kicked off with a video package recapping NXT Takeover.

-Sami Zayn’s music hits to a big pop, but it’s Kevin Owens who comes out wearing a John Cena U.S. Championship shirt. He grabs a mic and says he thought about coming out and offering an “NXT Championship Open Challenge”, but he’s not an insecure person who feels the need to prove himself against anyone. Owens says people boo him, but he’s a good person for several reasons. Number one, we’ll never have to hear Sami Zayn’s music ever again. Number two, he keeps his promises to provide for his family. Number three, he backed down from Samoa Joe at Takeover because he didn’t want the crowd to go home on an unhappy note after dropping Joe on his head.

-William Regal comes down is not a happy man. He tells the champ that he’s walking a very thin line. Owens says he only attacked Regal because he put his hands on him first, and Regal says that’s the only reason he still has a job in NXT. He brings up the long list of names that have been stretchered out of Full Sail since Kevin arrived, including Sami Zayn, Alex Riley, Hideo Itami, and Adrian Neville.

-Solomon Crowe is next to join the party. He says he couldn’t sit in the back and take Owens crap anymore, and doesn’t buy the bullshit that he’s a “good guy”. He calls Owens a piece of crap, and William Regal books a match for tonight’s main event. The champ says he’s glad, because he gets to add another name to his list.

-Hideo Itami is featured in a pre-recorded video following his shoulder surgery. He basically says he doesn’t know who attacked him, but they cost him a shot at the NXT title and when he comes back, nobody will stop him.

BAYLEY vs. EMMA (w/ Dana Brooke)

Emma is full-on heel mode, attacking Bayley and slamming her head against the mat with her hair. She basically tries to rip her ponytail off using the ropes, until the referee makes her stop. Emma gets a bit too cocky and Bayley takes advantage, slamming her into the corner and hitting a suplex. Emma with a very sloppy armdrag into the Emma Lock for the submission win.

-Dana Brooke and Emma attack Bayley after the match, but Charlotte marches to the ring to break it up. She takes them both down but eventually the double team is too much, and the heels leave them lying.

-We take a look at the transformation of NXT Diva Becky Lynch.


The trio has matching gear, and boy does Bliss really give them the element they were missing as a team. Rallis is a big guy, and has a brief moment of advantage of the champs until the double team him. Blake and Murphy heel it up for several minutes, working rest holds and keeping Rallis isolated. Samson makes the hot tag, but falls prey to the champ’s vertical suplex/frog splash combo for the 1-2-3.

-Blake and Murphy beat down on Rallis after the match, and Alex Bliss actually hits him with the Sparkle Splash.

-Backstage Alexa Bliss cuts a promo about Carmella, calling her the Princess of a garbage dump and promising to send her back to the trash can in their match next week. Really solid mic work from Bliss.


WHY is Dillinger not doing his “Perfect 10? gimmick on television yet!? Tye immediately goes to work on the #1 contender, beating him down and mocking some of Finn’s various mannerisms. Balor takes advantage of the arrogance and hits a few dropkicks, followed by the double foot stomp for the relatively easy win.

Jason Jordan is working out at the Performance Center and is asked what’s going on with him since he broke off his team with Tye Dillinger. I’m surprised anyone remembers that was a thing. He says he’s found the perfect partner – Chad Gable interrupts and gives him a towel with his name on it, and talks about his accomplishments in Olympic wrestling.


Owens bails from the ring as soon as the bell rings. The crowd chants “get the stretcher”. The champ goes on the attack early until Crowe gets a brief flurry of offense, which lasts about 30 seconds until Owens tosses him off the top rope.  They comeback from a commercial break and he’s got a headlock firmly strapped in. He breaks the hold to go crazy with rights and lefts – nice move from the ref (Drake Younger) as he warns Crowe to protect himself or he’d throw out the match. A little bit of MMA reality there. Owens beats on him for a few minutes then hits the pop-up powerbomb for the easy one-sided win.

-Owens takes the beating to the outside of the ring and teases the powerbomb on the ring apron, but Samoa Joe’s music hits and he walks down to the ring. Kevin raises the title into the air, and then bails from the ring as Joe goes after him. Owens points to Crowe and tells Joe “that’s a warning. Next time that’s you.” He ends the show by yelling “the champ is here” and walking away.

Source: http://www.wrestlezone.com