WWE NXT TakeOver – War Games 2018

NXT TakeOver: WarGames II Results
November 17, 2018
Los Angeles, California
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
Results by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

A video package opens the show focusing on the return of WarGames tonight.

Mauro Ranallo is the first to welcome us to the show tonight in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. He is joined by Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness at ringside tonight.

“BRO” hits on the speakers. Here comes Matt Riddle, who just debuted in NXT. Riddle gets a good reaction from the crowd. He grabs a mic. A loud “BRO” chant starts up. “Bro. So, I’m not scheduled to have a match tonight on TakeOver. But if you watched the Kickoff Show, a certain somehow, a certain Kassius Ohno, interrupted me.” Riddle said they are scheduled to wrestle next Wednesday on NXT, but he said we are chilling in L.A. and we have two rings down here and “I’ll knock you out in both of them, bro.”

Here comes Kassius Ohno with a mic in hand. Ohno said Riddle is too stupid to know he shouldn’t be out here right now. He says Riddle is too stupid to know he’s not ready for TakeOver. Ohno suggests the referee rings the bell and hopes Riddle enjoys the moment, because he won’t be able to remember it after he knocks him out “bro.”

Matt Riddle vs. Kassius Ohno

Ohno slides in. Riddle with a high knee to Ohno, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall!

Winner: Matt Riddle

Riddle picks up the victory in seconds. He jumps up on the top turnbuckle and starts celebrating immediately. Ohno is already struggling to try and get to his feet.

NXT Women’s Championship
Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match
Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Kairi Sane

We get ring introductions for the challenger Sane and champion Baszler.

The bell rings and Sane goes after Baszler in the corner immediately. Sane catches Baszler with repeated swinging neckbreakers. Sane throws repeated chops as well and connects with her sliding clothesline. Sane catches Baszler with a flying elbow off the apron. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir show up at ringside with the referee distracted. They get in cheap shots on Sane. Baszler gets the rear naked choke applied. Sane taps.

Winner of Fall #1: Shayna Baszler

Baszler is going for the rear naked choke again. She has Sane down. Sane is trying to roll through and gets to the bottom rope with her boot. Baszler is forced to break the submission. Baszler blocks kicks from Sane and gets her down in a single leg Boston Crab. Baszler with a big stomp over Sane breaking the submission. Baszler connects with a big kick to the back of Sane. Baszler is wrenching the neck of Sane. Sane with a few pinfall attempts ending in two counts. Sane with body shots to Baszler in the corner. Sane is throwing some powerful slaps at Baszler. Baszler with a clothesline to break it up. Baszler tries to drop Sane over the ring apron, but Sane counters into a spike DDT! Duke and Shafir immediately check on Baszler. Sane goes up to the top turnbuckle and takes out Baszler, Duke and Shafir with a flying elbow! Sane quickly tosses Baszler back inside the ring. Sane goes up top and connects with her flying elbow over Baszler to get the pin.

Winner of Fall #2: Kairi Sane

Sane with repeated spears connecting on Baszler three times. Sane is going up top. Baszler cuts her off with elbows. Sane with a sunset flip powerbomb on Baszler from the corner for a close two count. Sane plants Baszler with an Alabama Slam. Duke distracts the referee allowing Shafir to toss Sane off the top rope. Dakota Kai runs out and attacks Duke and Shafir. Shafir and Duke eventually overwhelm her at ringside. Here comes Io Shirai. She connects with a moonsault off the top rope over Shafir, Duke and Kai. Back inside the ring, Sane connects with her flying elbow. Baszler counters getting the shoulders of Sane down on the mat and picks up the pinfall to retain her title.

Winner of Fall #3: Shayna Baszler

Winner and still NXT Women’s Champion: Shayna Baszler

A video package runs hyping Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano tonight.

Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano

Gargano walks forward and slaps Black. Black responds with a big kick to the face. Gargano tosses Black out. Gargano jumps over the top rope and eats a big kick from Black. Back inside, Black is throwing shots and Gargano is avoiding everything. Gargano is smiling as he sits down and mocks Black. Gargano with a roll through and kick to the back of Black. Black with a big knee when Gargano tries more counters to the striking. Black with body shots and a big knee to the jaw of Gargano. Black teases jumping out, flips backwards off the second rope, sits down and Gargano immediately catches him with a kick to the head. They are going at an incredible pace right now. Gargano with a modified surfboard submission on Black. Gargano with jabs and chops to Black in the corner. Black catches Gargano with a knee to the mid section. Black catches Gargano with a big boot and then catches him with a big dive over the top rope. Back inside, Black with a sweep and a huge second rope moonsault that catches Gargano. Gargano avoids another moonsault from Black and plants Black with a big DDT on the floor. Gargano jumps in and catches Black with a slingshot DDT for a close two count. Black with a spinning back elbow, Gargano with a kick to the head, Black with a big boot, Gargano with a superkick and both are now attempting clotheslines on each other. Gargano with a spike huricanrana, but Black immediately responds with a flying knee. Both men are down! Black big boots Gargano into the ropes of the other ring, catches Gargano with double knees and then a german suplex into a bridge for a two count. Gargano has the Gargano Escape applied. Black breaks it up. Gargano launches Black face first into the second turnbuckle off his shoulders. Black is telling Gargano to bring it as he takes a seat in the middle of the ring. Black avoids the knee, eats a kick from Gargano and then a knee from Gargano. Black kicks out. Black and Gargano exchange elbows. Black catches Gargano flush with a knee. Gargano sends Black over the top rope, hits the ropes, attempts a suicide dive and Black blasts him with a knee! Back inside, Gargano Escape is applied. Black is close to the ropes. Gargano rolls through keeping the submission locked on Black in the middle of the ring. Black rolls out and hits a spinning knee to the face of Gargano. Black pulls down his knee pad. Black with a step up knee to the jaw of Gargano. Black Mass connects on Gargano. Black is holding up a lifeless Gargano using his feet. Second Black Mass. Black gets the pinfall.

Winner: Aleister Black

We get ring introductions for the challenger Dream and champion Ciampa.

Lock up and Dream immediately pushes Ciampa to the corner. Ciampa with a takedown. Dream gets the back of Ciampa and slaps his head. Ciampa messes with the hair of Dream. Dream slaps him back. Dream avoids Ciampa early and backs to the corner. Ciampa pulled off Dream’s “Hollywood” sweat band and did the Hulk Hogan ear pose. Dream grabs the NXT Championship at ringside and Ciampa freaks out. Ciampa runs out, grabs the title and places it back over the announce table. Back inside, Dream plants Ciampa with a scoop slam, standing dropkick and then drops Ciampa jaw first over the top rope. Dream comes off the top rope with a shot and then takes back his “Hollywood” band putting it back on. Dream with a double axe handle shot off the top to Ciampa on the outside. Ciampa then dumps Dream to the outside when he tries to go back up top. Back inside, Ciampa catches Dream with a knee to the face using his knee brace! Dream appears to be out. Ciampa with an elbow to Dream and then drops him over the top rope. Ciampa gets Dream up on the Spanish announce table and kicks him in the face. Back inside, Ciampa with a powerful snapmare and headlock applied to keep Dream grounded. Dream powers out and connects with a neckbreaker. Dream with right hands, big boot, hits the ropes and connects with a leg drop. Dream with a second leg drop. Dream with a third leg drop. Dream is hulking up and plants Ciampa with a spinebuster for a two count. Dream leaps over the top rope and catches Ciampa. Back inside, Ciampa rolls away when Dream goes up top. Ciampa dumps Dream out of the ring. Dream drops the repaired knee of Ciampa over the ring apron. Dream gets a Sharpshooter applied on Ciampa over the steel ring post! The referee jumps out to get Dream to break it up. As the referee does this, we see Ciampa tap out. The referee didn’t see it. Back inside, Dream gets the Figure Four applied. Ciampa breaks free. Dream with a suplex to Ciampa over the top rope, but Ciampa brings Dream with him going over! Gargano is loosening up his right boot and favoring his knee. Back inside, Ciampa tries rolling up Dream holding the tights and the referee sees it stopping the pin. Dream with a kick to the head. Rolling Death Valley Driver by Dream on Ciampa for a very close two count. Project Ciampa connects on Dream. Dream gets a shoulder up. Ciampa is favoring his knee, leaves the ring and grabs his title. Ciampa slides in with the title. The referee tries to take it. Roll up by Dream for two. Dream with a DDT on Ciampa over the championship in front of the referee. The referee isn’t stopping the match. Dream covers and Ciampa somehow kicks out. Dream goes up top, Ciampa gets a boot up and kicks Dream outside. Dream is up on the ring apron. Ciampa with a DDT on Dream through the ropes. Dream somehow kicks out! Ciampa leaves the ring and is starting to expose the floor. Dream slides out and tackles Ciampa over the announce table. Ciampa throws something in the face of Mauro Ranallo at ringside. Dream with a Death Valley Driver on the floor! Dream tosses Ciampa back in. Dream off the top rope with a flying elbow that connects. Dream hooks the leg and Ciampa powers out. Dream goes back up top and misses an elbow over Ciampa who was hanging over the bottom rope. Ciampa tosses Dream back inside. Ciampa with a DDT on Dream over the steel middle between the two rings for WarGames tonight. Ciampa hooks the legs and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still NXT Champion: Tommaso Ciampa

It’s time for WarGames. The sirens are going off as the cages lower around both rings.

A video package runs hyping tonight’s WarGames main event.

WarGames Match
NXT North American Champion Ricochet, WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne and The War Raiders vs. The Undisputed Era (NXT Tag Team Champions Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly, Adam Cole and Bobby Fish)

The match will begin with Adam Cole vs. NXT North American Champion Ricochet.

WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne, The War Raiders, NXT Tag Team Champions Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish will remain in the cages for now.

Mauro Ranallo reminds us WarGames hasn’t officially started just yet until everyone enters the two rings and inside the two steel cages tonight.

The bell rings and Cole invites Ricochet to join him in the second ring. We are counting down from 5 minutes in the corner as Cole baits Ricochet with shots. Ricochet fires back with uppercuts to Cole in the corner. Cole gets double knees up when Ricochet leaps backwards from the corner. Cole rakes the face of Ricochet across the steel cage. Ricochet connects with a big dropkick that sends Cole launching backwards.

Time expires. Kyle O’Reilly is out of one of the cages first. 3 minutes is counting down as O’Reilly mounts Ricochet dropping elbows and knees into Ricochet. Ricochet is fighting off Cole and O’Reilly with elbows standing in the middle between both legs. O’Reilly with a dragon screw working over the leg of Ricochet and throws an added kick.

Time expires. Hanson of The War Raiders is now legal. Hanson with a kick to Cole and side slam to O’Reilly. Hanson splashes over O’Reilly and plants Cole. Hanson with a cartwheel and clothesline combo that levels Cole. Hanson with repeated clotheslines to Cole and O’Reilly. Hanson tosses O’Reilly into Cole and hits a Bronco Buster on both.

Time expires. Roderick Strong is now legal. Strong goes right at Ricochet and Hanson. Strong with a huge dropkick and step up knee to Ricochet. Strong drops Ricochet repeatedly over his knee and then hits a torture rack into double knees! O’Reilly with an axe kick and forearm smash to Hanson. Undisputed Era is now standing tall.

Time expires. Rowe of The War Raiders is now legal. Rowe plants Strong with an overhead suplex, drops O’Reilly with a gut buster and then a huge knee to Cole! Rowe levels Strong with a big elbow. Rowe powerbombs and plants Strong and O’Reilly down at the same time! The War Raiders are now the ones dominating with time still counting down.

Time expires. Bobby Fish is now legal and runs over to the other cage holding Pete Dunne. Fish kicks Dunne and pulls him into the cage. Fish adds another lock to Dunne’s cage. Fish throws that key into the audience and runs down putting weapons inside the ring. Fish and O’Reilly crack chairs over Hanson, Rowe and Ricochet.

Time expires. The referee uses a key on the first lock and then says the key doesn’t work for the second lock that Bobby Fish applied. The two WWE officials are trying to figure out how to let out Pete Dunne. The brawling continues inside the ring. Fish and Strong with superplexes to The War Raiders on opposite sides of the corners. Cole is standing on the top rope mocking Dunne yelling that the Undisputed Era runs this show. WWE officials are now running out with bolt cutters! Pete Dunne is now free. The Undisputed Era are keeping the cage door closed. Dunne grabs a kendo stick and cracks Fish and O’Reilly in the face with it over the cage. Cole is trying to block Dunne and gets hit. Dunne slams the cage door in the face of Strong. Dunne tosses a kendo stick inside. Ricochet off the top taking out the entire Undisputed Era with a cross body! Dunne tosses two trash cans inside and grabs a table from under the ring. Dunne puts two tables inside.

WarGames is now officially underway with Dunne entering the ring. Dunne is repeatedly hitting members of Undisputed Era with the kendo stick. Dunne has chains. War Raiders and Ricochet have kendo sticks and steel chairs as they hit Undisputed Era. Dunne works over the fingers of O’Reilly, including a stomp over his elbow to drive his fingers into the steel between both of the rings. Dunne drops Strong over O’Reilly. Cole with a knee to Dunne to break it up. Hanson kicks a steel chair into the face of O’Reilly. Rowe puts a trash can over Cole, lifts up Hanson and drives him into Cole into the trash can! Rowe slams Hanson over O’Reilly over the steel between the rings! Hanson jumps off the second rope and catches Strong with a clothesline when Rowe held him. O’Reilly and Fish are kicking away at Rowe, including double kicks to the head. Strong with double knees to Ricochet and Cole follows that up with a backstabber to Ricochet.

Undisputed Era are now surrounding Dunne. Dunne is getting the better of them with kicks to the head and elbows. Dunne gets a kneebar applied on Fish. O’Reilly breaks it up. O’Reilly has a chain and tries to wrap it around the ankle of Dunne. Dunne gets a kimura applied on O’Reilly, but Fish breaks it up with a chair shot. Undisputed Era is holding off the War Raiders and Ricochet with Dunne in the ankle lock from O’Reilly. Ricochet dives over catching Cole and Fish to break it up. Hanson launches Strong with a high back body drop into the other ring. Dunne with a big kick to Fish. Dunne launches Strong off the top, while Ricochet with a huricanrana to O’Reilly off the top rope as well. Hanson sets up a table. Rowe pops up Cole who is caught and planted by Hanson. Fish hits Rowe with a kendo stick. Fish then spears Rowe into the other table propped up against the cage! Cole is down in the tree of woe. Ricochet is punching O’Reilly over the other table.

O’Reilly has a triangle applied on Ricochet over the table. Hanson gets up on the top turnbuckle in the other ring, jumps and crashes over O’Reilly through the table! Cole is climbing to the top of the cage. Ricochet is now climbing up top with him. Mauro Ranallo reminds us that if anyone touches the floor, the cost the match for their time and WarGames is over. Cole and Ricochet exchange shots at the top of the cage. Strong is jumping up and trying to push Ricochet off the top to the floor. Dunne is hooking Cole from the top. We get a huge Tower of Doom off the side of the cage with everyone except Ricochet. Ricochet stands up and hits a crazy moonsault off the top rope over everyone from the top of the cage! The Undisputed Era are up in one ring, while Ricochet, Dunne and The War Raiders are up in the other ring. They all meet in the middle. Everyone is standing face to face in the middle of the ring over the steel floor and begin brawling!

Hanson with a top rope leg drop on Fish with help from Rowe. Strong blasts Rowe with a kick. Hanson with a flip back double elbow combo to Strong and O’Reilly. Cole catches Ricochet with a superkick. Dunne cracks the fingers of Cole. Cole counters into a DDT and high knee to Dunne. Cole covers Dunne and Dunne kicks out. Dunne plants Cole. Ricochet with a splash over Cole. Dunne and Ricochet cover Cole together to get the pinfall!

Winners: Ricochet, Pete Dunne and The War Raiders