WWE NXT 06 24 2020

WWE NXT Results
June 24, 2020
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Tom Phillips, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Doug Lackey of Wrestleview.com

“Then… Now… Forever.”

Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to the WWE Performance Center, but we are quickly taken to footage taken earlier in the day from the parking lot. Cameron Grimes is seen running from a parked car with the door open, “Man, you better get over there!” he screams as he runs away. We see Damien Priest clutching onto his lower back in pain as WWE officials tend to him.

In the Performance Center, Cameron Grimes makes his way to the ring with microphone in hand. “Are you kidding me! Damien Priest is going to no-show the biggest match of his career?! He’s first going to slash his own tires, then next thing he’s going to act like he’s beaten up in the parking lot!” Grimes gloats how he beat Finn Balor with a broken jaw and that he should win by forfeit.

From the back of the arena, Damien Priest hobbles his way to the ring at the behest of a group of WWE officials. He enters the ring and Grimes begins to attack his injured ribs and back. The referee ushers Grimes away and asks Priest if he can still go. Priest gets to his feet and the bell rings…

Cameron Grimes v. Damien Priest

Priest lays into Grimes with right hands and boots into the corner. Grimes gets up to his feet, Priest sends him to the ropes, Grimes comes off and clubs Priest in the back from a failed back-body drop setup. Priest with a chokehold, Grimes fights away but Priest boots him into the corner. Priest charges in and misses a back splash. Grimes looking for a German Suplex, Priest fights out only to take a forearm shot to the ribs. Grimes tries for another but Priest turns around and delivers a massive Chokebomb!

Grimes rolls out of the ring and makes for the ramp. Priest makes to Grimes but Grimes charges Priest into the apron. Priest gathers himself, boots Grimes in the face, looks for a Razor’s Edge on the floor but Grimes slips out. Grimes charges in, Cave-In on the floor! Grimes gets in the ring and Priest narrowly escapes a count-out loss.

Priest sidesteps a splash in the corner from Grimes but clenches onto his lower back in pain, stumbling to his knees. Grimes from the corner, Cave-In on Priest! The cover… 1… 2… 3!

Grimes gloats on the ramp as we go to video footage from earlier today as we see Rhea Ripley entering the Performance Center. Robert Stone approaches her and offers her a second offer at joining the Robert Stone Brand after Aliyah aligned herself. Ripley slugs him in the stomach and tosses him into a dumpster. Aliyah runs in, scolds Ripley and slaps her in the face. “You just bought a ticket to my ring,” Ripley tells Aliyah, who visibly regrets what she just did.

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We return from commercial break to find Timothy Thatcher “teaching” his students how to apply a Half Crab and a Key Lock. The most important thing is… they all had fun.

Video footage is shown last week of Interim Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar’s attack on Drake Maverick, who was carted away and sent packing in an ambulance. In the Performance Center, Escobar and his associates, Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza, make their way to the ring. After they do, Jake Atlas makes his entrance. Here we go!

Non-Title Match
Int. Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar v.
Jake Atlas

Atlas & Escobar tie up and make to the corner. Atlas battles out but is met with a knee. Escobar sends Atlas to the ropes, Atlas leaps over Escobar and comes off the other side with a crossbody. Atlas chops Escobar into the corner and snapmares him down to a rear chin lock. Escobar gets to his feet, battles out of the lock only to be clubbed back into the corner. Escobar slips out of the corner only to be met by a leaping Atlas off the turnbuckle into an armdrag. Atlas pounces on Escobar, raining right hands down.

Escobar scurries into the corner but Atlas brings him out just to chop him back down. The two now exchanging blows throughout the ring. Escobar sends Atlas to the ropes, running huracanrana from Atlas sends Escobar rolling and scrambling to the corner. Atlas charges in but Escobar hoists him over the ropes. Atlas feeds Escobar a forearm but is then distracted by Wilde and Mendoza on the outside. Escobar charges and launches Atlas into the plexiglass barricade on the outside.

*Commercial Break*

Back from break and Escobar has Atlas in the corner writhing chop after chop. Escobar sends him to the opposite corner, charges in with a clotheslines and follows with a dropkick. Cover…. kick out at 2.

Escobar now with a headlock on Atlas, Wilde and Mendoza jeering through the ropes. After a rope break, Escobar sends him off the ropes for a nice leaping back elbow. Cover… kick out at 2.

Escobar relentlessly kicks Atlas, snapmares him down and puts him in a kneeling abdominal stretch. Atlas battles out but Escobar has him up for the Phantom Driver… Atlas slips out, body blows left and right. Escobar sent to the corner, rushing forearm shot and running clothesline to follow. Atlas with a scoop slam, standing moonsault follow-up! Cover… kick out at 2.

Atlas gets Escobar up only to toss him to the outside. Mendoza and Wilde go to check on their boss but Atlas moonsaults to the floor knocking them down. Escobar has slinked his way back in the ring, Atlas follows suit with a springboard that misses. Escobar a front-face bulldog! Cover… kick out at 2.

Atlas climbs to the top but Escobar meets him there. Escobar has him in the fireman’s carry… Phantom Driver! 1… 2… 3.

WINNER: Santos Escobar via pinfall

Earlier today, Roderick Strong continues his Undisputed Therapy as Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Dr. Whatever the Heck Kyle O’Reilly’s name is help him to fight his fear of Dexter Lumis. After helping Strong fight his fear by putting him in the trunk of a car, he’ll hope to destroy it by facing Lumis tonight.

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After the break, Indus Sher stands behind Malcolm Bivens as he talks down Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch sticking their noses where they didn’t belong.

A video package plays replaying the talking events that lead to our Winner-Take-All scenario… where Keith Lee defends his North American Titles in a triple threat match tonight against Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano, with the winner facing NXT Champion Adam Cole two weeks from now in a Winner-Take-All Match.

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A video package airs touting the destructive force that is Karrion Kross.

Kacy Catanzaro makes her way down the ramp, Kayden Carter follows as they prepare for their tag team match against Dakota Kai and Rachel Gonzalez.

Tag Team Match
Kacy Cantanzaro & Kayden Carter v.
Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

Catrer and Gonzalez start things off and Gonzalez just shoves Carter down. Carter has Gonzalez hand-to-hand, kicking her and pulling her into her corner. Carter climbs the ropes, Kacy tags in, Carter tries for a leaping arm drag but Gonzalez ain’t budging. Carter kicks her in the face from her back and Kacy follows with a chop block. Kacy leaps onto Gonzalez for a headlock but climbs over top of her trying a sunset flip…. Gonzalez still won’t budge!

Carter blind tags in after nifty ropework by Kacy who was sent into her corner by Gonzalez. Kacy & Carter bait Gonzalez in and rape her over the middle rope. Kacy leaps over the top and hangs Gonzalez neck on the rope. Carter trying for a schoolboy roll-up but Gonzalez still won’t be forced to the mat! Gonzalez deadlifts Carter up and sends her into her team’s corner, Kai tags in.

Carter slinks out of the corner and sends a back elbow to Kai. Carter tags in Kacy and heaves her up and over for a Thesz Press on Kai. Cover… kick out at 2. Kacy is sent towards Gonzalez in the corner but puts on the brakes only to turn around and eat a Kai boot. Cover… kick out at 1.

Kai sends Kacy into the corner, tags in Gonzalez. Gonzalez stomps Kacy down and tags Kai back in. Kacy is draped over Gonzalez’s shoulder, Kai runs in with a boot to the side of the head and Gonzalez follows with a powerslam. Cover by Kai… Carter breaks it up.

Kai tries to bring Kacy into her corner but Kacy slips away, hot tags Carter in! Carter dodges Kai, forearms Gonzalez. Clotheslines and dropkicks to Kai! Kai reverses an Irish whip, Carter off the ropes for a wheelbarrow roll-up cover but gives Kai a boot instead of covering. Carter sends another boot to Kai but soon eats a kick that sends her reeling to the corner. Kacy tags in.

Kacy with a huracanrana but it sends Kai into her corner allowing Gonzalez to tag in. Kacy pummles on Gonzalez trying to keep her at bay. Kacy runs to tag in Carter, Carter with a dropkick stuns Gonzalez. They set up for the leaping Thesz Press, but Gonzalez catches Kacy on her shoulders. Gonzalez switches Kacy to rest on one shoulder… boots Carter away… and one-arm powerbombs Kacy into oblivion!

Kai tags in… and applies a submission for the win.

WINNERS: Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez via submission

In the back, Bronson Reed prepares for his encounter with Karrion Kross.

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Keith Lee prepares for his Triple Threat North American Title defense backstage and Karrion Kross makes his grandiose entrance with Scarlett in tow as he is set to face Bronson Reed.

Karrion Kross v. Bronson Reed

The two walk to the center of the ring and Bronson Reed sends forearms to Kross’ face. Reed off the ropes with a big crossbody take Kross down. Kross is reeling in the corner but chops a charging Reed in the throat, follows with a boot to the face. Center of the ring, Kross feeds a right to Reed’s mouth, collapsing the big man. An Exploder Suplex from Kross sends Reed into the corner.

Kross charges in but takes a forearm to the face. Reed with forearm after forearm and ends with an enziguri. Reed with a big german Suplex… but Kross backwards onto his feet! The two meet in the center of the ring, forearms thrown left and right! Kross takes a boot from Reed sending him into the corner. Splash after splash from Reed…. but Kross just grimaces in rage! A third splash misses… Northern Lights Suplex from Kross, he floats over… decapitates Reed with a lariat!

Kross with the Doomsday Saito…. Krossjacket applied… and there’s the tap out!

WINNER: Karrion Kross via submission

Backstage, Adam Cole is asked who Adam Cole would want to face in his defense of his NXT Championship Title…. and he doesn’t care who it is.

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A video package airs hyping Mercedes Martinez.

Rhea Ripley makes her way to the ring and is looking forward to having her way with Robert Stone’s new client, Aliyah.

Rhea Ripley v. Aliyah

Aliyah runs to escape through the ropes but Ripley has her foot. Rhea deadlifts Aliyah up in a gutwrench and looks absolutely bored, tossing her to the side. Ripley tries again but Aliyah slips out. Aliyah off the ropes and munches on a nasty dropkick from Ripley. Aliyah rolls to the outside to be consoled by Robert Stone.

Aliyah makes her way to the apron, Rhea has her by the hair but Aliyah wrings Ripley’s neck over the rope. Aliyah climbs the ropes for a crossbody but Ripley catches her with ease, again looking bored. Aliyah slips out of a fireman’s carry, grabs a handful of Rhea’s hair and knees her in the stomach. Aliyah tries to send her to the ropes… nothing doing… big clothesline from Ripley and another. Knees to Aliyah’s head and a dropkick off the ropes… a cover… kick out at 2.

Aliyah tries to make her way up to her feet but takes a boot to the face. Ripley has Aliyah cinched up in the Cloverleaf…. Robert Stone is on the apron and tosses his shoe at Ripley! Ripley rolls to the outside, chases Stone into the ring and has him by his blazer. Stone slips out of his coat and Ripley tosses it to him on the floor. Aliyah tries to roll Ripley up from the distraction but takes a boot to the gut…. Ripley with the pumphandle… Riptide! That’s all she wrote!

WINNER: Rhea Ripley via pinfall

Johnny Gargano is warming up backstage for the Tiple Threat Main Event.

*Commercial Break*

Back from break and Dexter Lumis has made his way to the ring… Bobby Fish is trying to coach Roderick Strong to the ring, but Strong wants absolutely nothing to do with his reason for his trauma. After a pep talk and walk around the ring, Strong gets in the ring…

Dexter Lumis v. Roderick Strong

Roderick Strong tries to psyche himself up but gets out of the ring for some mental help from Fish. Lumis hasn’t budged from his corner, staring deep at Strong. Strong tries to coerce himself towards Lumis but just can’t…. he goes back to the outside while Lumis stands stoically. Strong gets back in the ring but Lumis fginally walks to the center of the ring, causing Strong to leap over the top rope to the floor. He wants nothing to do with Lumis.

Strong walks around the ring but now finds Lumis stalking towards him on the outside. Strong falls to the seat of his pants in complete fear… he stands and tries to leap over the barricade behind him but forgets there’s a plexiglass barricade there! He regains composure… and runs to the back. Bobby Fish is left standing on the outside yelling for him to come back… Lumis gets back in the ring… and picks up the count-out victory.

WINNER: Dexter Lumis via count-out

Fish is yelling for Strong to get back to the ring but Lumis sneaks up behind him and starts choking him out!

Backstage, Aliyah is holding up a tablet PC as Robert Stone demands that William Regal, on camera via tablet, book a rematch between Aliyah and Rhea Ripley because they need it. Regal agrees…. they do need it… next week it’s Rhea Ripley in a handicap match versus Aliyah and Robert Stone, unless Ripley doesn’t agree. Rhea Ripley slaps her hand on Stone’s shoulder, “I’ve got no problem with that.”

Finn Balor stretches backstage for the Triple Threat Main Event.

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Back from break, we’re informed that next week will be a Fatal 4-Way Match to determine the #1 Contender for Io Shirai’s NXT Women’s Championship… Mia Yim, Tegan Nox, Dakota Kai and Candace LeRae will determine that outcome. Also, Roderick Strong is forced to face Dexter Lumis… in a Strap Match!

Johnny Gargano… Finn Balor…. Keith Lee…. for the NXT North American Title.
The winner faces NXT Champion Adam Cole in two weeks in a Winner-Takes-All Match.

NXT North American Title Triple Threat Match
Johnny Gargano v. Finn Balor v. Keith Lee (c)

The bell rings and Gargano rolls to the outside. Balor and Lee tie up, Lee backs Balor into the corner and perches him up on the top turnbuckle. Balor with a crossbody, Lee easily catches him. Gargano gets back in to try a roll-up but Lee ain’t budging. Lee tosses Balor aside and grabs Gargano by the throat and up to his feet. Lee beals Gargano across the ring… Balor charges into a Lee shoulder block… Gargano does likewise… the two get up, Lee sends them down with double clothesline.

*Commercial Break*

Back from break and Lee has sent Gargano into the corner. Balor tries for a double-leg takedown but Lee clubs him in the back. Gargano forearms Lee but he takes a Grizzly Magnum to the chest for his folly. Balor tries again to take down Lee, but Lee picks him up. Balor breaks Lee’s grip and leaps Lee’s back applying a Sleeper. Lee slings him off his back but Gargano is quickly there to follow with a Sleeper of his own. Lee wakes himself up and slings Gargano off… but Balor is there again for a Sleeper bringing the big man down to one knee!

Lee makes his way back to his feet and drives Balor back-first into the corner. Gargano comes in with forearms flying to Lee but Balor cuts him off with a forearm of his own. Balor is rebounding off the ropes giving everyone in his sight a forearm… except the referee, that would be wrong. Balor tries for one more on Lee, but Lee catches him and lifts him up. Gargano rushes in but he’s caught and lifted as well. Lee back body drops both men!

Balor in the corner, Lee lumbers over, sends him to the opposite corner and Balor drops to the canvas in agony. Gargano tries for a chop block but the big man ain’t budging. Gargano is deadlifted up for a powerbomb by Lee but he slips away. Gargano tries to double leg Lee but again, he ain’t budging…. until Balor leaps onto his back again for a Sleeper! Gargano is trying to leglock the standing Lee… Lee shrugs off Balor again… picks Gargano up to his feet and feeds him a forearm. Both Gargano and Balor on the outside and Lee follows suit.

Lee sees the two lurching against the barricade, Balor rushes in with a Sling Blade. Gargano on the apron, rolling senton onto Lee. Balor runs in with a chop, stunning Lee, grabs him by the wrist and tries to send him into the steel steps. He ain’t budging…. until Gargano pushes him from behind sending him into the steps.

*Commercial Break*

Before we return to action, next week’s episode of NXT is being labeled ‘The Great American Bash’…. mmmm kay.

Balor sending shoulders into Gargano’s stomach in the corner and follows with a big chop. Gargano lumbers to the near side corner, takes another chop from Balor. Balor sends Gargano to the opposite corner, runs in with a chop. Balor does it again. He tries for a third but Gargano gets the legs up. Gargano goes outside to the apron, punts a stirring Lee in the face, slingshots through the ropes and spears Balor. Cover… kick out at 2.

Gargano chops Balor against the ropes, draping him over them. Gargano goes outside to the apron, looking to slingshot in again but Balor gives him a forearm sending him tumbling to the floor. Lee is stirring, Balor runs and leaps over the top rope for a suicide dive! He gets back in the ring, Gargano meets and charges in… off the ropes… huracanrana is halted by Balor who drops him with a Final Cut. Cover… kick out at 2.

Balor waits in the corner, Sling Blade to Gargano. Balor is in the corner waiting again… but Keith Lee has risen next to him on the apron. Lee shoves him into the turnbuckle, Gargano forearms Lee, all three men are slugging each other but it ends with Lee slingshot crossbody blocking both Gargano and Balor!

All three rise to their feet and Lee is the first to lay waste. A splash to Gargano in one corner, one for Balor in the other. Lee rushes a forearm shot to Gargano, but Balor is finally successul in taking down Lee double-legged and stomps on his chest! Balor brings Gargano up for the 1916 but Lee ducks down and brings Balor up for an Electric Chair!

Balor brings elbows down to Lee’s dome and again with a Sleeper! Lee is down to one knee and Gargano takes advantage kicking Balor in the face. Gargano makes to the apron, One Final Beat on Balor! Cover… Lee breaks it up!

Gargano beats down on Lee… but Lee sends him to the ropes. Gargano tries for a Tiltawhirl DDT but Lee ain’t budging! Balor makes his way up to the apron but he’s sent down to the floor as Lee slings Gargano off and rolls to the outside. Gargano sees Lee on the floor, charging suicide dive through the ropes! He gets back in the ring and tries to send one to Balor, but Balor catches him and starts kneeing him furiously in the gut. Balor has Gargano up…. 1916?… Lee rushes in and pounces them both!

Balor and Lee back in the ring… Lee has him up for the Spirit Bomb… but Balor breaks free in mid-air and stomps Lee down! Balor marches to the corner… runs in to Lee but Gargano cuts him off with a Superkick. Gargano gives one to Lee… turns around for Balor’s devastating shotgun dropkick. Gargano drops face-first to the canvas, Lee falls on top of him.

Balor climbs the ropes looking for the Coup de Grace. Lee meets him and has him by the throat. Gargano knees Lee in the back, causing Balor to straddle the ropes… Gargano rolls up Lee with his feet on the ropes!! 1… 2… KICK OUT!

Gargano rushes in to Lee, Lee catches him for the Spirit Bomb… bombs him down on Balor’s back whose draped on the rope. Lee brings Gargano to a fireman’s carry… Big Bang Catastrophe! Cover… 1… 2… Balor breaks it up with a Coup De Grace onto Gargano as Lee rolls out of the way! Lee has Balor up… Big Bang Catastrophe! The cover… 1… 2… 3!!

WINNER: NXT North American Champion Keith Lee via pinfall

Adam Cole makes his way to the ring, holding up his NXT Championship…
Keith Lee does likewise with NXT North American Title…