WWE Tribute To The Troops 2015

TTTT 2015

Photo courtesy of WWE.com

WWE Tribute to the Troops 2015
December 23rd, 2015
Jacksonville, FL
Report by Josh Lopez for Wrestlezone.com

Jo-Jo starts the show off with the singing of the National Anthem.

The Family, The League of Nations and The Wyatt Family In-Ring Promo:

Roman Reigns welcomes us to Tribute to the Troops. Tonight is about putting smile’s on peoples faces. On behalf of Reigns family he thanks the troops for their amazing service to this country. League of Nations come out to interrupt The Family. Sheamus appreciates United States, but it’s not the best country in the world. Barrett says that the British has better food and teeth. Barrett calls American food rubbish. Del Rio calls American TV trash. Everything is about zombies, dragons, lawyers and hacks, but where’s the beautiful women or real football. Sheamus says that Ireland has the greatest food, women and gingers in the world.

Reigns says that people from Ireland have the smallest tater tots. Reigns calls the League of Nations down to the ring and the family will show the Nation what happens when you mock the red, white and blue. The League of Nations come down the ramp, but the Wyatt Family music hits. The lights come back on in the arena and The Dudley Boyz music hits. Dudley Boyz bring out Ryback and Kane. All hell breaks lose as the four groups engage in a complete and other donnie brook.

First Celebrity Tribute to the Troops Shoutouts:

The cast of the Voice (Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell, Christina Aguilera and Carson Daley) give their shoutouts to the troops.

First Match: Rusev w/Lana vs. Jack Swagger in a Boot Camp Match 

Swagger and Rusev lock up. Rusev shoves Swagger to the corner. Rusev and Swagger with another lock up and Swagger shoves Rusev down to the mat. Swagger with a takedown and applies the Patriot Lock. Rusev is reaching the bottom rope and Lana grabs a ammo box under the ring and hands it off to Rusev. Rusev attacks Swagger with the ammo box. Rusev with a headbutt to Swagger. Swagger sends Rusev over the top rope. Swagger with a running clothesline to Rusev on the outside. Rusev attacks Swagger in the back with a foot locker and a camo helmet. Rusev rolls Swagger back into the ring and goes for a pin attempt and Swagger kicks out at two. Rusev shoves his knee in the back of the head of Swagger. Swagger with right hands to Rusev. Rusev with a boot to the face of Swagger for a two count.

Rusev sends Swagger to the outside. Lana hands off the Bulgarian Flag to Rusev and he waves it around to taunt the Jacksonville crowd. Rusev puts a foot locker in the middle of the second rope. Rusev with a right hand that knocks Swagger off the ring apron. Swagger grabs the American Flag and he waves it around. Swagger four running clotheslines to Rusev. Swagger with the Swagger Bomb to Rusev for a two count. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock and Rusev gets out of the hold. Rusev with a superkick to Swagger for a two count. Rusev goes for another kick, but Swagger counters with the Patriot Lock. Rusev gets out of the hold and Swagger sends Rusev to the metal case that was put in the middle of the second rope. Swagger with another Patriot Lock and Rusev finally taps.

Winner: Jack Swagger via Submission 

Second Celebrity Tribute to the Troops Shoutouts:

We see a video package of Titus O’Neil and Batista spending time with the Navy Seals. Harrison Ford from Star Wars & Indiana Jones and the host of the Soup on E! Joel Mchale gives a shoutout to the Troops.

Second Match: Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas 

Dallas slaps Henry. Henry with a headbutt to Dallas. Dallas with right hands to the back of Henry. Dallas with boots to the ribs of Henry in the corner. Bo runs around the ring. Henry finish Dallas off with the World Strongest Slam to pickup the victory.

Winner: Mark Henry 

Veteran Rock Group Train perform their hit “Merry Christmas Everybody” from their brand new album “Christmas in Tahoe”!

Actor Wesley Snipes gives a shoutout to the troops.

Third Match: Kevin Owens vs. Ryback 

Ryback drives Owens to the corner. Ryback with shoulders to the midsection of Owens. Ryback with a back body drop to Owens. Owens tries to suplex Ryback, but Ryback powers out and suplexes Owens. Owens with right hands to Ryback. Owens with a knee drop to the back of Ryback. Owens applies a chin lock. Ryback with right hands to the ribs of Owens. Ryback with two shoulder tackles to Owens. Ryback with a spinebuster. Ryback connects with the Meat Hook Clothesline. Ryback puts Owens up in position for the Shell Shock, but Owens escapes and lands on the ring apron. Ryback knocks Owens off the ring apron. Owens decides to not come back into the ring and gets intentionally counted out.

Winner: Ryback via Countout

Actor/Comedian Howie Mandel from Deal or No Deal & America’s Got Talent comes out and performs a standup act. Little known fact Mandel was a amateur wrestler in high school.

Fourth Match: Paige & Team BAD vs. Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Team Bella (Brie Bella & Alicia Fox)

Naomi and Charlotte start things off. Charlotte with a armdrag to Naomi. Naomi bounces Charlotte head off the top turnbuckle. Charlotte with chops to the chest of Naomi. Charlotte with a knee drop and tags in Brie. Brie with kicks to the chest of Naomi. Brie with a running dropkick. Tamina tags herself in and clothesline Brie for a two count. Tamia tags in Banks. Banks with boots to the chest of Brie in the corner. Banks drag Brie back to the corner and tags in Paige. Paige with a running knee to Brie for a two count.

Paige Irish whips Brie to the corner and tags in Naomi. Brie with right hands to Naomi. Brie sends Naomi face first to the top turnbuckle. Naomi tags in Tamina and tries to creates separation, but Brie with a dropkick and tags in Lynch. Tamina sends Lynch onto the ring apron. Lynch with a flying dropkick to Tamina for a two count. Charlotte with a spear to Naomi. Paige superkicks Charlotte. Fox with a big boot to Paige. Tamina tags in Banks. Banks knocks Lynch off the ring apron. Banks with the Bank Statement and Fox taps out.

Winner: Paige & Team BAD via Submission 

Train comes back out and performs one of their biggest hits Drops of Jupiter!

Fifth Match: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Usos, The Dudley Boyz, Ryback and Kane vs. The League of Nations & The Wyatt Family 

Ambrose with a clothesline to Rowan. Ambrose tags in Jey. Jey with a uppercut to Rowan. Jey tags in Jimmy. Jimmy with a running forearm to Rowan. Rowan with a shoulder tackle to Jimmy. Rowan tags in Harper. Harper with uppercuts to Jimmy. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jey with a flying elbow drop to Harper. Jey tags in Bubba. Bubba with a flying elbow drop to Harper. Bubba with a back body drop to Harper. Harper tags in Strowman. Bubba and Strowman have a stare off and Bubba tags in Kane.

Kane with right hands to Strowman. Kane with a boot to Strowman. Kane tries to bodyslam Strowman, but Strowman powers out with a bodyslam of his own. Strowman tags in Sheamus. Sheamus with boots to the chest of Strowman. The League of Nations exchange rapid fire tags and boots to the chest of Kane in the corner. Kane knocks member of the Wyatt Family & League of Nations off the ring apron. Jey with a boot to Harper. Jey rolls Harper up for a two count. Jey tags in Jimmy. Harper with the Winds of Change to Jimmy for a two count. Harper tags in Wyatt. Wyatt with a running senton to Jimmy. Wyatt tags in Rusev. Rusev blocks Jimmy away from the other side of the ring. Rusev with a waist lock. Jimmy with a back elbows to Rusev.

Rusev drives Jimmy to the corner. Rusev tags in Sheamus. Sheamus with a front face slam to Jimmy. Jimmy with a high kick to the head of Sheamus. The League of Nations & The Wyatts knock The Dudleys, Ryback & The Family off the ring apron. Sheamus tags in Harper. Harper with a side headlock. Jimmy tags in Ambrose. Ambrose with right hands to Harper. Ambrose with a running bulldog to Harper. Ambrose goes up top and dives over Harper. Ambrose with a bodyslam. Ambrose with a elbow drop to Harper for a two count. All hell breaks loose as a donnie brook ensues. The Dudley’s with the What’s Up spot to Rowan. D-Von goes to grab a table, but The League of Nations lay out the Dudleys. Ambrose with a suicide dive to Del Rio. Reigns knocks Sheamus down. The Usos with a suicide dive to Rowan and Rusev on the outside. Harper with a superkick to Ambrose. Ambrose rebounds with a Rebound Clothesline. Wyatt comes back in and connects with the Sister Abigail to Ambrose. Kane chokeslams Wyatt. Strowman comes in and gets Kane in the Strowman sleeper hold. Reigns with a Super Man Punch to Strowman. Ryback clothesline Strowman over the top rope. Ambrose with the Dirty Deeds to pickup the victory.

Winner: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Usos, Ryback, Kane and The Dudley Boyz