WWE NXT 11 02 2016

WWE NXT Results
Orlando, FL
November 2, 2016
Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Second Round Match: Rodrick Strong and Austin Aries vs TM61

Austin Aries comes to the ring in street clothes. Aries grabs a mic and informs the crowd that he is not cleared to compete due to his injured eye socket. Aries tells TM61 that he knows that they know that they are not as good as Aries and Strong so to save them the trouble they should just forfeit. Regal walks out on the ramp and orders a singles match between Strong and a member of TM61. The winner of this match’s team will go on in the tourney.

Winner- No Contest

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Second Round Match: Roderick Strong vs Shane Thorne

Strong locks in an armbar, but Thorne flips out of it. Strong hits the ropes but eats a leg lariat from Thorne. Standing moonsault by Thorne for a two count. Thorne goes up top, but Strong surprises him with a sick kick. Strong back breakers Thorne onto the top rope. Thorne tumbles to the outside of the ring.

After a short break, Strong chops Thorne in the chest. Strong picks up Thorne for a back breaker, but Thorne reverses it into a dropkick. Thorne and strong trade chops and European uppercuts. Throne whips Strong into the corner. Thorne attempts a running leg lariat, but Strong catches Thorne midair and destroys him with a back breaker. Strong sets up a top rope superplex, but Throne fights out of it. Strong’s foot is caught in the ropes. Thorne hits a hangman’s double foot stomp for a near fall. Strong catches Thorne with a high knee and drops him with an inverted flapjack. Thorne manages to kick out.

Strong picks up Thorne and lands multiple elbows. Strong tries to hit the ropes, but Thorne grabs his arm and short arm clotheslines him. Thorne lifts up Strong and falcon arrows him for another near fall. Thorne follows that with the last ride powerbomb. Aries distracts the Referee while Thorne tries to cover Strong. Strong obliterates Thorne with a jumping high knee. Thorne kicks out. Strong gets distracted by Aries, which allows Throne to roll him up with a small package for the win!

Winner- Shane Thorne

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Second Round Match: DIY vs The Revival

Scott Dawson comes out on crutches. Dawson has a knee injury, which means Revival is out of the tournament.

Winners- DIY (forfeit)

Backstage, DIY says they are not surprised by what just happened. Their goal when they first came to NXT was to win the Dusty Classic. They are going to win this tournament, then the are going to win the tag titles.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Second Round Match: Rich Swann and No Way Jose vs The Authors of Pain

Akum forces Jose into the corner. Jose tries to headlock take over Akum. Akum swats him away. Akum charges Jose, but Jose moves out the way. Akum runs over Jose. Jose surprises Akum with a school boy for a one count Jose tags in Swann. Jose pick up Swann and throws him onto Akum. Jose whips Swann down so he can take him over with a hurricanrana. Akum tags in Razar. Swann punches Razar in the face. Razar shrugs it off. Swann leaps at Razar, but gets caught in a bearhug. Swann hits a high dropkick that almost get Razar off his feet. Razar charges Swann, but Swann leapfrogs over him. Razar falls through the ropes. Swann attempts to dive onto both Authors of Pain, but they catch him. Jose goes up top and dives on top of everyone!

Back in the ring, Akum picks up Swann and tosses him to Razar. Razar slams Swann into the corner, before running him over with a splash in the corner. Razar picks up Swann and locks in a Canadian backbreaker. Swann wiggles out of it and superkicks Razar. Razar tags in Akum. Swann enziguris Akum then tags in Jose. Jose hits a TKO on Akum for a two count. Razar throws Swann head first into the steel ring steps. Jose is trying to check on Swann, which allows the Authors of Pain to hit their finish for the win.

Winners- The Authors of Pain

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Second Round Match: TJ Perkins and Kota Ibushi vs SAnity

Wolfe and Ibushi start the match off. Wolfe grabs a side headlock, which brings Ibushi to his knees. Ibushi floors Wolfe with a dropkick. Ibushi whips Wolfe into the ropes and tags in TJP. TJP tries to splash Wolfe, but Wolfe catches him. TJP turns Wolfe’s slam attempt into a roll up. Wolfe kicks out, but TJP transitions into a knee bar. Wolfe scurries to his corner to tag in Fulton. TJP rolls up Fulton and put him in the knee bar. Fulton also quickly gets back to his corner to tag Wolfe back in. TJP and Ibushi send Wolfe to the outside.

After the break, Ibushi is kicking Fulton in the corner. Ibushi tags in TJP, who punches Fulton over and over again. TJP and Ibushi double dropkick Fulton. Wolfe hits the ring but eats a drop toe hold into a basement dropkick by TJP and Ibushi. Wolfe rolls to the outside. Ibushi hits the triangle moonsault. TJP tries to splash Fulton on the other side of the ring, but Fulton catches him slams him on the apron. Wolfe and Fulton take turns working over TJP. Fulton locks in a bearhug on TJP. TJP manages to tag in Ibushi, who tries to kick Wolfe and Fulton’s heads off. Ibushi hits the Golden Star powerbomb on Wolfe, but Young and Cross distract the Referee. Fulton breaks up the pin. Fulton and Wolfe hit their finish for the win.

Winners- SAnity

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