WWE NXT 09 11 2019

WWE NXT Results
September 11, 2019
Winter Park, Florida
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A black SUV pulls up to Full Sail University. The driver gets out, goes to the back, and opens the door. Rhea Ripley steps out and walks toward the arena.

The NXT video plays, and we go into Full Sail University for the last episode of NXT before the move to two-hours on the USA Network.

Johnny Gargano will return to NXT tonight to address his future.

Damian Priest vs. Boa

They lock up, and Priest quickly powers Boa into the corner before giving a clean break. Priest goes for a cheap shot, but Boa ducks it and wags a finger at him. They lock up again, and Priest shoves him away. Boa kicks the leg and hits the ropes, but Priest shoulder blocks him down. Boa yells at him, so Priest shoves him and stomps him down. Priest sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Priest quickly kicks him back and hits a falcon arrow. Priest kicks Boa a few times before grabbing the ear. Boa gets fired up and kicks away at Priest before dropkicking him in the head. Boa gets pumped up and hits the ropes, but Priest clotheslines him down. Priest connects with a Cyclone Kick before finishing him off with The Reckoning for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Damian Priest

Velveteen Dream will defend his NXT North American Championship against Roderick Strong next week on NXT on the USA Network.

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Johnny Gargano addresses his NXT future

Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring to a big reception. A loud “Johnny Wrestling” chant picks up. Gargano looks like he really appreciates it. This chant goes on for quite a while without dying down. Gargano just takes it in. Gargano walks around and sits on the bottom rope while this chant just continues on and on. It’s been minutes now. Gargano finally speaks and says he told the people in the back that he wouldn’t be very long out here.

Gargano wants to talk to the people because he heard the rumors and read the reports. People want to know what the future holds for him. A “Please don’t go” chant fires up. Gargano says last time he was in this ring, he fell 20-feet from a Steel Cage. He woke up to people giving him a standing ovation and chanting, “Thank you, Johnny!” A “Thank you, Johnny” chant picks up. Gargano appreciates it and says thanks to the fans. There would be no Johnny Wrestling without the fans. They built the place together. Gargano says he absolutely loves everything about NXT. An “NXT” chant fires up. Gargano says he loves that the people in the back pour their hearts out and put on the absolute best professional wrestling show.

Gargano says he’s been here for a long time. A lot have come and gone, but they have a say in their future. They have a choice. Gargano says he’s made his choice. Gargano smiles and says the people have had his back since day one. Gargano says he is officially…

Shane Thorne interrupts Gargano. Thorne walks out to the stage to boos from the crowd. Thorne asks if all this is necessary. We don’t need more Johnny time. A “Johnny Wrestling” chant starts up again. Thorne shakes his head in disgust. Thorne gets in the ring and says he gets it. The crowd loudly boos him. Thorne says Gargano is a pillar of NXT. He is Johnny TakeOver. Thorne says this place will be just fine without Gargano. In fact with the right person in the spotlight it will be even better. Thorne tells Gargano to take a bow and take a walk.

Gargano turns to leave, but stops himself. Gargano says Thorne is right. He is NXT… and he isn’t going anywhere! Gargano then superkicks Thorne down! Gargano stands over Thorne and traces in the air “NXT for life.” Gargano poses on the turnbuckles before leaving the ring.

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A promo for The Forgotten Sons airs. They will be forgotten no more.

Pete Dunne vs. Angel Garza

They circle the ring before Dunne takes him down and applies a toe hold. Garza gets out and goes for a takedown, but Dunne blocks it. Dunne twists the fingers and lifts him up. Dunne takes him down and bends the finger back. Dunne then bends him for a two count. Garza takes him down and applies an arm hold, but Dunne gets out and kips up. They’re at a stalemate. Garza hooks a side headlock, but Dunne whips him off. Garza flips over him and leapfrogs him. Dunne then leapfrogs him and hits a clothesline. Dunne kicks him in the arm, bends the arm, and goes for a stomp, but Garza moves. Garza extends his hand, so Dunne grabs it. Garza pulls him out of the ring and takes his pants off. Dunne quickly shoves him out of the ring, but Garza soon comes back with a superkick while Dunne is upside down. Garza gets in the ring and looks for a count-out.

Garza attacks Dunne as he gets in the ring and chops the chest. Garza lays him on the turnbuckle and kicks the ribs. Dunne quickly twits the arm and sends him into the turnbuckle. Dunne chops at him, backflips over him, and hits a step-up enzuigiri. Dunne follows up with a release German Suplex and cocks his fist. Dunne double stomps the hands and kicks him in the head for a near fall. Dunne goes for a move, but Garza gets out and dropkicks him down. Dunne soon comes back with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Garza gets to his feet and rolls him up for a two count. Dunne boots him back, but Garza gets him on the ropes and dropkicks him for a near fall. Garza cannot believe it. Garza chops the chest, but Dunne comes back with some rapid kicks to the chest. Garza kicks him in the face and covers for a near fall. Garza punches away at him and pulls the hair. Dunne quickly rolls through, grabs the arms, and stomps him in the face. Dunne viciously kicks him in the head before punching and chopping him. Garza quickly comes back with a kick to the ribs. Garza goes for a springboard moonsault, but Dunne avoids it. Dunne then applies Joint Manipulation for the submission.

Winner by Submission: Pete Dunne

Rhea Ripley is shown pacing backstage. She’ll face NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler in a non-title match later tonight.

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The Street Profits are shown in Central Park. They put over going to Madison Square Garden this week. Angelo Dawkins says they’re just missing one thing. It hasn’t been the same without the Tag Team Championships. Having the titles in New York City would be something the smoke couldn’t handle. Montez Ford says they should show up next week on NXT and take back the titles. Dawkins likes the idea. They then ask a New Yorker for directions to Madison Square Garden.

Raul Mendoza vs. Cameron Grimes

The bell rings, and Mendoza quickly wrenches the arm. Grimes fights up and takes him down. Mendoza does La Magistral and rolls him around a few times for a two count. Mendoza wrenches the arm, but Grimes sends him into the ropes. Mendoza does a cartwheel and slides through the legs before taking Grimes down. Mendoza chops the chest before having a whip to the corner reversed. Mendoza slips through the ropes, but Grimes dropkicks him to the floor. Grimes sends him into the ropes and clotheslines him down for a two count. Grimes then applies an arm bar. Mendoza fights up and shoves him to the corner, but Grimes takes him back down. Mendoza fights up, but Grimes takes him down. Mendoza fights back with a punch and a pair of dropkicks. Mendoza hits a running kick in the corner before going to the top rope and walking on it. Mendoza hits a missile dropkick and a standing shooting star press for a two count. Grimes holds the bottom rope to keep him back. Grimes punches him back, but Mendoza blocks a big kick. Mendoza hits an enzuigiri before charging. Grimes drops him on the apron, but Mendoza kicks him down. Mendoza goes to the top rope and jumps, but Grimes avoids the Phoenix Splash. Grimes connects with a leaping double stomp for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Cameron Grimes

NXT General Manager William Regal is in his office. Candice LeRae barges in and asks why he’s rewarding Io Shirai. Shirai is attacking everyone. Shirai might not make it to that triple threat. Regal doesn’t disagree, but he can change things. Regal makes the triple threat a 4-Way with the winner facing Shayna Baszler. If Rhea Ripley wins, it’ll become a 5-Way. LeRae says if she can get her hands on Shirai, he can put anyone in the match. She walks off.

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Video Package: Dakota Kai returns soon

Next week on the debut of WWE NXT on the USA Network will see Velveteen Dream defend the NXT North American Championship against Roderick Strong. That will take place on the first hour on the USA Network. On the second hour on the WWE Network, Matt Riddle will take on Killian Dain in a Street Fight.

Rhea Ripley vs. Shayna Baszler

This will be a non-title match. Baszler’s NXT Women’s Championship will not be on the line.

A “Rhea Ripley” chant kicks up at the sound of the bell. They lock up, and Baszler wrenches the left arm. Ripley quickly backs to the ropes and demands a break. Baszler goes for a cheap shot, but Ripley takes her down for a kick. Baszler quickly backs up in shock. Ripley wrenches the arm and takes Baszler down to her knees. Ripley goes for a slam, but Baszler slides out. Ripley avoids a Kirifuda Clutch and takes her down. Ripley clubs the back a few times before kicking her. Ripley shoulders her in the corner, but Baszler soon takes her down. Ripley quickly takes her down and goes for a big boot, but Baszler hangs her leg on the rope. Baszler quickly attacks the knee and picks up a two count. Baszler applies a front facelock and cinches it in. Ripley fights up and hits a back body drop. Baszler avoids a dropkick and goes for a Kirifuda Clutch, but Ripley backs her to the corner. Baszler sits on the top turnbuckle and applies a Kirifuda Clutch. Baszler drops her before being disqualified. Ripley then dropkicks her off the turnbuckle to the floor.

Ripley takes a moment to recover before going outside. Baszler tries to attack, but Ripley puts her in the electric chair and slams her onto the steel steps! Ripley gets her in the ring. Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke run in. Ripley kicks Shafir down and scares Duke away. Baszler then catches Ripley with a running knee. Duke puts a chair in the ring. Baszler grabs the chair, and the referee admonishes her. Ripley blocks a chair shot and cracks Baszler in the back with it for the disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification: Shayna Baszler

Rhea Ripley holds the chair, and the Horsewomen retreat. The ring announcer then states that Baszler is the winner, which draws boos from the crowd. Ripley sits in the chair, and Baszler yells at her. The crowd chants, “Rhea” as Baszler angrily looks on.

The Undisputed ERA are shown backstage. NXT Champion Adam Cole says they are the reason NXT is going to the USA Network. Cole says Roderick Strong will finally beat the Velveteen Dream to win the NXT North American Championship. Strong brags about burning Dream’s couch. Strong hated that couch and hates Dream. On September 18, he’ll take Dream out to fulfill the prophecy. Cole says when they have all the gold, no one on the planet will be able to stop them. That’s not a threat or a promise. It is undisputed.