WWE NXT 06 03 2015

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: June 3, 2015
Commentators: Rich Brennan and Corey Graves

We begin with a look back at what happened on Sunday night at the Elimination Chamber special that aired on the WWE Network between Kevin Owens and John Cena.

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Rich Brennan, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

Match Number One: Tyler Breeze vs. Adam Rose

Tyler takes his time removing his cape once the bell rings. They lock up and they go around the ring. Rose with a face wash. They lock up again and Rose backs Breeze into the corner and he gives a clean break for a moment and that delay allows Breeze to get out of the corner. Rose with a kick and chops. Rose sends Breeze into the turnbuckles and he takes Breeze down with a side head lock. Breeze with a rollup for a near fall. Rose with another side head lock take down when Breeze gets to his feet.

Rose gets a near fall but Rose with a shoulder tackle. Breeze with a drop kick and Rose rolls to the apron. Breeze with a springboard drop kick that knocks Rose off the apron and onto the ramp. Breeze goes to the floor and he rolls Rose back in. Breeze gets a near fall. Rose back drops Breeze over the top rope to the floor and Breeze lands on the ramp.

We are back and Rose with a suplex for a near fall. Rose gets another near fall after punches. Rose with a reverse chin lock into a sleeper. Breeze with elbows but Rose with a clothesline to Breeze. Breeze with a drop kick when Rose misses a clothesline. Breeze punches Rose and then Breeze hits a rana and he punches Rose.

Breeze runs into a knee from Rose as he goes into the corner. Rose with a double thrust to the chest and he hits a running clothesline and a flying kick for a near fall. Rose tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Breeze lands on his feet and he kicks Rose. Breeze with an Irish whip followed by a forearm into the corner.

Breeze with a second forearm but Rose with a spinebuster for a near fall. Rose locks in a Boston Crab when Breeze tries to kick out. Breeze crawls for the ropes as he tries to fight through the pain and Breeze succeeds. Rose eventually releases the hold before the referee gets to five. Rose with a leg drop to the back of the head and then he kicks Breeze to the floor. Rose with an elbow drop off the apron onto Breeze.

Breeze is rolled back into the ring and Rose says it is over but Breeze with the Beauty Shot for the three count.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Solomon Crowe is in the back and Devin Taylor stops him. Solomon says he is pretty beaten but he has gotten it worse before. He got beaten by Kevin Owens but he got to say what he had to. He respects Samoa Joe. Solomon says he will be back and he will be better than ever. Solomon vows to become the NXT Champion.

We have a video package showing Dana Brooke’s appearance at the Arnold Invitational in Brazil. She will be at the Arnold Classic in Spain in the fall.

Greg Hamilton comes out and he introduces Eva Marie.

Greg thanks him for being at NXT. He says this is not the first time she was at NXT and he says she was at Unstoppable. Eva points out that she was there for Unstoppable and she lets the crowd get the boos out of her system. She says there are reasons why she was at Unstoppable and the crowd goes with another chant.

Eva says she was here to see what the buzzing was about and it was the women of NXT. She points out that the women stole the show at NXT. Eva says the women of NXT are revolutionizing the business and that is why she is here. She is looking forward to competing with the best in NXT.

We go to commercial.

We are back and William Regal announces that there will be a show on July 4th in Japan. John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Paige, the Lucha Dragons, and Neville. William says that he was asked if there was going to be an NXT presence. Finn Balor will face Kevin Owens for the title live on the WWE Network.

Match Number Two: Carmella (with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady) vs. Alexa Bliss (with Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy)

Carmella with a take down and she punches Alexa. Carmella with another Thesz Press and punches. Carmella with a third one and she continues to punch Alexa. Carmella says something to Blake and Murphy and that allows Alexa to recover and she connects with a forearm. Alexa with an Irish whip but she runs into an elbow. Carmella is dropped on the top turnbuckle by Alexa and Alexa gets a near fall.

Alexa sends Carmella to the mat by the hair and then she works on the neck. Alexa sends Carmella to the mat again. Alexa with a cravate but Carmella gets to her feet and she connects with an elbow. Alexa with a leg sweep but she misses a moonsault and splash in the corner. Carmella with double sledges followed by a kick and a knee to the head.

Carmella runs Alexa into the corner and connects with a shoulder. Carmella with an Edgecution. Bliss with a rollup and she uses the ropes for leverage to get the three count.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

We go to Devin Taylor in the back with Rhyno. She asks Rhyno about facing Finn Balor and his goals in NXT. Rhyno says he enjoyed going to war with Baron Corbin, but he is back to what he came to NXT for. He came to NXT to get to the top of the hottest thing going in the industry. Finn Balor is a top competitor and he is dangerous in the ring. His theatrics and mind games will not phase a psychotic man beast like him. When he gores Finn, he will be one step closer to being the NXT Champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back with footage of Sami Zayn getting surgery on his shoulder. He brings up how it came at the worst possible time. Sami mentions that something felt off when he threw his arms in the air before his match with John Cena in Montreal. He mentions how the shoulder popped out during a suplex. Sami says he was trying to stabilize the shoulder for his match at Unstoppable. Then he is getting surgery.

The doctor talks about the extent of the injury and the need for surgery. The doctor says everything went well. Sami says he is ready for the road back and he will do what needs to be done to get it rehabilitated.

Match Number Three: Aiden English and Simon Gotch vs. Jason Jordan and Marcus Louis

Gotch and Louis start things off and Marcus has a scowl on his face before locking up. They lock up and Gotch with a side head lock. Marcus punches Gotch in the corner but Gotch with a wrist lock and he tags in English. They punch Louis in the midsection and head and get a near fall. English with a side head lock. English with an Irish whip and Jordan tags in and hits a Saito suplex for a near fall.

Jordan with a waist lock take down. Jordan with a rear chin lock with his knee in English’s back. Jordan takes English back to the mat. English gets to his feet and Louis tags in and he connects with a knee and he growls. Louis with a rear chin lock and his knee in the back as he rakes at the face and beard. Louis with a front face lock but English with an inside cradle for a near fall.

Louis with forearms to the back of English to keep him from making the tag. Louis returns to the chin. English with a jawbreaker and he makes the tag to Gotch. Gotch with forearms and a knee to Jordan. Gotch with another forearm to Louis followed by a running back elbow and he poses as the straps come down. English tags in and Gotch with a European uppercut to the back of the head followed by a neck breaker from English for the three count.

Winners: Aiden English and Simon Gotch

After the match, Jordan yells at Louis while Louis has a look on his face.

We go to a video package for Sasha Banks. She says she knew she was the best and the title confirms it. Sasha says she told everyone she was going to take over and that is what she did. She is the baddest Women’s Champion. You can ask all of the women why she is the best. She says she is the meanest. She says she is the prettiest. She says she is the best. Everyone told her she would not make it. No one believed in her and now look at her.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are reminded about the announcement that Kevin Owens will face Finn Balor on the WWE Network for the NXT Title.

Finn was asked about the match and he says Japan is a country that he forged his career in. It is a country he won 11 championships in. To face Kevin Owens in Japan, it is an understatement to say that he is excited. He is not overlooking Kevin Owens. We saw what he did to Sami Zayn at Unstoppable and what he did to John Cena at Elimination Chamber. Kevin Owens is going to face the Demon. You may walk in on July 4th as the NXT Champion, but Finn Balor will walk out of Tokyo as the NXT Champion.

First things first, he will face Rhyno.

Match Number Four: Finn Balor vs. Rhyno

They lock up and Rhyno sends Finn to the mat and Rhyno wants to know ‘who’s the man’. They lock up again and Rhyno with a wrist lock. Finn rolls through and he tries to escape the wrist lock. Finn with a reversal into an arm bar but Rhyno with a forearm to the back. Rhyno punches Finn.

Rhyno with a side head lock and Finn with a drop kick and Rhyno goes to the floor. Finn sets for a dive to the floor but Rhyno returns to the ring and hits a shoulder tackle. Rhyno chops Finn and sends him into the turnbuckles. Rhyno with a chop and kicks Balor. Rhyno with another chop. Finn punches Rhyno but Rhyno with a knee. Rhyno with an Irish whip and shoulder in the corner.

Rhyno with a head butt followed by an Irish whip but Finn floats over and connects with forearms. Rhyno pushes him away and Rhyno with a forearm. Rhyno goes to the turnbuckles but Finn with an enzuigiri to knock Rhyno to the floor. Finn with a flip dive onto Rhyno on the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Rhyno with an Irish whip and Finn tries to float over but Rhyno catches him and then he hits a Michigan Stampede for a near fall. Rhyno punches Balor and follows with a snap mare and gets a near fall. Rhyno gets another near fall as he holds on to a body scissors. Finn with elbows to the leg to escape. Rhyno with a running back elbow for a near fall.

Rhyno with a short arm clothesline and he mocks Finn’s pose and does it a second time right in front of Finn. Finn with forearms but Rhyno with a press slam to Finn. Rhyno gets a near fall. Rhyno with a rear chin lock and his knee in Finn’s back. Finn punches Rhyno but Rhyno with a kick. Rhyno with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot from Finn. Finn with a running chop into the corner and then he goes to the turnbuckles for a flying forearm and he gets a near fall.

Finn sets for the reverse DDT but Rhyno escapes and hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Rhyno with the Finn pose again and Finn ducks a short arm clothesline and Finn with a Pele Kick followed by Slingblade and both men are down. Finn with the running drop kick that sends Rhyno into the corner and Finn goes up top but Rhyno moves. Rhyno misses a GORE when Finn moves and Finn with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Finn Balor

After the match, Balor celebrates on the stage, but he is GORED by Rhyno on the stage. Finn holds his shoulder as we go to credits.

Source: http://www.ringsidenews.com