WWE NXT 09 18 2019

WWE NXT Results
September 18, 2019
Winter Park, Florida
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Triple H appears on the screen. He says, “There are moments in life where everything can change in the blink of an eye. Tonight… don’t blink.” Triple H says they’ll show that they’re not the future. They’re the now. This is action, pride, undisputed, and damn sure unapologetic. We are not your kind. We are NXT!

Triple H walks out onto the stage to a HUGE ovation. Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the show as a loud “NXT” chant takes over.

Fatal 4-Way – Winner receives an NXT Women’s Title Match
Io Shirai vs. Bianca Belair vs. Mia Yim vs. Candice LeRae

The bell rings, and LeRae goes after Shirai. The ring clears, and Belair takes LeRae down. Belair hits LeRae with a military press slam. Belair hits the ropes with a handspring that knocks Shirai off the apron. Belair hits LeRae with a standing moonsault, but Yim breaks it up. Yim applies a guillotine, but Belair gets out. Shirai gets in, hits a 619, and hits Belair with a springboard dropkick. Yim shoves Belair into Shirai and jumps off Shirai to hit Belair with a tornado DDT. LeRae breaks it up and chops and punches Yim down. LeRae hits a running back elbow before hitting Shirai with a facebuster on the apron. Belair then grabs LeRae and hits a fallaway slam on the floor! Yim then takes them out with a suicide dive. Shirai then comes off the top rope with a moonsault to the floor on all three women!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see a Tower of Doom spot. An “NXT” chant fires up. LeRae powerbombed Shirai who was giving a German Suplex to Yim who was giving a superplex to Belair. LeRae applies an octopus stretch to Shirai, but Yim kicks her in the face! Belair gives Yim a spinebuster, and Shirai gives Belair a double underhook backbreaker. All four women are down, and they get a nice ovation.

LeRae hits Shirai with a snap German Suplex. LeRae goes for a poison-rana on Belair, but she counters into an inverted Alabama Slam in the corner. Yim hits Belair with a Code Blue, but Shirai breaks it up. Yim elbows Shirai off, and Belair gives them both a double spear. Belair hits LeRae with a KOD, but Yim follows up. Yim hits Belair with a Protect Ya Neck. Shirai then knocks Yim out of the ring. It’s down to Shirai and LeRae. Shirai hits LeRae with a meteora in the corner. Shirai goes to the top rope, but Yim pushes Shirai off the top rope onto Belair on the floor! Yim goes to the top rope, but LeRae cuts her off. Yim gets her in the electric chair, but LeRae counters into the poison-rana! LeRae follows up with a springboard moonsault for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Candice LeRae

Candice LeRae will receive an NXT Women’s Championship match against Shayna Baszler. LeRae celebrates on the stage, and Shayna Baszler comes out with Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. Baszler takes off her NXT Women’s Championship and holds it up to LeRae’s face. LeRae just stares right back.

Video Package: NXT Champion Adam Cole

Adam Cole is shown backstage with the Undisputed ERA. Roderick Strong is warming up.

Velveteen Dream is shown backstage with his NXT North American Championship.

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Video Package: Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic

Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic will face next week on WWE NXT.

Video Package: Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain

Matt Riddle will face Killian Dain in a Street Fight later tonight when the second hour of WWE NXT moves to the WWE Network.

Sean Maluta vs. Cameron Grimes

The bell rings, and Maluta charges him. Grimes immediately counters with a leaping double foot stomp for the win in 8 seconds!

Winner by Pinfall: Cameron Grimes

Grimes celebrates big, and the crowd is buzzing. The commentators talk about how Triple H warned everyone to not blink tonight.

Video Package: NXT North American Championship

Velveteen Dream will defend the NXT North American Championship against Roderick Strong, next.

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NXT North American Championship
Roderick Strong vs. Velveteen Dream (c)

There are dueling chants for both men. They lock up, and Strong goes to pick the leg. Dream fights him off, and they tussle to the corner. Strong pulls the hair before they stare at each other. Strong shoves him before taking him down. Dream hooks a front facelock before wrenching the arm. Dream applies an arm bar, but Strong reverses into a hammerlock. Dream kips up, and Strong slingshots over him. Strong leapfrogs him and hits the ropes, but Dream clotheslines him over the top rope. Dream drops down and taunts him.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Dream hit some shoulder blocks before going down. Dream leaves the ring, then gets back in, and dropkicks Strong for a two count. Dream hits a springboard off the top rope and connects with an axe handle. Dream then hits an axe handle off the top rope to the floor.

Dream gets him in the ring and goes to climb the ropes, but Strong knocks him off to the floor. Strong then drops him on the barricade with a back suplex! That’s just a metal railing with a piece of cloth over it. Strong gets him in the ring, but Dream rolls out. Strong then hits a wrecking ball dropkick and taunts the crowd. Strong says Dream is trash and slams him into the apron. Strong kicks him in the chest and puts him back in the ring for a one count.

Strong applies a chin lock, but Dream fights up. Strong chops the chest and pulls the hair. Strong chops the chest again before clubbing him down. Strong stomps the chest, and Dream yells out in pain. Dream comes back with a jawbreaker, but Strong quickly stops the momentum with a backbreaker for a two count. Strong goes to use the ropes for a pin, but the referee catches him. Dream elbows him and hits a uranage backbreaker for a near fall! Strong cannot believe it. Strong takes him down and goes for a Strong Hold, but Dream counters into a Sharpshooter attempt. Strong kicks him out of the ring. Strong hits the ropes for a wrecking ball dropkick, but Dream moves. Dream then shoves him into the steel steps.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Strong go for a superplex, but Dream fights him off. Dream hits an axe handle before hitting some clotheslines for a two count. Dream goes for a Dream Valley Driver, but Strong gets out. Dream rolls him up for a near fall. Dream hits a Dream-DT for another near fall. An “NXT” chant fires up. Dream goes to the top rope, but Strong rolls out of the ring. Dream goes to get him, but Strong fights him. Strong goes for a suplex off the apron, but Dream fights it. Dream lifts him, but Strong slides off and kicks him in the face. Dream is seemingly unconscious on the ropes.

A loud “This is wrestling” chant fires up. Strong grabs Dream, but he slides away. Dream slaps him, but Strong stuns him with a knee to the face. Strong ties Dream’s arms up in the ropes before saying Dream did this to himself. Strong hits a bunch of running punches before hitting a pendulum backbreaker. Strong follows up with a Tiger Driver, but Dream kicks out! Strong quickly transitions into a Strong Hold! The crowd is going wild! Dream reaches for the ropes, but Strong keeps him away. Dream eventually claws his way to the bottom rope.

The Undisputed ERA makes their way to ringside to boos from the crowd. It’s NXT Champion Adam Cole along with NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Dream punches away at Strong before sending him into the ropes for a back body drop. Strong desperately pulls Dream into the referee to take him out. Strong lifts him up, but Dream comes back with a Dream Valley Driver. The referee is down. Dream superkicks the NXT Tag Team Champions off the apron. Strong hits an End of Heartache… but Dream kicks out! The crowd pops HUGE!

A thunderous “NXT” chant fires up. Dream hits another Dream Valley Driver and goes to the top rope. O’Reilly and Fish distract the referee while Adam Cole hits Dream with the NXT Championship! Strong follows up with End of Heartache for the win!

Winner and new NXT North American Championship: Roderick Strong

The Undisputed ERA has fulfilled their prophecy and now hold all of the gold in NXT. They celebrate in a big way on the stage. On to the WWE Network.

Hour Two on the WWE Network

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the second hour.

The Undisputed ERA is still celebrating on the stage. We see replays of Roderick Strong beating Velveteen Dream for the NXT North American Championship. The Undisputed ERA pose one last time on the stage.

Replays are shown of Candice LeRae winning the Fatal 4-Way match earlier in the night.

Candice LeRae will take on Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship in two weeks on October 2 live on the USA Network.

Pete Dunne vs. Arturo Ruas

Ruas takes him down, but Dunne fights out. They tussle around before going into the ropes. Dunne gives a clean break. Ruas hits a flying scissor takedown, but Dunne counters into an arm breaker. They get up to their feet in a stalemate. They exchange big forearms before Ruas stomps the foot. They criss-cross the ropes before Dunne flattens him with a big clothesline. Dunne manipulates the fingers and stomps the hand. Dunne goes for another stomp, but Ruas gets away. Ruas kicks him, does a cartwheel, and kicks him in the face. Ruas punches away at Dunne and picks up a one count. Dunne makes a comeback by manipulating the toes of Ruas’ bare feet. Dunne hits a dragon screw, flips over him, hits an enzuigiri, and follows up with a snap German Suplex. Dunne stomps the hands, kicks him in the head, and picks up a near fall. Dunne kicks him in the head and hits a release suplex for a near fall. Dunne kicks him before stomping away at the chest. Dunne goes for a triangle, but Ruas gets out. Ruas kicks him in the head and hits a German Suplex for a two count. Dunne takes him down and does Joint Manipulation for the submission.

Winner by Submission: Pete Dunne

Lio Rush will make his return and take on Oney Lorcan to determine the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship later tonight.

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Dakota Kai returns next week on NXT.

Xia Li vs. Aaliyah w/ Vanessa Borne

Aaliyah quickly attacks Li, but Li takes her down just as quickly. Aaliyah kicks her and pulls on the hair. Li hits a jawbreaker before sweeping the feet. Li forearms her down and hits the ropes, but Aaliyah moves. Li manages to kick her in the head and boots her down. Li kicks her down and hits a spinning back kick. Li hits a tornado kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Xia Li

Kushida will be in action, next.

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Denzel DeJournette makes his entrance. Imperium from NXT UK all of a sudden surrounds the ring. Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner, and Alexander Wolfe get in the ring and beat DeJournette down. WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER is not with them. They hit DeJournette with a double-team powerbomb/European Uppercut combo. The crowd chants, “Where is WALTER?”

WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER’s music hits, and he comes out to a huge reception! WALTER stands with Imperium in the ring. A “WALTER” chant picks up. WALTER says they are Imperium. To them, this mat is sacred. They are here to restore the honor and tradition of their sport. From this day forth those that disrespect the tradition, they will answer to them.

Kushida’s music hits, and he comes out to the stage. Kushida points at Imperium. Kushida says this is his time. Kushida gets on the apron. Kushida quickly takes out Aichner, Barthel, and Wolfe. WALTER quickly grabs Kushida, but Kushida gets out and dropkicks him. WALTER stumbles as Kushida escapes.

-Commercial Break-

#1 Contender’s Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Oney Lorcan vs. Lio Rush

A loud “Welcome back” chant picks up for Rush. Mauro Ranallo talks about Lio Rush getting his life back together after some mental health issues. Ranallo applauds him. The bell rings, and Lorcan immediately uppercuts him and hits a pair of running elbows in the corner. Lorcan hits a running blockbuster for a near fall. Lorcan goes for the Half and Half, but Rush gets out. Rush hits a handspring kick to knock Lorcan off the apron. Rush follows up with three wildly fast suicide dives! Rush gets him in the ring and slingshots over him. Rush hits a springboard head-scissor, does a matrix counter to a clothesline, and dropkicks Lorcan down. The crowd gives him a nice hand.

A “Let’s go Lio” chant picks up. Rush kicks Lorcan in the chest and smirks. Lorcan blocks a kick and hits a dragon screw. Rush limps to the corner, and Lorcan chops the chest. Lorcan whips him hard into the corner and uppercuts him. Lorcan gives him a front suplex on the top rope and uppercuts him to the floor. Lorcan looks for a count-out, but Rush gets back in the ring. Lorcan deadlifts him and walks around with him before hitting a gutwrench powerbomb for a near fall. Rush punches Lorcan back at him, but Lorcan counters into a single leg crab. Rush screams in pain, but he manages to twist out and kick him in the face. Lorcan chops him before hitting a big scoop slam for a two count. Rush shakes some feeling into his injured leg. Lorcan sends him into the ropes and viciously chops him down. Lorcan chops him again before sending him into the ropes. Rush counters with a springboard stunner for a near fall!

Rush sets Lorcan up in the corner for a top rope double stomp, but Lorcan moves. Rush’s leg gives out. Rush gets out of a slam, but Lorcan powerbombs him before applying a single leg crab. Rush gets out and goes for a kick to the face, but Lorcan again counters into a single leg crab. Lorcan drags him to the center of the ring and applies an STF. Rush screams in pain before nearly passing out. Rush fights out and gets a foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Lorcan looks frustrated and starts signaling for the end. Lorcan gets him to his feet and goes for a splash, but Rush wildly punches at him before slapping him in the face. Lorcan gets fired up and viciously chops him three times. Lorcan charges, but Rush counters into a Spanish Fly! Rush goes to the top rope for the Dragon Call frog splash for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Lio Rush

Lio Rush will take on Drew Gulak for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain in a Street Fight is next.

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Street Fight
Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain

Dain immediately dropkicks Riddle and picks him up, but Riddle slides off and hits a German Suplex. Riddle follows up with an exploder suplex. Riddle goes for a Bro-ton, but Dain gets the knees up. Dain gets a kendo stick from under the ring, but Riddle counters into a kick. Riddle viciously hits him with the stick and charges, but Dain back body drops him into the crowd. Dain smacks the kendo stick off Riddle’s back. Dain then flattens him with a senton bomb! Dain punches away at Riddle before sending him into a door. Dain goes to slam the door on Riddle’s face, but he blocks it.

They fight to the backstage area, and Riddle punches him outside of the Full Sail Arena. Dain throws Riddle into a truck. Imperium is sitting at a table, and Riddle sends Dain into their table. Imperium then attacks Riddle! The Street Profits run into make the save, as does most of the WWE NXT roster!

Eventually it comes down to Riddle and Dain as they fight back to ringside. The rest of the roster spills out to the arena as well. A loud “NXT” chant fires up. Riddle and Dain are in the ring. Riddle spears Dain, but security soon pulls them away. Riddle gives a German Suplex to one of the guards. Dain also takes out some security guards. Everyone gets in the ring, and an enormous brawl breaks out. The ring is cleared of everyone but Dain. Dain then wipes everyone out with a suicide dive! The show comes to an end with no result in the Street Fight.

No Contest