WWE Armageddon 2005

  • December 18, 2005 – Providence, Rhode Island ;
    • John Bradshaw Layfield w/Jillian Hall b Matt Hardy;
    • MNM (Mercury & Nitro) defeated The Mexicools;
    • Bobby Lashley b William Regal & Paul Burchill;
    • Kid Kash b Juventud Guerrera -Cruiserweight Title-;
    • Chris Benoit b Booker T -Best of Seven Series-;
    • The Big Show & Kane beat Batista & Rey Mysterio;
    • The Undertaker beat Randy Orton -Hell in a Cell-;

    • MATCH: Jamie Noble defeated Sho Funaki by Dragon Sleeper submission..
  2. MATCH: John Bradshaw Layfield defeated Matt Hardy..
  3. TAG MATCH: MNM (Mercury & Nitro w/Melina) defeated The Mexicools (Psicosis & Super Crazy)..
  4. BEST OF 7 SERIES MATCH #4: Chris Benoit defeated Booker T w/Sharmell by Submission (3-1)..
  5. IN THE RING: Theodore Long & Palmer Cannon + Santa Clause (Vito) & an Elf (Nunzio) + The Boogeyman..
    • Big Vito & Nunzio told Theodore Long & Palmer Cannon that they wanted a Tag Title shot for doing this..
    • The Boogeyman came out instead and destroyed Nunzio & Big Vito and opened Santa’s bag to find 1000s of worms!
    • The Boogeyman pulled out a big handful of worms and shoved them into Bit Vito’s mouth..
    • The ring was covered with live worms by the end of this segment..
  6. HANDICAP MATCH: Bobby Lashley defeated William Regal & Paul Burchill..
  7. LOCAL BAR: Josh Mathews & Tim White..
    • Josh Mathews was at “The Friendly Tap” which is former referee Tim White’s business..
    • Anyway, Josh Mathews found Tim White, whose referee career was ended after an injury during a Hell in a Cell match..
    • Tim White is now a drunk, saying Hell in a Cell ruined his life, his wife left him and his family won’t talk to him..
    • Tim White pulled out a rifle and threatened to commit suicide and a gunshot was heard as the segment ended (booo!)..
  8. CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Kid Kash defeated Juventud Guerrera to win the title!
  9. TAG MATCH: The Big Show & Kane defeated Batista & Rey Mysterio..
  10. HELL IN A CELL: The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton w/Cowboy Bob Orton..
    • By the end of this match, The Undertaker, Randy Orton, Cowboy Boy AND referee Nick Patrick were bloodied!
    • Nick Patrick was stretchered out and Charles Robinson was attacked by Cow Bob Orton when he tried to count..
    • The Undertaker whacked both Ortons with the urn, the hit them both with Tombstones and pinned Randy to win….
  11. And that’s a wrap folks…