WWE NXT 07 22 2020

WWE NXT Results
July 22, 2020
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Tom Phillips, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

NXT General Manager William Regal welcomes us to the show. Two weeks ago, Keith Lee defeated Adam Cole to become the NXT Champion and the NXT North American Champion. Regal says Lee asked to address the NXT Universe.

Keith Lee is shown with his titles. Lee knows how hard it was to get to NXT. He dedicated his win to his trainer, “Killer” Tim Brooks. The blood, sweat, and tears prepare you for the opportunities that come. When opportunity struck, he became the NXT North American Champion. When the opportunity struck, he won the NXT Championship. While he’s limitless, he will not be a limiting factor for others. He will defend the NXT Championship as much as he can, but at this time he’ll be relinquishing the NXT North American Championship. It’s not an easy decision, but it’s done so other have opportunities and get an opportunity to win his championship.

Regal loves Lee’s idea. Starting tonight, we’ll have a series of triple threat matches. The winner of those triple threat matches will advance to NXT TakeOver: XXX where the new champion will be crowned in a Ladder Match.

Dexter Lumis vs. Killian Dain

The bell rings, and they slowly approach each other before locking up. Dain applies a side headlock, but Lumis whips him off. Dain shoulder blocks him down. Dain hits the ropes and shoulder blocks him again before going back into the ropes, but he stops when Lumis stares at him. Dain rakes the face and sends him into the ropes, but Lumis slides out of the ring and stares at him. Dain follows him out, but Lumis gets in the ring and slithers near Dain. Dain looks confused. Dain drags him out of the ring, but Lumis punches away at him. Dain reverses a whip into the steps, but Lumis leaps over and does a summersault. Lumis punches Dain, but Dain quickly squashes him with a running cross-body block on the floor.

Dain poses in the ring before going outside and driving Dain into the plexiglass. Dain squashes his face into the plexiglass and bangs him into it again. Dain puts him on the apron and clubs away at the back. Dain knees him in the face, but Lumis fights back and puts him in the ring. Lumis gets on the apron, but Dain knees him and leans him over the second rope. Dain goes to the second rope and comes off with a guillotine leg drop for a near fall.

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We come back from the break to see Dain forearm Lumis in the face, but Lumis just stares at him. Dain chops the chest and punches away at him. Dain connects with a pump kick and pulls the straps down. Dain charges for a Divide, but Lumis catches him with a big spinebuster. Lumis gets to his feet, ducks a right hand, and punches away at him. Lumis ducks a clothesline and hits a Lou Thesz Press before punching away at him. Lumis avalanches him and hits a bulldog. Lumis follows up with a back suplex before popping up and hitting a leg drop for a two count.

Lumis goes to the top rope for a senton bomb, but Dain moves. Dain dropkicks him into the corner and hits a cannonball. Dain connects with a powerbomb followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. Dain lifts him up, but Lumis slides out and hits a side uranage. Lumis goes for a submission, but Dain gets out and goes for a powerbomb. Lumis gets out of it, but Dain drops him on the apron. Lumis forearms him back and goes to the top rope, but Dain cuts him off. Lumis pushes him off and comes off the top rope with a senton bomb. Lumis hits a side uranage and applies the Kata Gatame. Dain struggles, but fades away. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by Referee Stoppage: Dexter Lumis

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Roderick Strong. Strong says the last few weeks have been strange. Keith Lee never gave him a rematch so he should automatically be in the Ladder Match. Bronson Reed comes up to him and says the Undisputed ERA have had a million chances. Keith Lee gave up the title so people could have opportunities and he won’t give it up. Johnny Gargano walks up and says he’s going to make history again. Reed says he’s going all out.

Dakota Kai is shown at an undisclosed location. She loved kicking her off the pedestal she put herself on. Next time they meet, she can bring the NXT Women’s Championship.

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Breezango comes out dressed as The Mounties to their old theme song.

Ever-Rise vs. Breezango

Tyler Breeze will start against Chase Parker. Breeze applies a side headlock, but Parker whips him off. Breeze shoulder blocks him down and poses in the corner. Parker takes exception to that. Breeze teases a Supermodel Kick, but Parker drops down. Breeze goes for another one, but Parker drops down again. Matt Martel chants, “D-FENCE” on the apron, so Breeze hits him with a Supermodel Kick. Parker attacks Breeze from behind and rips at his Mountie uniform. Martel tags in as Parker throws Breeze out of the ring. Martel punches away at him and sends him into the barricade before putting him in the ring for an elbow drop. Martel sends Breeze to the corner. Parker tags in and punches Breeze down. Parker goes for a back suplex, but Breeze flips through and tags Fandango in.

Fandango comes in and takes Parker down before hitting Martel. Fandango chops Parker and hits a back body drop. Fandango hits Martel with a back body drop before hitting Parker with a Russian Leg Sweep. Fandango puts a Mountie hat on and hits Ever-Rise with a belly flop off the second rope to the floor. Breeze tags in, and Breezango hits Martel with stereo superkicks. They then hit Parker with stereo superkicks for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Breezango

Tom Phillips talks about the triple threat matches to determine who will compete in the Ladder Match for the NXT North American Championship at NXT TakeOver: XXX.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Dominik Dijakovic. Last week, Karrion Kross suplexed him on the floor and he smashed his head on the concrete. Dijakovic is going to smash Kross with his fists and knees. He’s knocking Kross unconscious.

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NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai will return next week.

Aliyah w/ Robert Stone vs. Shotzi Blackheart

The bell rings, and Aliyah avoids a pump kick. Blackheart punches her down, grabs the legs, shouts, “Welcome to the ball pit,” and hits a double leg drop to the midsection. Blackheart hits a cannonball against the ropes and goes for a splash, but Aliyah moves and Blackheart goes outside in front of Robert Stone. Aliyah attacks Blackheart from behind and puts her in the ring for a two count. Aliyah sends her to the corner and hits an inverted Alabama Slam before slamming her face into the canvas. Aliyah hits a suplex followed by a northern lights suplex for a two count. Aliyah applies a camel clutch Blackheart rolls her up for a two count. Blackheart hits a palm strike, but Aliyah sends her to the corner. Blackheart quickly avalanches her and hits a bulldog. Blackheart kicks her and hits a spinning forearm before kicking her in the head. Blackheart follows up with a vicious back suplex for a two count. Blackheart applies a double chickenwing, but Aliyah gets out and rolls her up with her feet on the ropes, but the referee catches her. Blackheart hits a dropkick followed by a double chickenwing suplex. Blackheart goes to the apron, but Stone gets on. Blackheart pump kicks him off to the floor. Blackheart goes to the top rope and hits a senton splash for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart gets in her mini tank and runs over Robert Stone’s good leg. All of a sudden, Mercedes Martinez blindsides her. Aliyah and Stone look scared, but Martinez walks by them and goes to the back.

Johnny Gargano, Roderick Strong, and Bronson Reed will compete in a triple threat match with the winner going to the Ladder Match at NXT TakeOver: XXX for the NXT North American Championship.

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Video Package: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott compares making music to wrestling. Scott then says Santos Escobar says the Cruiserweight division needs a leader, but Scott is the only one to beat him so far. Next time they meet, he’ll be the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

Triple Threat Match
Johnny Gargano vs. Bronson Reed vs. Roderick Strong

Reed takes down Gargano and Strong quickly. Gargano and Strong try to discuss teaming up at ringside, but they double-cross each other. Reed stomps Gargano’s hand and brings Strong in the ring the hard way. Reed hits a back elbow to Strong. Gargano kicks Reed back and goes for a hurricanrana, but Reed powers him up and hits a scoop slam. Strong forearms Reed in the head, but Reed punches back and takes him down. Reed lifts Strong up and catches Gargano, but Strong powers out and goes for an Olympic Slam. Gargano kicks Strong. Reed then drives Gargano into Strong.

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We come back from the break to see Reed take Strong and Gargano down. Reed hits Gargano with a hip attack to the face in the corner. Reed goes for a suicide dive on Gargano, but Strong knees him in the face. Strong punches away at Reed. Gargano joins in, but Strong pushes him away. They take turns punching away at Strong. Strong and Gargano team up and chop away at Reed. Reed fights back, but Strong chop blocks him. Strong and Gargano go to double whip Reed, but Reed drives them into each other. Strong hits a calf kick to Reed to knock him to a knee. Strong goes for a double underhook backbreaker, but Reed hits a back body drop. Gargano hits Strong with a catapult that sends Strong’s head into Reed’s groin. Reed is knocked out of the ring.

Strong drops Gargano on the apron and hits the ropes, but Gargano hits a slingshot spear. Gargano follows up with a suicide dive on Reed. Strong counters another slingshot spear into a vicious backbreaker for a near fall. Strong sets up for the Stronghold, but Reed gets in the ring and cuts him off. Reed hits Strong with an inverted atomic drop followed by a bionic elbow. Reed then catches Gargano with a reverse DDT while giving Strong a uranage onto him! Gargano and Strong are in the corner, so Reed avalanches them. Reed hits a senton splash on Strong and covers, but Gargano breaks up the pin with a dropkick.

Reed fights back at both men and presses Gargano up. Strong hits a chop block to Reed. They chop him, and Strong goes for an Olympic Slam. Gargano hits Reed with a step-up enzuigiri, and Strong connects with an Olympic Slam on Reed. Gargano throws Strong out of the ring and covers Reed for a near fall. Gargano ties Reed up in the ropes and superkicks him. Gargano goes for another superkick, but Strong hits him with a back breaker. Strong hits the ropes and hits some forearms to Reed. Gargano gets Strong out of the ring. Gargano goes for a baseball slide, but Strong counters into a wheelbarrow attempt. Gargano gets out of it, and they brawl. Reed then wipes them both out with a suicide dive!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Strong and Gargano chopping away at Reed before Reed comes back with a double clothesline. Reed goes for an avalanche on Strong, but Strong boots him back. Reed fights back and stacks up Strong and Gargano before hitting a HUGE Samoan Drop on both of them. Reed covers Gargano for a near fall.

Reed puts Strong on the top rope and viciously chops him. Reed punches Strong in the head and goes to the second rope. Gargano clips Reed’s knee and punches him. Gargano chops the chest and goes to the second rope, grabbing Strong. Strong fights Gargano and tries to lift him on the ropes. Strong clubs Gargano in the back and puts him in the electric chair. Strong goes for a Doomsday Device, but Gargano bends under it and hits Reed with a poisonrana! Strong quickly knees Gargano in the face and covers Reed, but Gargano breaks it up with a superkick!

All three men are down. Strong attacks Reed on the apron, but Reed knocks him back. Gargano goes to ringside and attacks Reed’s knees before going for a powerbomb onto the floor. Reed holds the ropes, but Strong knees him in the face. Gargano then powerbombs Reed off the apron to the floor! Wow!

Strong hits Gargano with a wrecking ball dropkick and puts him in the ring. Strong hits a big knee strike followed by an inverted German Suplex for a near fall! Gargano comes back with a hurricanrana and tries for the Gargano Escape, but Strong gets out. Gargano avoids a kick and rolls him up with a handful of tights, but Strong kicks out. Gargano lawn darts him into the turnbuckles before trying for a superkick. Strong avoids it and hits a Power Breaker. Gargano fights back with a kick and hits One Final Beat! Gargano covers, but Reed connects with a big splash off the top rope on Strong for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed is going to the NXT North American Championship Ladder Match at NXT TakeOver: XXX! There are four more spots to fill.

Footage is shown of Timothy Thatcher forcing Oney Lorcan to tap out three weeks at on Night One of the Great American Bash. They’ll face in a rematch, next.

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Timothy Thatcher vs. Oney Lorcan

They go to lock up, but Lorcan pushes him off. Thatcher grabs at the arm, but Lorcan gets away. Thatcher takes Lorcan down with a front facelock, but Lorcan fights up. Thatcher grabs the arm, but Lorcan fights out and takes him down with a waistlock. Lorcan gets out of an arm lock and grabs Thatcher’s arm. Thatcher punches out, but Lorcan takes him down. Thatcher gets Lorcan on his back and sets up for an arm bar. Lorcan twists out and grabs the leg. Thatcher hits an open palm strike, but Lorcan fights back wiht some chops. Thatcher quickly runs him into the ropes and hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Thatcher then rips at the face, Lorcan fights back. Thatcher hits a head-and-arm suplex for a two count. Thatcher applies a half nelson and applies a bow and arrow stretch. Thatcher leans him on his shoulders for a two count. Lorcan quickly grabs Thatcher’s legs, but Thatcher drives his elbow into the orbital bone. Thatcher quickly grabs a double wristlock, but Lorcan gets a foot on the bottom rope. Thatcher quickly clubs him and hits an uppercut. Thatcher chops the chest and viciously knees him in the midsection for a near fall. Lorcan chops at him and floors him with a pair of running uppercuts. Thatcher rolls out of the ring to recover. Thatcher drags him out of the ring and grabs the double wristlock. Lorcan fights it and sends Thatcher into the ring post.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Thatcher viciously forearming Lorcan in the face. Thatcher clubs him down and applies a half nelson before applying an overhead wristlock. Thatcher sends him to the corner, but Lorcan elbows him back and boots him in the face. Lorcan comes off the second rope with a diving uppercut. Lorcan targets Thatcher’s injured left arm, but Thatcher immediately gets out. Lorcan takes him down with a double wristlock. Thatcher tries to get out, but Lorcan won’t let go. Thatcher viciously chops him and slaps him in the face, but Lorcan takes him down and applies a single leg crab. Lorcan then applies a Fujiwara Arm Bar to the injured arm. Thatcher screams in pain before fishhooking the mouth. Lorcan lets go, chops the injured arm, and hits a half and half suplex for a near fall.

Lorcan is fired up. Lorcan chops the chest. Thatcher puts his arms up to block it, but Lorcan throws them down and chops the chest. Lorcan applies a double wristlock, but Thatcher drives him into the corner. Lorcan won’t release the hold. Thatcher tries to block it, but Lorcan really cinches it in. Thatcher manages to take Lorcan down while still being in the wristlock. Thatcher puts all his body weight on top of Lorcan and grabs some tights with his good arm to pick up the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Timothy Thatcher

McKenzie Mitchell tries to interview Robert Stone, but he’s not interested. He’s still crying over his ankle. Mercedes Martinez comes up to him and says she needs him to handle all the contracts and all the stuff she doesn’t care about so she can do what she does best: hurt people. Stone agrees. She threatens if he steps out of line, she’ll permanently rip off his legs. Aliyah helps Stone up, and he welcomes Martinez to the Robert Stone Brand. She shakes his hand and walks off. Stone celebrates, but then collapses in pain.

Karrion Kross battles Dominik Dijakovic, next.

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Finn Bálor is shown. Bálor says Keith Lee is giving out opportunities… at his level, he doesn’t need charity, but he will take advantage of the fact that Lee isn’t man enough to defend a title. Bálor will take the North American Championship. He’s not playing chess. He’ll tell his next move. Dexter Lumis, Timothy Thatcher… he feels sorry for them. Their opportunity sucks because they have to deal with him. Their pushes just hit the ceiling. At NXT TakeOver, the North American Championship gets what it needs. The Finn rule.

Finn Bálor will take on Dexter Lumis and Timothy Thatcher next week with the winner going to the NXT North American Championship Ladder Match at NXT TakeOver: XXX.

Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett vs. Dominik Dijakovic

The bell rings, and they circle the ring. They go face-to-face in the ring, and Kross looks intense. They lock up and tussle around the ring, jockeying for position before releasing. They lock up again, and Dijakovic powers him to the corner. Dijakovic gives a clean break, but Kross comes back with a kick and applies a front facelock. Dijakovic quickly powers him to the corner, but Kross won’t release the hold. Dijakovic tries again, but Kross keeps it applied. Dijakovic tries to punch out before powering Kross up for Feast Your Eyes. Kross blocks it and tries for a Doomsday Saito. Dijakovic fights it and viciously forearms him out of the ring.

Dijakovic follows him out of the ring, but Kross attacks him and goes for a punch. Kross hits the plexiglass when Dijakovic moves. Dijakovic kicks him down and puts him in the ring. Dijakovic charges him in the corner, but Kross boots him back and kicks him in the head. Kross hits a vicious DDT.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Kross applying an arm bar to Dijakovic. Dijakovic fights up and punches him, but Kross immediately floors him with a Doomsday Saito! Kross goes for a submission, but Dijakovic whips him off. Dijakovic lifts him and knocks him back. Dijakovic fights back and forearms him in the face a few times. Dijakovic kicks and elbows him before hitting a release suplex. Dijakovic floors him with a sit-out chokeslam for a near fall. Kross rolls out of the ring to recover, but Dijakovic catches him with a summersault senton!

Dijakovic gets him to his feet, but Kross quickly sends him head-first into the steel steps. Kross quickly pushes his head down behind the steel steps before kicking them into Dijakovic’s head! Wow! Dijakovic is absolutely unconscious.

The referee makes Kross get in the ring and goes for a count-out, but Kross gets out of the ring and powers the unconscious Dijakovic into the ring. Kross lays him down on the canvas, and Dijakovic starts to come to. Kross powers his arms down and drills him with some forearms to the face. NXT Champion Keith Lee comes down to ringside. Kross stares at him as he continually forearms Dijakovic in the face. The referee wants to end it, but Dijakovic weakly asks to continue. Kross viciously forearms Dijakovic in the face. Lee looks frustrated. Kross saunters around the ring before telling Lee to watch. Kross then applies the Kross Jacket and takes Dijakovic down. The referee ends the match.

Winner by Referee Stoppage: Karrion Kross

Keith Lee gets in the ring and checks on his friend as Kross just stares at him. Kross then leaves the ring with Scarlett.