WWE NXT 08 24 2016

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Date: August 24, 2016

On commentary tonight, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

Singles Match: “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger vs. Wesley Blake

Dillinger gets a huge response from the crowd and they’ll definitely be cheering him on tonight.

The initial tie-up leads nowhere as the crowd chants that Blake is a zero. The second grapple ends with an arm drag from Blake and he blows kisses to the crowd. Dillinger resets, stretches and they grapple a third time, which leads into the corner where the two jockey for the lead. Blake gets a headlock on Dillinger briefly. Dillinger breaks out of it, snapmare, and starts flashing the “10” hands at his opponent, after cartwheeling.

Here come the chops! Dillinger brings Blake into the corner for a big one. He tries to get him in the adjacent corner but the referee breaks it up. Blake uses the distraction to his advantage and pokes Dillinger in the eyes. His sneaky tactics continue as…

We go to commercial.

On the return, big clothesline from Blake and a cover…1 count. Blake applies the chinlock
on Dillinger, wearing him down to a seated position. He keeps him there for a good 20 seconds but the crowd chants “10” again; it motivates Dillinger to his feet. He breaks free, off the ropes, inside cradle for a 2 count. In the corner, Dillinger evades an attack by swinging into the ropes but he traps himself there. Blake punches him in the kidneys and then charges in for a backstabber. 2 count!

Blake leaves Dillinger on the mat in agony, drags him up by the head and powerslams him. He ascends the turnbuckle, flies…right into a front roll because Dillinger has moved! Blake charges and Dillinger flips him right into the turnbuckle. Ouch. Now it’s the clotheslines, head smash into the corner, stomps him down to the mat. He’s building momentum. Back body drop out of the corner. Side Russian leg sweep. Dillinger brings down the kneepad, lifts Blake on to his shoulders and flips him over, forcing the head to smash on to his own exposed knee. That’s the “Tyebreaker” and that’s the match.

Winner: “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger via pinfall in 9 minutes

One cool point for Dillinger’s victory because he hasn’t had a lot of TV time lately, but the crowd still remains rousingly in his favor. Should he be in the mix for a title shot soon? I think he’s ready for a profile feud. Perhaps Roode?

Recap: A look at Bobby Roode’s NXT debut at Takeover: Brooklyn II. It ends with a post-match interview after his win over Cien. Roode says what happened there wasn’t a surprise. He is glorious. He’s a superstar who will take NXT to the next level. Tonight was step 1. He’s heading to Madison Avenue for a dinner date with Fortune 500 execs. Fancy…

Coming Up:TM 61 vs. Authors of Pain w. Paul Ellering

Second Segment

Just a reminder…”Serpents” by Neckdeep was one of the Takeover: Brooklyn II theme songs. Check ‘em out!

Recap: Highlights from the No Way Jose & Austin Aries match. Post-match, Hideo Itami showed up to put Aries to sleep. A must-see segment.

Post-match, WWE.COM cameras catch up with Aries who is pissed about Itami’s interruption. Aries vents about all of his moments being interrupted by people, trying to make a name at the expense of his fame. Aries sent Corbin and No Way Jose packing. If Itami thinks his last injury layoff was long, wait until Aries gets him in the ring…

Recap: A look at the NXT Women’s Championship match between Asuka vs. Bayley

In the post-match interview with Bayley, she felt a home court advantage being back in Brooklyn for this title match. She was prepared. She knew how to avoid the Asuka lock. Disappointing that it didn’t happen the way it should have. Ember Moon shows up and gives praise to Bayley for taking Asuka to the limit. Ember is here in NXT because of Bayley. Bayley says she has a bright future and maybe someday they’ll have a Takeover match.

Well, not sure about that because they also show clips of Mick Foley’s announcement: RAW signs Bayley to the Women’s Division!

Third Segment

Recap: Highlights from the NXT Tag Team Championship match between The Revival and Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa. Match of the night for some.

WWE.COM cameras catch up with The Revival who retained the titles. Wilder says time and time again, we’ve told you we’re the best tag team in the universe. No one is better than them. They’re unstoppable. Dawson says they talk heavy and they hit hard. They’re the best in NXT but also the best in the planet. Call The Usos, Call Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Call whomever. They’ll beat ‘em. Top guys out.

Recap: Highlights from the NXT Championship match between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura.

An update on Nakamura…we’ll see him next week on NXT.

An update on Samoa Joe…he did have his jaw shattered by Nakamura. It has been dislocated and relocated, and Joe hopes to be cleared to wrestle very soon.

Up Next:TM 61 vs. Authors Of Pain w. Paul Ellering

Final Segment

“Relentless” by Of Mice & Men was an official theme song of Takeover: Brooklyn II. It’s available September 9th.

Tag Team Match: TM 61 vs. Authors Of Pain w. Paul Ellering

The match hasn’t even begun and both Authors begin brawling with Thorne & Miller. TM 61 defends themselves pretty well though and they end up sending both Authors sprawling over the top rope. Thorne does a sky high somersault plancha on to one of them and Miller springs himself over the ropes on the other Author.
Both Authors get a few words of advice from Ellering and each team retreats to their respective corners. The bell rings.

Author #1 and Miller are in to start. Pretty quickly, Thorne tags in and he begins chopping Author #1. Uppercuts are next. Corner to corner, a running leg lariat! Thorne gets distracted by Author #2 on the apron so he punches him. Poor choice though because Author #1 clubs him in the back of the head. Author #2 sends Thorne shoulder first into the steel ringpost. Ouch.

Thorne is dragged back into the ring, face-first, by Author #1. He holds him in a facelock and Thorne’s down on his knees but he fights back to his feet. Author #1 tosses Thorne into their corner and he lands awkwardly, hitting his head as…

We go to commercial.

The Authors retain Thorne in their corner as we return. Thorne’s trying to fight back but he’s overwhelmed each time. Pinfall attempt from Author #2 for a 2 count. Powerbomb attempt but Thorne fights his way off the shoulders. He stretches towards his corner for a tag, nailing Author #2 with an enziguri. Tag is made and Miller’s slapping Author #2 pretty hard. Stiff clothesline. Another one! He keeps punching Author #1 off the ring apron.

Up to the top rope, crossbody splash! 1-2..kickout. He tags in Thorne. Running back elbow. Miller with a running clothesline. Double team effort combining a clothesline and leg sweep. 1-2…another kickout from Author #2. The two slap Author #2 across the face. They attempt a double team move but Author #1 catches Thorne’s feet when he tries to bounce off the ropes. This allows Author #2 to catch Miller and hit him with a spinebuster. He covers him…1-2-…Thorne scrambles back in time to break the count!

Thorne runs the ropes and attempts a through the ropes dive…nailed with an uppercut by Author #1. Both Authors are in the ring now and they execute that double team move where they lift up both opponents into a powerbomb position and slam their backs against one another before slamming each guy to the mat. That escalated quickly.
A quick tag is made to keep things legal. Bouncing off each rope to gain momentum, Authors execute a strong clothesline finishing move on Miller and cover him for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Authors Of Pain via pinfall in 8 minutes

Source: www.lordsofpain.net