WWE NXT 01 27 2016

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Location: Orlando, FL
Date: January 27, 2016

American Alpha vs Blake and Murphy

Jordan and Murphy start the match off. Jordan goes for a kick, but Murphy catches his foot. Murphy tries to sweep Jordan’s leg, but Jordan keeps jumping over Murphy’s foot. Jordan goes behind Murphy and takes him down to the mat. Jordan tags in Gable, who trades arm locks with Murphy. Gable almost flips out of the hold, but Murphy takes Gable down by his hair. Blake tags in, but Gable spins around him and drops him with a drop toe hold.

Blake misses a clothesline and tries for a back elbow, but Gable turns it into an arm drag. Murphy tags in and runs right into a Japanese arm drag. During a drop down/leapfrog spot, Murphy drops to the mat screaming clutching his knee. Blake gets in the ring and Gable attacks him. While Gable was distracted Murphy is miraculously heeled enough to chop block Gable. Black and Murphy take turns working over Gable’s now injured knee. Murphy takes a moment to jaw with the crowd, which allows Gable to kick him so hard with his good leg that Murphy goes sailing over the top rope.

Gable finally get the hot tag to Jordan, how cleans house; Jordan suplexes everything in sight, including belly-to-belly suplexing Murphy onto Blake. Jordan whips Blake into the corner. Jordan and Gable hit their finish on Blake for the win.

Winners- American Alpha

Backstage, Alex is with Emma and Dana Brooke. They tell us that Carmella doesn’t have the skills to beat Bayley or Emma next week on NXT.

Nia Jax vs Liv Morgan

Nia forces Liv into the corner, but she eventually lets her out. Liv hits the ropes and attempts a head scissor, but Nia reverses it and face plants Liv. Nia locks on a cobra clutch. Liv counters with a jawbreaker before attempting a guillotine choke. Nia tosses her off with ease. Nia sidewalk slams Liv, and then leg drops her. It’s a wrap.

Winner- Nia Jax

Alex Riley vs Bull Dempsey  

Dempsey decides now is a good time to do some jumping jacks. Riley kicks Dempsey in the knee and floors him with a neck breaker. Dempsey tries to fire up, but Dempsey runs right into a spin buster. Riley knee Dempsey in the jaw for the win.

Winner- Alex Riley

Elias Samson vs John Skylar

Samson tosses blank into the turnbuckle before dropkicking him in the face. Samson stomps, kicks, and punches blank in the corner. Samson hits a running knee followed by a neckbreaker for the win.

Winner- Elias Samson

#1 Contenders Match: Baron Corbin vs Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn

Joe and Corbin close in on Zayn. Before they pounce, Corbin punches Joe in the face, sending him to the outside. Zayn ducks the rushing Corbin, sending him over the top rope. Zayn set up for a dive, but Joe pulls him to the outside. Joe pounds on Zayn before hitting a running big boot to Corbin. Joe is focusing his attack on Zayn. Zayn and Joe roll back into the ring. Joe traps Zayn in the corner hits multiple strikes. Joe misses his strike/knee combo, but before Zayn can take advantage Corbin attacks Zayn from behind.

After a short break, Corbin runs into Zayn’s boot in the corner. Joe levels Corbin with a clothesline. Zayn sends both Joe and Corbin to the outside. Zayn takes out both Corbin and Joe with a suicide somersault plancha! Before Zayn can take advantage, Corbin drops him with the deep six for a two count. Joe breaks up the pin with a running senton. Joe whips Zayn into the corner and powerslams him on the way out for a two count. Joe tries to set Zayn up for the muscle buster, but Zayn fights out. Joe enzguri Zayn, but before Joe can lock in the muscle buster, Corbin hits him from behind. Zayn manages to hit the blue thunder bomb on Corbin for another two count. As Zayn is resting on the bottom rope, Joe grabs him from the outside of the ring into the coquina clutch.

Joe gets back into the ring and walks right into the end of days. Zayn somehow manages to break up the pin. Corbin assaults Zayn in the corner. Corbin misses a clothesline and gets exploder suplexed into the turnbuckle. Zayn hits the heluva kick, but Joe breaks up the pin. Zayn locks Corbin into the sharpshooter. Joe runs into the ring and locks in the crossface. Corbin taps, but who did he tap out to?

Winner: Who knows…

William Regal comes down and confers with the referee. Regal tells Zayn and Joe that he is going to have to go backstage and review the tape to decide who wins.

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