WWE NXT 11 13 2019

WWE NXT Results
November 13, 2019
Winter Park, Florida
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Last week’s NXT is recapped with The O.C. from Monday Night Raw invading the show. The O.C. went to a No Contest in the main event against Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee, and Matt Riddle.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship
Angel Garza vs. Lio Rush (c)

The bell rings, and Garza extends his hand for a shake. Garza feigns a slap, and they start hitting the ropes before flipping into a stalemate. Garza blocks a kick and flips him over, but Rush lands on his feet. Garza leaves the ring, goes into the crowd, and rips his pants off in front of Rush’s family. Rush hits him with a suicide dive and gets him in the ring for a tornado DDT for a near fall. Rush kicks him in the chest and goes for another, but Garza pushes him into the ropes. Rush bounces off for the Come Up, but Garza avoids it. Rush sidesteps Garza to get him out of the ring and connects with a wrecking ball dropkick. Rush goes for a suicide dive, but Garza counters into a powerslam on the floor!

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We come back from the break to see Rush strike away at Garza. Rush ducks a running forearm and hits a handspring back elbow for a two count. Garza chops back at him, blocks a kick, and knees him in the face. Rush responds with a vicious slap to the face and a bicycle kick. Garza counters a Come Up with a huge dropkick to the back of the head for a near fall!

Rush rolls out of the way from a springboard moonsault. Rush hits a modified spinning neckbreaker for a near fall. An “NXT” chant fires up. Rush goes to the top rope, but Garza sweeps the feet. Garza goes to the top rope and hits a moonsault powerslam for a near fall!

The crowd is chanting, “This is awesome!” Garza stomps and punches away at Rush before hitting the ropes, but Rush catches him with a Spanish Fly he’s calling “Rush Hour.” Rush viciously kicks him in the face and yells for him to get up. Rush connects with a Come Up, but he holds him. Rush slaps him in the face and goes for another Come Up, but Garza counters into the Wing Clipper… but Rush kicks out! Another LOUD “NXT” chant fires up. Garza goes for another Wing Clipper and pulls Rush to the middle rope. A “Please don’t die” chant picks up. Rush fights up and hits some head-butts before connecting with a super hurricanrana. Rush goes to the top rope for a huge Final Hour Frog Splash, but Garza somehow kicks out!

Dueling chants fire up for both men. Rush goes to the top rope and catches Garza getting to his feet with another Final Hour for the win.

Winner and still NXT Cruiserweight Champion: Lio Rush

We go outside to see trainers surrounding Tegan Nox on the ground. The camera shows Rhea Ripley unconscious. They were attacked at some point.

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Xia Li vs. Aliyah w/ Vanessa Borne

They circle the ring, and Vanessa Borne immediately distracts her. Aliyah rips Li down by the hair. Li soon comes back with a slam attempt. Aliyah gets out, but Li immediately kicks her down. Borne goes to pull Aliyah out of the ring, but Li drags her in. Li stomps the hands and attacks Aliyah. Aliyah soon makes a comeback with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Li fights back with a strike and kicks her in the face. Li sends her to the corner and hits a cartwheel forearm smash. Li hits a double springboard axe handle. Li misses a kick but hits her on the rebound with a roundhouse kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Xia Li

A trainer runs into the ring with an ice pack for Aliyah. Aliyah is bleeding profusely from the face after that vicious kick.

Video Package: Killian Dain attacks Pete Dunne and Damian Priest

Killian Dain is shown backstage.

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Finn Balor makes his way to the ring in his dark outfit. Balor says this is NXT now. What happened to this place? What happened to the business he loved? Balor used to be proud of this place, but now it’s a joke. That was the heart of NXT. That’s what all the hype was about: Johnny Gargano. Gargano is still sore from something that happened three weeks ago. Balor built this place until a bunch of little boys came in. They’re always crying on social media whenever they get hurt. Matt Riddle got slapped and hasn’t been seen since.

Matt Riddle all of a sudden comes up from behind and takes Balor down. Balor fights back and kicks him in the face. Riddle quickly comes back with a kick, but Balor gets out of the ring. Balor goes to bounce Riddle off the barricade, but Riddle blocks it. Riddle kicks him in the chest and sends him into the crowd. Riddle grabs a microphone and calls Balor a “putz.”

The Undisputed ERA’s music hits, and they march down to the ring. Riddle gets in the ring, and NXT Champion Adam Cole says, “Wrong place, wrong time.” Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring with Keith Lee to fend the Undisputed ERA off. Cole asks how stupid they can be. Did they see what they did on Raw and SmackDown? They’re the most dominant force in NXT and WWE.

Lee asks who gives a damn. Lee challenges them to get in the ring, but they refuse. Lee gives them appreciation for beating Daniel Bryan and not backing down from Seth Rollins. When will Cole stand up to him? Roderick Strong says Lee is an idiot and reminds him that he’s talking to Adam Cole. Cole deserves a night off. If Lee wants a fight, he’ll have to fight Strong. Lee says he’s not picky. The crowd chants for Lee. Lee challenges Strong to get in the ring.

Referees come down to regain order. Lee brings Strong into the ring the hard way. This match begins, next.

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Roderick Strong vs. Keith Lee

We join this non-title match in progress. Lee hits Strong with a big flapjack. Lee covers Strong with a foot for a two count. Lee attacks Strong and stands over him. Lee punches Strong a few times before taking him down. Lee chops Strong down, but Strong responds with a boot. Strong jumps off the second rope, but Lee catches him with one arm. Strong elbows and punches him, but Lee simply scoop slams him down for a two count. Lee stretches Strong’s back, but Strong fights back. Strong kicks him in the legs a few times to take him down to his knees. Strong tries to knock Lee over to no avail. Lee gets to his feet and grabs Strong. Strong goes for a slingshot, but Lee catches him. Strong slides off and chops away at him before hitting the ropes, but Lee viciously chops him down. Lee goes to the second rope, but Strong sweeps the feet and knees him in the chest.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Strong dropkick Lee out of the ring. Strong jumps off the apron, but Lee catches him. Strong fights out, but Lee rocks him with a forearm. Lee press slams Strong into the ring, but Strong responds with a pair of wrecking ball dropkicks. Strong gets him in the ring and kicks away at him. Strong takes him down for a two count. Strong applies a modified camel clutch, but Lee fights up. Strong fishhooks the nose and kicks him. Strong talks trash, but Lee grabs the hand. Lee then hits a pair of short-arm clotheslines and some chops. Lee avalanches him before throwing him across the ring. Lee slams him for a two count.

Lee lifts Strong up, but Strong fights out. Lee avoids a knee strike and takes Strong down for a near fall. Lee goes to the top rope, but Strong cuts him off. Strong hits an enzuigiri and goes to the top rope. Lee fights him off, but Strong knees him in the face. Strong then hits a massive superplex! Strong slowly crawls over and covers for a near fall. Strong goes for the Strong Hold, but Lee fights him off. They trade forearms before Lee clubs him back. Strong kicks him back and hits some running forearms to the jaw. Lee then wipes him out with a clothesline.

Both men are down. The rest of the Undisputed ERA comes down to the ring. Tommaso Ciampa runs down and sends Bobby Fish into the ring post before sending Adam Cole into the post. Matt Riddle is also there. Cole superkicks Ciampa down. Finn Balor all of a sudden hits Riddle with a Sling Blade on the floor. Balor hits Riddle with a double stomp before dropkicking him into the steps.

Strong attacks Lee from behind and hits a Roddy Slam, but Lee kicks out. Lee then connects with a jackhammer for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Keith Lee

The Undisputed ERA immediately attacks Lee and Ciampa. Dominik Dijakovic makes his way to the ring and takes out the Undisputed ERA. Dijakovic hits Kyle O’Reilly and Fish out with a double chokeslam before hitting Feast Your Eyes on Cole! The crowd chants, “WarGames”. Ciampa looks at Dijakovic and shakes hands with him. Dijakovic then turns into his longtime rival Keith Lee. They go face-to-face before Lee and Dijakovic shake hands to a big reaction.

-Commercial Break-

We go outside to see Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir unconscious on the ground. We then see Candice LeRae down. Triple H is out there surveying the damage.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Bronson Reed

They first bump before circling the ring. Reed wrenches the arm, but Scott flips out and reverses the pressure. Reed shoulder blocks him down, but Scott kips up. Scott applies a wristlock, but Reed reverses it. Reed puts Scott in the corner, but Scott sidesteps him. Scott hits a missile dropkick, but Reed bounces off the ropes and shoulder blocks him down. Reed head-butts Scott back a few times before Scott fights back. Reed hooks a side headlock until Scott whips him off. Scott drops down, so Reed sits on him. Scott cannot escape. Reed soon lifts him up and throws him over the top rope to the floor. Reed goes outside and chops the chest. Scott soon sends him shoulder-first into the ring post.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Scott flip through a German Suplex, take him down, and hit an elbow drop to the back of the neck. Scott hits a flatliner for a near fall. Reed soon comes back with a big clothesline and a senton splash. Reed goes to the top rope, but Scott cuts him off. Reed fights him off and turns him upside down, but Scott gets out. Scott DDTs him for a near fall. Reed soon comes back with a sit-out spinebuster before hitting a belly-to-back piledriver for a near fall.

Reed picks Scott up for a suplex, but Scott gets out and lands on the apron. Scott snaps the arm off the top rope. Scott goes for a triangle, but Reed powers him up. Scott stuns him with some kicks and goes for a sunset flip. Scott avoids a cannonball and hits the House Call for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Bronson Reed shake hands after the match.

Io Shirai will take on Mia Yim in a Ladder Match later tonight.

Cathy Kelley says it is not clear who the attacker is and whether it is someone from Raw or SmackDown. Matt Riddle will take on Finn Balor at NXT TakeOver: WarGames III. Riddle has been removed from the WarGames match and replaced by Dominik Dijakovic.

Pete Dunne battles Killian Dain, next.

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While Killian Dain is making his way to the ring to face Pete Dunne, Damian Priest attacks him from behind. Priest stomps away at Dain before fighting with Dunne. Dain makes a comeback and all three brawl until security breaks it up. Priest fights security off before hitting a crucifix powerbomb on one out of the ring onto the other guards. Priest hits a plancha on Dunne and Dain before it finally ends.

Cathy Kelley is backstage with Mia Yim. Dakota Kai comes up and says there is no hard feelings about Yim being chosen over her for WarGames.

-Commercial Break-

NXT Champion Adam Cole will face Dominik Dijakovic in a Ladder Match with a WarGames advantage on the line.

Ladder Match for a WarGames advantage
Mia Yim vs. Io Shirai

They get into a hockey fight before Shirai takes her down by the hair. Yim fights back, but Shirai gets her out of the ring. Shirai then hits a suicide dive. They fight near the ladder at ringside, but Yim knocks her down. Yim gets the ladder in the ring before Shirai knocks it into her face. Shirai gets another ladder in the ring, but Yim comes up and slams her on the ladder at ringside. Yim gets in the ring, but Shirai attacks her from behind. They get into a tug of war with the ladder before Yim slams her off the ropes. Shirai ducks under a ladder bridge and kicks Yim in the face with the ladder. Shirai gets in the ring and slams the ladder on her hand. Yim hits a running kick to the face to knock Shirai out of the ring. Shirai quickly attacks and pulls her to the floor. Shirai picks up the ladder, but Yim avoids her. Yim chops her down, but Shirai soon sends her into the barricade.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Shirai dominating Yim on the ropes before hitting a tiger feint kick. Shirai pulls herself up on a ladder, which is propped up in the corner. Yim fights it, but Shirai hits a flapjack. Shirai goes for a Tiger Driver. Shirai lands on her feet to counter a back body drop combo. Shirai charges, but Yim hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex on the ladder learning in the corner!

Yim sets the ladder up in the center of the ring. Shirai grabs the ankle, but Yim kicks her in the chest. Yim grabs her, but Shirai sends her face-first into the ladder. Shirai tips the ladder over and sandwiches Yim in it before slamming it on her back a few times. Shirai gets another ladder from outside and stomps Yim. Yim soon catches her with Protect Ya Neck. Yim grabs the good ladder, but her back is too hurt to pick it up. Yim eventually powers it up, but Shirai hits a springboard dropkick to send the ladder into Yim’s face! Yim is absolutely busted open and GUSHING blood! Yim’s nose is no doubt absolutely broken. Yikes!

Referees and trainers run down to help. Shirai is slowly setting the ladder up as we still have 10 minutes to go in the overrun. Shirai is simply stalling for time. Shirai climbs the ladder, but Yim somehow gets up and pulls her off the ladder! Yim climbs the ladder, but Shirai pulls her down and suplexes her! Shirai follows up with a double knee to the face. Shirai goes to the top rope, but Yim cuts her off. Shirai head-butts her to send her out of the ring. Dakota Kai comes down to check on Yim. Shirai then wipes out Kai and Yim with a moonsault off the top rope!

Shirai gets in the ring and sets the ladder up. Shirai climbs the ladder, but Kai comes in and hits a sit-out powerbomb. Kai gets Yim in the ring, and she starts to climb the ladder! All of a sudden NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray comes down and takes Kai out before tipping Yim over on the ladder to send her crashing through the ladder bridge at ringside! Unreal! Shirai then grabs the briefcase to win the match!

Winner: Io Shirai

Io Shirai is sitting on top of the ladder with Bianca Belair and Kay Lee Ray standing by her. Shayna Baszler comes out and points to Ray. All of a sudden, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley attacks Baszler from behind with a chair! Bayley then hits a modified DDT on the NXT Women’s Title! Bayley quickly runs off.