WWE NXT 06 20 2018

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WWE NXT results, June 20, 2018: War Raiders’ path of destruction wipes out The Mighty

On the heels of a thrilling TakeOver: Chicago II, the NXT Tag Team and Women’s divisions saw two huge battles play out inside Chicago’s Allstate Arena. War Raiders introduced The Mighty to their brand of brute force, while the re-energized Dakota Kai attempted to stop the momentum of the dominant Bianca Belair.

Bianca Belair def. Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai gained immeasurable confidence by finally standing up to the bully of the NXT Women’s division, champion Shayna Baszler. Yet, even a reinvigorated Captain of Team Kick could not halt the momentum of the division’s fastest-rising competitor, Bianca Belair.

The kick-loving Kiwi dug deep into her arsenal to batter The EST of NXT with strikes. A world-traveled veteran, Kai also exploited the few discernable holes in Belair’s game, taking advantage of her arrogance and inexperience. Yet, despite Kai’s smart strategy, Belair’s physical dominance proved to be too much.

After avoiding Belair’s blistering hair whip late in the match, Kai threw a roundhouse kick, but Belair ducked the strike, leveled Kai with a forearm shiver and disposed of her with a torture rack into a facebuster to extend her impressive winning streak.

Can The EST of NXT be stopped?

War Raiders def. The Mighty

After proclaiming that all other teams in NXT (including War Raiders) would fall to them, The Mighty were anything but timid heading into action against the undefeated Rowe & Hanson. Shane Thorne & Nick Miller even dared to sucker-punch them before the match, which only infuriated the bearded brawlers.

Once the bell rang, War Raiders made The Mighty pay for their insolence, firing off a series of big hits. Thanks to a few clever, if underhanded, tricks, Thorne & Miller turned the tide, and for the first time since arriving to NXT, War Raiders found themselves on defense. The Mighty scored with finely-tuned tandem offense, and Thorne lit up Rowe with a textbook dropkick.

Hanson took over upon tagging back in, sending Thorne into the rafters with a huge back drop. He and Rowe then brought Thorne crashing to the mat with a pop-up powerslam, but Miller broke up the near-fall. After Hanson took out Miller with a gigantic suicide dive, he and Rowe regrouped to take down Thorne with the Fallout, dealing The Mighty a painful defeat.

The Mighty’s nasty tactics gave War Raiders a run for their money, but there appears to be no end in sight for Hanson & Rowe’s war path.