WWE NXT 03 16 2016

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March 16th 2016
Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Sami Zayn is out to kick off tonight’s episode of NXT. Zayn says last week he didn’t just have a match with Samoa Joe, he had a war with Samoa Joe. Zayn says he isn’t the least bit embarrassed and can say Joe was the better man that night. Zayn says no matter what his goal has not changed; he is going to be the first two-time NXT champion. Takeover Dallas is WrestleMania weekend and it is going to steal the show. Before Zayn can finish his thought William Regal interrupts him. Regal says Zayn is right. Zayn deserves to face the best competition. Regal directs Zayn to watch the video screen. Shinsuke Nakamura appears on the screen and tells Zayn that he will see him in Dallas.

The Hype Bros. vs Angelo Dawkins and Kenneth Crawford

Rawley and Crawford lock up, but Rawley tosses Crawford across the ring. Dawkins tags in and gets toss across the ring as well. Rawley slams Dawkins and tags in Ryder. Ryder lands a middle rope dropkick followed by a Stinger splash. Dawkins retreats to the outside. Ryder baseball slides both Crawford and Dawkins. Dawkins trips Ryder on the apron and manages a bit of offense before Rawley tags in and takes out both Crawford and Dawkins. The Hype Bros. hit the Hype Ryder for the win.

Winners- The Hype Bros.

Backstage Emma and Dana Brooke are walking and talking. They run into Deonna Purrazzo. They make fun of her for loosing to Asuka last week. Purrazzo tells Emma that she is going to beat her this week. Brooke pats Purrazzo on the head and walks away.

Emma vs Deonna Purrazzo

Emma pushes Deonna. Deonna pushes her back. Emma traps Deonna in the corner and pounds on her. Emma whips Deonna over by her hair, and then stands on her hair as she pulls her arms. Emma sets up for a butterfly suplex, but Deonna tries to fight out of it. Emma clotheslines Deonna out of her boots. Emma sets Deonna up in the tree of woe. After a few kicks to the gut Emma lands the Emma-mite sandwich in the corner.

Emma puts her foot on Deonna chest for a pin but Deonna kicks out. Deonna lands a few strikes and a high knee to Emma’s face. Deonna traps Emma in the corner. Deonna tries a clothesline in the corner, but Emma moves out of the way and slaps on the tarantula. Emma puts the Emma-lock on Deonna and she has no choice but to tap out.

Winner- Emma

Tommaso Ciampa vs Jesse Sorensen

Ciampa pushed Sorensen in the corner and knees him over and over again. Ciampa lands a running knee to Sorensen’s face. Ciampa calls for a powerbomb, but Sorensen flips out of it. Ciampa manages to ducks Sorensen’s attack and respond with a discuss clothesline. Ciampa hits the ropes, but Sorensen surprises him with a high angle drop kick to the face. Sorensen goes for the ten-punch combo in the corner, but Ciampa grabs Sorensen’s head and traps it between his legs and the turnbuckle. Ciampa rears back and knees Sorensen right in the face. Ciampa locks in his modified arm bar for the win.

Winner- Tommaso Ciampa

Nia Jax and Eva Marie vs Asuka and Bayley

Nia and Bayley lock up. Nia tosses Bayley into her corner and tags in Eva. Bayley takes down Eva and rides her back. Bayley tags in Asuka. Eva slaps Asuka in the face. Asuka drops Eva with a strike to the face followed by multiple kicks to Eva’s chest. Bayley tags in and whips Eva into the ropes. Eva tags Nia when Bayley isn’t looking. Bayley floors Eva with a shoulder block. Bayley turns around and walks right into a Samoan drop by Nia.

Eva tags back in and knocks Bayley to the mat. Eva for some ungodly reason walks over to Asuka and slaps her in the face. Bayley grabs Eva and back suplexes her. Nia tries to break up Bayley’s pin with her patented leg drop, but Bayley moves out of the way and Nia leg drops Eva! Bayley drops kicks Nia out of the ring. Eva moves too close to the wrong corner, which allow Asuka to kick Eva in the back of the head. Eva stumbles towards Bayley. Bayley hits the Bayley-to-belly for the win.

Winner- Bayley and Asuka

After the match Regal comes out on the ramp and tells Bayley that at Takeover Dallas she will defend the NXT women’s title against Asuka.

American Alpha vs The Vaudevillains

Gable and Gotch start the match off. Gable quickly takes Gable down to the mat. Gotch tries to fight out of a waist lock, but Gable flips over and slaps on an arm bar. Gable drops Gotch down to the mat and transitions into a leg lock. Gable grabs Gotch’s other leg, but Gotch kicks him in the head. Gotch tags in English. Gable arm drags English to the mat. Jordan gets in the ring and they double drop kick the Vaudevillains. Both Gotch and English tumble to the outside of the ring.

After a short break Gotch is working a headlock on Gable. English tags in and slaps on a headlock of his own. Gable tries to back English into his corner so he can tag in Jordan, but English cuts him off and tags in Gotch. Gotch and English take turns beating down Gable. Gable manages to tag in Jordan. Jordan drop kicks Gotcha and flapjacks English. Multiple suplexes by Jordan. Jordan whips English into the corner and calls for the American Alpha finish. Gotch pulls English out of the ring to break it up. Gable grabs English by the waist and hit chaos theory! Gotch breaks up the pin.

Gotch gets caught on the apron. Gable dropkicks him off the apron and he falls right into Jordan’s arms. Jordan belly-to-belly suplexes Gotch on the floor. Back in the ring English powerbombs Gable for a long two count. American Alpha hit their finish on English for the win!

Winners- American Alpha

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