WWE NXT 03 24 2021

Dakota Kai & Raquel González vs. Io Shirai & Zoey Stark

Kai & González enter first, followed by Stark, with the NXT Women’s Champion entering last. The ref calls for the opening bell and it’s Stark and González who lock up in the center. González throws her off with ease and mocks her. “You think you’re ready little girl?” They lock up again and González overpowers her and pushes her into the corner. The ref breaks it up and González locks Stark in an armbar in the center of the ring. Stark backflips out of it and applies her own arm wringer, hitting kicks to the back. González tries to throw her off the ropes but Stark hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissor. Stark with a series of knees until González hits a reversal and a clothesline to tag in Kai, who does a double stomp for a near fall.

Stark slaps Kai and takes her down to the ground with ease, pushing her into Io Shirai’s corner when they get back up, and Shirai tags in. Shirai does a Matrix move, a drop kick, and kips up to her feet as Kai tries in vain to get on offense. Knees to the face in the corner. González gets pissed off and starts trying to cause a distraction to no avail. Kai goes for a roll up but is kicked away into the ropes. Reverse elbow to the face and Stark tags in to hit Kai with an uppercut and a diving clothesline. Kai kicks out at 2. Stark picks her up but Kai yanks the hair to slam her down and tags González in. Stark with a head scissor and kicks to the body. González catches her on a cross body and they double team Stark for a near fall as we go to commercial!

We’re back with Zoey Stark making the hot tag. Dakota Kai is flapjacked onto her face right as González tags in. Shirai goes corner to corner on both women and nails González with the 6-1-9. Stark tags back as Shirai hits a missile dropkick. González gets back up and Stark hits her with a springboard dropkick, then launches herself over the ropes to wipe out González on the floor. Stark smashes Kai face first into the post, and then González gets the same treatment when she charges. Shirai does a backflip off the ropes to wipe González out and Stark throws González back in. Stark misses with a 450, González plants her in the center of the ring, and both women are down… but Stark is MORE down. González gets up looking at Shirai on the outside, then pulls Stark up by the hair. She boots Shirai in the face as she gets to the apron, then powerbombs Stark and pins her for three.

The winners of this contest: Raquel González and Dakota Kai

González and Shirai face off in the ring. Shirai smells Kai trying to jump her and wipes her out, but González uses the distraction to nail Shirai with a boot to the face, then picks her up and throws her back first into the announce desk! Shirai sells her back and writhes in pain as the referee checks her over, and NXT airs a video package of match highlights. When we come back González smirks and snorts, admiring her devastating handiwork.

This leads to “security footage” of Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly fighting in a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu training facility. McKenzie Mitchell interviews O’Reilly backstage but Roderick Strong interrupts. “We need to go out there and kick his ass.” O’Reilly: “Bro I appreciate that but there is no more us. This is just between me and him.” Strong: “You know what? Both of you, you and Adam, can go to hell.” O’Reilly looks at Mitchell: “Does that answer your question?”

LA Knight is singing for some reason. “I told you a few weeks ago, who’s game is it? It’s LA Knight’s. The ruler is here.” (Slick Rick?) “Tonight, brother, just like that you’re going to find out it’s LA Knight’s game and that’s not an insult, that’s just a fact of life.” Commercial!

Jordan Devlin is pissed off to be doing a promo. “We’re talking about a world class professional athlete plying his trade at the top of his game all over the world. Japan, Europe, America, universally respected, and tonight he’s going one on one with KUSHIDA. Brother tonight you’ve got yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time because I’m going to make an example out of you for Santos Escobar right before NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver.”

Bronson Reed vs. LA Knight

Reed enters first, Knight poses on the ropes and then whips off his jacket and starts poking Reed repeatedly, and Reed chops him down in response as the match gets underway. Reed with a shoulder tackle, a toss, and a power slam. He grounds Knight in a headlock but Knight fights to his feet with shots to the gut. Reed knocks him right back down again and gives him a head butt for good measure. Elbow to the head. Reed ties Knight up in the ropes for a hard chop to the chest. Snap mare takeover and Reed stretches Knight out before he gets back to his feet, and he gets chopped down again. Reed brags him by the tight for a suplex, Knight escapes, Reed tosses him to the ropes, and Knight snaps his neck off the apron to get on offense for the first time. Ground and pound follows. Knight walks around the ring surveying the damage before dropping a knee on his face. Commercial!

LA Knight is in control as we come back from the break. He’s trying to work over the right arm and shoulder, but Reed gets back to his feet. Knight hits a series of short spears to the body in the corner in response, then runs Reed over with a knee to the face. The ref checks to see if Reed is okay. He crawls to the ropes and Knight tries to choke him with them from behind until he’s forced to break. Knight is admonished for a closed fist but hits another. Reed gets back up but misses with a strike and Knight takes control again for an uppercut and a right hand. Reed starts to recover and goes corner to corner but Knight cuts him off with a neck breaker for a near fall.

Knight looks frustrated that he hasn’t put Reed away yet. He charges and Reed delivers a shot. Knight kicks him and Reed “hulks up.” Knight runs into his brick wall of a belly and he follows it with a splash in the corner. Reed with a thunderous choke slam! He goes outside and climbs to the top rope. Knight cuts him off and Reed is crotched on the top turnbuckle. Knight climbs up and appears to be trying to suplex Reed. Reed gives him a headbutt to knock him off and hits the TSUNAMI SPLASH for three.

The winner of this contest: “The Colossal” Bronson Reed

Not exactly an auspicious start to Eli Dra.. I mean LA Knight’s run at the Capitol Wrestling Center. He beat August Grey and then got destroyed by Bronson Reed. He’s going to need a lot to get back on track after that. We go to a graphic confirming that Danny Burch has a separated shoulder and that William Regal was forced to vacate the tag team titles. His recovery is expected to take six months. This has led to a three way between MSK, Grizzled Young Veterans and Legado Del Fantasma on April 7th at night one of Stand & Deliver to crown new champions. Karrion Kross vs. Oney Lorcan is UP NEXT!

A video package of WALTER’s highlights starts our return from commercial, along with a reminder that Drake Maverick will face him later on tonight’s show.

Karrion Kross vs. Oney Lorcan

Kross and Scarlett enter first as smoke fills the Capitol Wrestling Center. Oney Lorcan wasted no time charging to the ring when his music hit — there was still smoke left in the ring when he got there. Kross cares not for his furious assault. He tosses Lorcan out of the ring with ease and rams him face first into the barricade, then clobbers him with a right elbow. Lorcan rolls back into the ring to get away from the offense, then rolls out on the other side before hitting a boot to the gut. Lorcan tried to suplex Kross on the floor, but Kross reverses it with ease. He throws Lorcan back into the ring for shoulders to the gut in the corner. Lorcan hits a couple of chops to get a breather but Kross throws him right back out again. Lorcan spears him into the apron and gets back in the ring. Kross gives chase and eats a dropkick. Lorcan tries to charge again and gets wiped out by a clothesline. Near fall for Kross as we go to a commercial break!

To the surprise of no one Karrion Kross is in control as we come back. Lorcan puts a boot to his throat and only breaks at the ref’s count as Scarlett mocks Lorcan on the outside. Kross goes for an armbar but Lorcan gets a boot on the ropes to escape. Kross growls at Lorcan and picks him up to toss him across the ring with ease. He stands behind Lorcan waiting for him to get back up. “What I did to your boy Danny? I don’t regret it. In fact, I LOVED IT.” Lorcan hits uppercuts in response. Kross charges him and his shoulder his the ring post. Lorcan starts throwing chops and FACE SLAPS as Kross gets back up. Lorcan chops down the left knee, hits two uppercuts, and now he’s the one screaming. Kross ducks his next move and hits a big boot followed by a Saito suplex. Kross with a forearm to the back of the head and this one is all over.

The winner of this contest: Karrion Kross

“I’d like to take a moment, right now, to address the actions of Mr. Bálor from last week. Your actions, had malice, and intention. You know what? I appreciate that. I realized I was giving respect to a man who didn’t appreciate it, who didn’t deserve it. Despite the fact you are a champion, when I held your little neck in my hand, it felt just like anybody else’s. You see Mr. Bálor, when the fuse is lit, there’s no stopping what’s coming next… which is ME.”

That brings out Finn Bálor and the NeXTras are happy to see him! Bálor hast he belt over his left shoulder and a mic in his right hand. He walks down the entrance ramp slowly, casually, stopping right in front of a prone Oney Lorcan. “Last week Kross, you took your best shot, and The Prince is still standing.” He deliberately walks OVER Lorcan. “But what you really done last week, is you showed me your weakness.” He steps through the ropes. “You see when a man’s young, he fights with emotion, uncontrollable emotion. Some people call it demons, but really, it’s just emotion. It wasn’t until I learned to control my emotion, to be cold, that I became untouchable in this ring. You? You still fight with emotion. Everything you do is a reaction, and in those moments, you’re sloppy. In those moments, you’re vulnerable. At Takeover Stand & Deliver, I’m gonna push you to the point where you only have two options. One — you surprise everyone and you master your emotions, or two — what I believe will happen, is a repeat of last week and your emotions master you. And when they do? I’m gonna drag you into the cold, deep water, and with no emotion, I’m gonna drown you.” They stand face to face in the ring to end the segment.

William Regal. “Good evening. It’s time to announce who will face Johnny Gargano for the NXT North American champions at Stand & Deliver. Next week there will be a 12 man battle royal, and the final six participants in that battle royal will qualify for the gauntlet eliminator. The order in which those final six superstars are eliminated will determine their entry order. Two men will start in the eliminator, and a fresh competitor will enter every three minutes. Pinfall or submission will determine the eliminations until one man remains. That man will go on to face Johnny Gargano on night two of Takeover: Stand & Deliver. Best wishes to all competitors in next week’s battle royal.” Commercial!

KUSHIDA has a message for Jordan Devlin with the help of subtitles. “For me it’s all about competition and you are one of the best. For the past year I’ve been taking down every superstar that steps in the ring. Tonight you are going to find out what happens when you face the best technical wrestler, KUSHIDA!”

WALTER vs. Drake Maverick

Drake Maverick is already in the ring. That’s not a good sign for what’s coming. Wade Barrett has some bad news for Maverick: “This can’t possibly end well.” WALTER is flanked by The Imperium as he makes his imperial march down to the ring, with the NXT UK championship firmly around his waist. The NeXTras are booing. I’m not. WALTER is on my short list for favorite people to watch in pro wrestling in the last few years. Maverick charges him as the bell rings and he’s easily overpowered. WALTER powerbombs him and turns him over in a cloverleaf for the submission, but he’s already out cold, so the ref stops the action.

The winner of this contest by referee stoppage: WALTER

This brings out a pissed off Tommaso Ciampa! Imperium stand together with the champion. Ciampa: “A couple of weeks ago, I said that YOU intrigue me. I misspoke. THAT, intrigues me.” He’s pointing at the NXT UK title. “So let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? You know what I want, they know what I want, so what do you say big man? WALTER, Ciampa, NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver, for THAT NXT UK championship.” I like it. I like everything about it. WALTER tries to walk away, Ciampa tries to stop him, and he gets a beatdown from Imperium for his efforts. WALTER rips the chain off his neck and then CHOPS HIM IN HALF. Ciampa crawls over to grab it. WALTER puts a knee to his head and says “I’ll see you at Takeover!!” This leads us to Pete Dunne cutting a promo saying he’ll dominate the battle royal next week, where “The Bruiserweight” will become North American champion.

Video package of Robert Stone offering Mercedes Martinez offering her money to take Jessi Kamea’s place airs, and that match is UP NEXT after the break!

Johnny Gargano barges into William Regal’s office after the commercial break, and Regal mocks him for wearing the North American title around his waist. “Regal are you cuckoo bananas? Johnny Takeover deserves better.” Regal: “If you’re Johnny Takeover, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. What I suggest is you study your competitors.” Gargano storms out muttering “I’m not shutting your door!”

Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart (champs) vs. Aliyah & Mercedes Martinez (NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles match)

Aliyah and Mercedes Martinez are already in the ring when we go back to center stage. Shotzi and Ember Moon come out in the tank and Blackheart is howling at the moon per usual. The referee holds up both title belts and calls for the bell, so we’re not getting the “big match intro” this week. Martinez and Moon start the match. Moon face plants her and tags Blackheart in. Blackheart and Moon double team Martinez in the babyface corner and Blackheart wipes her out. Robert Stone starts taking off his clothes and throwing a fit to distract the referee. Martinez carries Blackheart on her shoulders as Aliyah tags in for a near fall when Martinez drops her. Aliyah charges her into the heel corner and tags Martinez back in. Blackheart fights them off with elbows but Aliyah kicks Moon off the apron before she can make the tag and drags Blackheart to their corner by her hair. Double team move on Blackheart for two.

Aliyah tags back in, but Moon finally gets the hot tag and starts cleaning house. Power bomb is broken up by Martinez just before three. The ref tells her to get out. Blackheart gives her a DDT to make her roll out in pain. Moon goes to the top rope for an ECLIPSE! One, two, three. The champions retain.

The winners of this contest and STILL champions: Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart

That whole thing felt rushed. On top of that we go to Cameron Grimes backstage trying to pitch an idea to Roderick Strong — he wants to buy the intellectual property of The Undisputed Era. Strong responds exactly the way you think he would — he DECKS HIM in the face. KUSHIDA vs. Jordan Devlin is next!

Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae confront the women’s tag team champions backstage and vow to show them “The Way” on their time, at their convenience, and the champions mock them right back. “Don’t be jeally!!”

Jordan Devlin (cruiserweight champ) vs. KUSHIDA (non-title match)

Devlin entered first, followed by KUSHIDA in his Marty McFly “Time Splitters” ring jacket. Kind of makes me wish Alex Shelley was in NXT again. Oh well. (Conversely you might also wish they were BOTH back in New Japan. Make up your own mind which would be better.) The bell rings and KUSHIDA goes for a single leg takedown, immediately twisting Devlin’s left leg, but he rolls back to his feet. They trade arm wrings and Devlin leaps over KUSHIDA before planting him and hitting a standing moonsault for one. The announce team tease that settling the issue between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly is our non-wrestling main event tonight. KUSHIDA snaps the left elbow of Devlin and unloads with a kick in the corner, then continues to snap the arm in the center of the ring. Devlin hits a jaw jacker and charges but is floated over to the apron. KUSHIDA charges but Devlin leaps to the second rope and hits a backspring moonsault right into the commercial break!

Devlin has KUSHIDA in a chinlock when we come back, but he hits an enzuigiri to get back into the match. Bulldog by KUSHIDA puts Devlin down on the mat and the NeXTras chant his name. KUSHIDA is looking for the Hoverboard Lock but Devlin gets a rope break. KUSHIDA brings him back to the center of the ring but Devlin escapes and goes for a small package when KUSHIDA wants another submission. Devlin with the cutter for a near fall. (Now I’m kind of wishing Will Ospreay was here.) Devlin wrings out his left arm and pulls up his tights. Devlin Inside is blocked by KUSHIDA. Devlin tries putting him on the top rope instead. Legado Del Fantasma come out for the distraction and KUSHIDA uses it for a suplex into a cross arm breaker. Devlin gets a rope break but Legado drag him out to the floor. Escobar mocks him from the top of the entrance ramp. Devlin ducks the flunkies, dives back into the ring, and bridges KUSHIDA for the pin!

The winner of this contest: Jordan Devlin

A furious KUSHIDA charges out of the ring to attack Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde! Meanwhile Santos Escobar gets in the ring to confront Devlin. They get face to face and exchange words before SHAWN MICHAELS’ MUSIC HITS?! What’s going on here!!

HBK walks down to the ring, cowboy hat on his head, pulls up the apron and pulls out a ladder. He tosses it into the ring and both men look at it, then take the hint and both stand over the ladder holding their titles in the air. It looks like our unification match at Takeover is now a LADDER MATCH. The ruling from Regal on Cole and O’Reilly is up next! Michaels smirks at Adam Cole as he arrives before the commercial break.

WWE NXT results courtesy of cagesideseats.com