WWE NXT TakeOver – Chicago II 06 16 2018

NXT TakeOver Chicago II Results
June 16, 2018
Chicago, Illinois (AllState Arena)
Commentary: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
Results by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Video package on tonight’s top matches.

NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed ERA (“The Messiah of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong and “The Ambassador of Kick-assador” Kyle O’Reilly) (c’s) w/NXT North American Champion “The One” Adam Cole vs. Team One Two (“The Star Destroyer” Oney Lorcan and “The Guv’nor” Danny Burch)

Loud reaction for the champions in Chicago. O’Reilly with a big boot to Burch, but Burch takes out the leg countering a leapfrog. One Two suplexes Strong onto O’Reilly, stereo clotheslines send the champs outside. Crowd is not happy. Champions regroup. Back in, Lorcan and O’Reilly exchange hard strikes until the champions take control. One Two regains advantage with double-teams on Strong. Missile dropkick and a kip-up by Burch. Burch catches an O’Reilly PK, but allowing Strong to drill him with a Wrecking Ball Baseball Slide. Champions regain control, working over Burch. O’Reilly works a kneebar, then tags in Strong to break things up before Burch can counter. Strong with a backbreaker, then O’Reilly works in hard strikes from the mount, smothering Burch. Burch blocks ARMageddon and gets to the ropes. Burch fights back, but Strong lambasts him with a dropkick for 2. Burch fights back and drops O’Reilly with a dropkick.

Lorcan and Strong in off the hot tag, Lorcan fires away, much to the crowd’s dismay. Lorcan takes Strong’s head off with a lariat and a running uppercut. O’Reilly sent outside with a dropkick, then Lorcan wipes out the champions with a somersault plancha! “NXT” chants. Half & Half to Strong, followed by a running basement uppercut for a close 2. Back in, champions fight back, but Lorcan hits him with a Double Blockbuster. Assisted Spike DDT by One Two for another close 2 as O’Reilly breaks up the pin. O’Reilly stops another double team and sends Lorcan crashing off the apron. Strong with the toe kick/enziguri combo, then O’Reilly hits his series of strikes. Burch fires back, but O’Reilly with a brainbuster for 2, then switches into ARMageddon. Burch tries to hang on to his grip, but can’t, but somehow makes the ropes. Strong with a running knee, Olympic Faceplant, then O’Reilly with a PK for a close 2. Burch stops a double-team and sends O’Reilly onto Strong outside. Lorcan in, double blockbuster to the champions outside. Doomsday Uppercut by One Two on O’Reilly, but Cole pulls O’Reilly out before 3! Referee ejects Cole from ringside. Crowd chants “BS” at that. One Two go again for the Spike DDT, but Strong stops it and sends Burch into the announce table. Guillotine applied by O’Reilly on Lorcan, but he counters out with a Northern Lights. Lorcan with a chopblock to Strong, then a powerbomb for 2. Half crab applied, then refuses to break when O’Reilly nails him. Burch with a crossface on O’Reilly. O’Reilly kicks Lorcan off while in the crossface to break the submissions. One Two tell the champions to bring it and they go Frye-Takayama at each other. Lorcan with his slaps to O’Reilly, but Strong with a leaping knee. Axe and Smash by O’Reilly, then a High/Low by the champions to retain the titles.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: The Undisputed ERA by pinfall (High/Low)

Lars Sullivan prepares backstage for his title match.

Kairi Sane is shown in the front row.

Video package on how we got to Ricochet against The Velveteen Dream.

Special Single Match: “The One and Only” Ricochet vs. The Velveteen Dream

Velveteen rocking a Hulk Hogan-inspired outfit, complete with feather boa, bandanna and doing all of Hogan’s mannerisms for his entrance. The outfit also looks a lot like Ricochet’s old Prince Puma attire from Lucha Underground.

Staredown from the two as the bell sounds, dueling chants for both by Chicago. Chain wrestling early. Ricochet kips out of a headscissors takeover, tiger flip, handstands and backflips to avoid Dream and we have a stalemate. Exchange of slaps, then Ricochet with a backflip headscissors and a dropkick. Dream stops a springboard and sends Ricochet crashing hard outside. Dream takes control. Dream with a hot-shot, then hits one of Ricochet’s signatures and mocks his pose. Dream with a Rude Awakening variation for 2. Dream shoves Ricochet hard outside. Dream then wipes out Ricochet with a Spring-Out Somersault Plancha! Back in, Dream gets 2. Ricochet fights back, but Dream avoids an enziguri. Ricochet with a Roll-Through Dropkick, sending Dream outside. Tope Suicida by Ricochet wipes out Dream, then Ricochet with a Fosbury Flop! Back in, Ricochet with a corner running uppercut, a 619 and a springboard uppercut for 2. Ricochet with a running neckbreaker and a running shooting star press for another 2. Dream avoids the Benadryller and sends Ricochet outside. Ricochet heads back up top, but Dream crotches him. Dream knocked off the ropes, then they both head up top, but Dream grabs him and hits an Avalanche Rolling DVD for a close 2! Dream heads up top, but Ricochet stops him. They head back up top as Ricochet goes to grab Dream, but Dream counters with a Suplex from the apron to the outside! Both men barely get back in before the count of 10. Dream avoids a shot by Ricochet and hits the Rolling DVD for a close 2. Exchange of strikes until Dream goes for his Sister Abigail-DDT variation, but Ricochet blocks him. Dream with a superkick, Ricochet with a pump kick. Ricochet avoids a shot off the middle rope by Dream and turns him inside out with a lariat. Dream responds with his DDT for another close 2. Both men down as the crowd is on their feet, giving both guys an ovation. Dream talks trash to Ricochet, saying he belongs in a bingo hall and Dream is a wrestling god. Ricochet hits Dream’s own Rolling DVD, then heads up top, mocks Dream’s pose and does his own Purple Rainmaker, but Dream kicks out! Ricochet heads back up top for the 630, but Dream rolls away. Ricochet goes for a Shooting Star Press, but Dream gets the knees up and covers for another close 2. Dream heads up top as Ricochet is across the ring. Dream goes for Purple Rainmaker, but Ricochet avoids it! Dream grabs his arm as Ricochet heads back up top and hits the 630 across Dream’s back for the win. WOW!!

Winner: “The One and Only” Ricochet by pinfall (The 630)

Tommaso Ciampa shown backstage.

Video package on how we got to the NXT Women’s Championship Match.

NXT Women’s Championship: “The Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Nikki Cross

Pre-match intros here. Cross is unfazed by Baszler’s tactics, constantly yelling at her to “do it”, pacing back and forth. Baszler has no idea what to think of Cross. Cross turns her back to Baszler, daring her to come after her. Cross goes for a sleeper, but Baszler gets out. Baszler goes for the Kirafuda Clutch, but Cross quickly gets out and sends Baszler outside. Cross trips up Baszler on the apron, then traps her in the ring skirt and unloads with shots. Cross again goes for a sleeper outside, but Baszler drives her down across the rampway to break free. Back in, Baszler drills Cross with a knee strike for 2. Baszler unloads with shots from the mount, then grinds her forearm across Cross’s face. Cross fires back, but Baszler with another hard knee strike. Another one, but Cross seems to like it and dares Baszler to hit her again. Cross catches a kick, then counters the Kirafuda Clutch with a back suplex. Cross with a Thesz Press and unloads with shots. Cross unloads with stomps in the corner, then kicks to the back. Top Rope Crossbody by Cross for 2. Cross with the Apron Reverse DDT for 2. Baszler comes back with another hard knee strike for 2. Cross with a Draping Neckbreaker, but Baszler gets her foot on the bottom rope. Baszler counters a crucifix into the Kirafuda Clutch. Cross is fighting it, but begins smiling while in the hold! Cross begins fading and is out, referee stops it.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: “The Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler via referee stoppage

EC3 is shown in the front row, as well as new NXT signee Keith Lee.

Video package on how we got to the NXT Championship Match.

NXT Championship: Aleister Black (c) vs. “The Walking Boulder” Lars Sullivan

Pre-match intros here. Staredown as the bell sounds. Black peppers Lars with strikes, then again catches Black Mass from Black. Big boot by Black sends Lars outside. Series of shots by Black, but Lars does not go down. Lars avoids an Apron PK, but not an Apron Meteora from Black. Back in, Lars with clubbing blows knocking down Black. Black responds with a leaping knee for only 1. Black goes for a Fujiwara Armbar, but Lars shoves him off and goozle throws Black into the corner. Lars twists Black’s wrist on the apron and brings him back in. Black slips out, but Lars with a body attack sending Black outside. Lars sent into the ringpost, but catches Black’s Orihara Moonsault off the middle rope and Snake Eyes him onto the apron, then sends him into the barricade. Back in, Lars with a corner running avalanche for 2. Lars with crossface shots and gets another 2. Chinlock applied. Black fights back, but Lars cuts him off. Lars blocks a roll-up and hits a big front slam for 2. Lars yells “Is this your champion?” and trash talks Black. Black fights back, but it has no effect on Lars. Lars with a Pop-Up Powerslam for a close 2. Lars is getting frustrated, having words with the official. Lars heads up top, but Black stops him with a boot. Lars crotches Black and clotheslines him off the ropes. Lars heads back up top, but Black hits him with a knee to the head as he was going for a headbutt. Black fires back with strikes, but Lars won’t go down until Black sweeps out the leg, then hits a sliding kick. Black with a push kick and a head kick to Lars, followed by a Springboard Moonsault Press for 2. Black brings up Lars with his boot, but Lars blocks Black Mass and chopblocks Black’s leg. Black comes back with a big boot, but Lars goes back to the leg and locks in a Standing Stretch Muffler, almost a variation of the Brock Lock. Black counters out with a pin attempt for a close 2. Black then counters the Freak Accident with a DDT. Lars rolls out to the apron and goozles Black, then drills him with a clubbing blow to the head. They fight on the apron as Black with push kicks, but then Lars with a Pop-Up Powerslam on the apron! Back in, Lars heads up top and this time hits the Bam Bam-style headbutt for a close 2. Black avoids another chopblock with a double stomp to the black, then hits Black Mass, but Lars kicks out! Black can’t believe it! Lars catches another Black Mass and turns Black inside out with a lariat. Black avoids the Freak Accident and hits a Step-Up Knee, then another Black Mass, but Lars is quickly getting back up. Third Black Mass by Black to retain the title.

Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Aleister Black by pinfall (Black Mass)

Video package on how we got to the main event.

As Gargano is heading to the entrance-way, his wife Candice LeRae stops him and hands Gargano a crutch, telling her husband to kick Ciampa’s ass.

Main Event in a Street Fight: “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano vs. “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa

Both men wearing non-wrestling gear, this is “Come as You Are” Street Fight style here. Both men come out with crutches and brawl early. Gargano with a rolling senton off the apron, then sends Ciampa across the announce table. They brawl into the crowd, where Gargano unwraps a fan’s sign of his emoji symbol to reveal a stop sign, which he lambasts Ciampa with. Gargano leaps off a perch in the crowd and wipes out Ciampa with a crossbody. They head back to ringside and the ring where Gargano grabs a trash can and a lid, as well as a chair. Ciampa counters a lid shot with a German. Ciampa with Rolling Germans now, but Gargano counters with a German of his own, followed by a tope suicida outside. Ciampa sent into the steps, but he comes back with a Running Knockout Knee. Gargano sent flipping into the barricade, then Ciampa sets up the steps. Ciampa now with a trash can, a lid and a chair. Ciampa with a chairshot to the ribs, then neckties Gargano with the chair and sends him off the steps. Ciampa drives the trash can across Gargano’s back, then sandwiches Gargano’s head against the steps and lawndarts the can into him. Back in, Ciampa chokes Gargano with his t-shirt, then guillotines him across the bottom turnbuckle. Ciampa gets handcuffs, but Gargano fights him off. Gargano with the Slingshot Spear, then takes off his belt and whips Ciampa with it, as the crowd chants “You Deserve It”. Gargano with a left hand with the belt wrapped around his fist. Gargano places the trash can over Ciampa and hits the Meet in the Middle Basement Superkick. Ciampa avoids the Lawndart and rakes the eyes, then hits Project Ciampa, followed by a lid-assisted Running Knockout Knee for a close 2. Another lid-assisted Running Knockout Knee as they go to the apron. Ciampa goes for the Air Raid Crash off the apron, but Gargano blocks it. Gargano with elbows, but Ciampa comes back with the Air Raid Crash onto the steps! Back in, Ciampa gets a close 2. Ciampa grabs bolt cutters from under the ring and takes apart the ring canvas, exposing the wood underneath. Ciampa with a chairshot to the back, then waves goodbye to Gargano. hey head up top as Ciampa looks for the Avalanche Air Raid Crash onto the exposed wood, biting Gargano. Gargano gets free and goes for a Sunset Bomb, but Ciampa blocks it. Gargano with Cheeky Nandos, then they exchange strikes until Gargano with an enziguri, followed by a lid shot. Superkick by Gargano, then another lid shot for a close 2. Ciampa rolls outside, but drills Gargano on the way down with a lid shot to the head as Gargano was going for a slingshot plancha. Gargano is by the steps, but avoids Ciampa’s Running Knockout Knee against the steps, injuring his surgically-repaired knee. Gargano unloads with shots to the injured knee, followed by multiple chairshots to it. Ciampa kicks Gargano off into the wedged trash can in the corner. Ciampa locks in Gargano’s own Garga-No Escape, but Gargano grabs the crutch. Ciampa tries to do the same thing Gargano did to him in New Orleans, but Gargano blocks it. Ciampa then responds with 12-6 elbows to the head. Another knee strike by Ciampa, then he drills Gargano in the neck with the crutch for another close 2. They head outside as Ciampa brings Gargano to the entrance-way, ala last year in Chicago. Ciampa yells at Gargano, telling him to say bye to his wife, sending him into the LED board, followed by another running Knockout Knee. Ciampa yells that its not enough to the official. Ciampa brings Gargano on top of tool boxes ala last year, setting up for another Air Raid Crash through the table. Ciampa removes Gargano’s wedding ring and spits on it, then chucks it aside. Gargano then counters Ciampa and does Ciampa’s own Air Raid Crash off the tool boxes through the table! Referee is calling for help as medics attend to Ciampa. Gargano is on the tool box as they continue to tend to Ciampa, fitting him for a neck brace as a stretcher comes out. Gargano stares down at Ciampa, who is bleeding from his arm. Ciampa is put on the stretcher as Gargano eyes him down. Gargano now sees that his wedding ring is no longer there. Gargano stops them from taking away Ciampa on the stretcher, shoving down medics. Gargano drags the stretcher back down to the ring as Ciampa is begging off. Gargano unloads with shots and locks in the Garga-No Escape, but attendants pull Gargano off. Gargano knocks down the attendants and now has the handcuffs, putting them on Ciampa behind his back. Gargano repeatredly drills Ciampa with basement superkick, then re-locks in the Garga-No Escape. Several attendants come out to pull Gargano off, but he gets free and fights them all off. Ciampa then comes back with a Draping DDT onto the exposed wood for the win. WOW!!!

Winner:”The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall (Draping DDT onto exposed wood)

Gargano is attended to by medics after as Ciampa waves bye to him as the show closes.