WWE Breaking Point 2009

September 13, 2009 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Evan Bourne defeated Chavo Guerrero (Dark Match)
Chris Jericho & Big Show beat MVP & Mark Henry (Tag Team Titles)
Kofi Kingston defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin (United States Title)
Legacy defeated Degeneration-X (Submissions Count Anywhere Match)
Christian defeated William Regal (ECW Championship Mach)
John Cena defeated Randy Orton (I Quit Match / WWE Championship)
C.M. Punk defeated The Undertaker (World Heavyweight Title)


Evan Bourne defeated Chavo Guerrero:

Chris Jericho & The Big Show defeated Montel Vontavious Porter & Mark Henry to retain the Unified Tag Team titles: MVP and Mark Henry were basically wearing the same outfit, except Mark’s used three times as much material to make. A few minutes into the match, Mark Henry and Big Show finally locked up for a collosal confrontation – and the fans Canadian chanted “Let’s Go Big Show!” Big Show went for an Avalanche in the corner, but Henry miraculously cought him in mid-air and threw him into the corner! Moments later, Henry went for the bodyslam, but Jericho interfered to prevent it from happening! Eventually MVP got a hot tag and got several near falls over Jericho. Later in the match, Henry got some big offense and got several near falls as well. The referee was checking on Jericho when the Big Show got up and knocked Henry out with a right hand punch to the face! Jericho covered Henry and scored the 1-2-3 to retain the Unified Tag Team champions!

Josh Mathews & Legacy (Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes): Cut a promo on DX, saying they represent the past, while Legacy is the future of the WWE. DiBiase compared DX to “these stupid glow sticks” – they’re fun and entertaining, but after a while, that glow burns out, you lose interest, and then you throw them away!

Kofi Kingston defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin to retain the WWE United States title : This match was added at the last minute, even after the John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler match was scratched from the card due to time constraints. Before the match, the Miz cut a pretty impressive promo in French for the Montreal fans. It ended with “je suis the Miz, at je suis AWESOME!” They wrestled the first part of this match like a couple of cruiserweights – so why not bring back the Cruiserweight title? The fans were really hard on the Miz, even though he was working his ass off for their entertainment. The fans really got into this match, especially when Kofi was repeatedly kicking the Miz in the ribs.

IN THE RING: Before the Submissions Count Anywhere match, DX started doing their “Are You Ready?” stuff on the mic. The crowd began to chant “you screwed Bret!” at Shawn Michaels – so Triple H stopped in his tracks and addressed it. Triple H said there was an incident many years ago, and blamed it all on Shawn Michaels, claiming he (HHH) wasn’t even there. HHH literally pointed at Michaels and said “it was all his fault!” and the crowd erupted! HHH finished up by yelling, “let’s get ready to suck it!” and Michaels followed up, “and if you’re not down with that I got two words for ya!” – of course the crowd yelled “SUCK IT!”

Legacy (Ted DiBiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes) defeated DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels): Legacy hit the ring and the fight began hot and heavy, brawling in and around the ringside area. Soon the brawl spilled over the guard rail and into the crowd, putting thousands of fans in danger. They worked their way up the steps towards the top of the arena. HHH & Rhodes ended up in the consession area. Michaels & DiBiase also ended up right beside them. DX put Legacy in stereo Figure-4 Leglocks while the fans chanted “you screwed Bret!” and “Olay Olay Olay!” They fought down the steps and back to the ring. DX placed Rhodes stomach-down on a steel chair and both began to stretch him until DiBiase broke it up. They once again battled away from the ring and into the stands. Michaels took a fall off a balcony onto a dark gimmicked floor area. The referee called for help, and they played it off as if Michaels was out of the match. Triple H fought both members of Legacy on the stage. They went behind the curtain and Legacy double-teamed HHH mercilessly. DiBiase put HHH in the Million Dollar Dream, but HHH fought out of it and Spine-busted DiBiase through a catering table (impressive!). HHH put RHodes in the STF until DiBiase bashed him with a cooler. HHH was knocked out cold. Rhodes bashed HHH once more with a chair to the head! The Legacy guys went back out to the arena and ganged up on the already-battered Shawn Michaels – dragging him back to the ring. Michaels fought valiantly, but couldn’t maintain the advantage. Michaels knocked out Rhodes with a super-kick! Cameras showed Triple H waking up backstage. Michaels put Rhodes in the Figure-4 until DiBiase broke it up. Legacy tried to hit Michaels with a Spike Pile-driver, but Michaels squirmed out of it. Michaels set up for a super-kick on DiBiase, but Rhodes grabbed his foot and crotched him around the ring post! Rhodes put Michaels in a Figure-4 Leglock around the ring post while DiBiase applied the Million Dollar Dream at the same time! Triple H began to crawl down the ramp to help his partner, but he couldn’t make it to the ring in time – so Michaels ended up tapping out! Triple H crawled into the ring, but Legacy slipped out and retreated backstage with HUGE smiles on their faces!!

Josh Mathews & WWE champion Randy Orton: Josh Mathews asked Randy Orton what his reaction was to Legacy’s victory over DX. Orton said he had no reaction, adding that he knew Legacy would win. Orton was messing with Mathews psychologically, with a mellow tone in his voice. One of the best promos of Orton’s career.. talking about what he was going to do to John Cena tonight!

Kane defeated the Great Khali w/Ranjin Singh: There were multiple singapore canes available from all four ring posts of the ring. They bashed each other with the canes, leaving painful marks all over their bodies. The showed very little appreciation, and some even chanted “boring!” Ranjin Singh got involved, and ended up getting choked out by Kane. Khali bashed Kane and went to check on Singh. Kane whacked Khali with a cane and continued the assault. Kane set up for a choke-slam and actually managed to land one! Kane scored the 1-2-3 to win the match. Todd Grisham proclaimed “EVIL REIGNED SUPREME!”

Eve Torres & World Heavyweight champion C.M. Punk + Jimmy Wang Yang: C.M. Punk cut a promo, even mentioning Jeff Hardy’s recent “arrest” reported in the media. Punk said the power of a straight edge lifestyle can beat the power of the Undertaker. Suddenly the lights went out and Punk began to freak out, but it turned out to be Jimmy Wang Yang playing a prank. Punk destroyed Yang for making a fool of him..

Christian defeated William Regal to retain the ECW championship: William Regal was accompanied to the ring by Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson, but they were immediately banned them from ringside by order of ECW General Manager Tiffany! This was a lot more competitive than their SummerSlam match. The finish saw Regal counter the Killswitch three times. Regal went for the running knee to the head, but Christian avoided it and successfully planted Regal with the Killswitch for the win!

LIVE INTRODUCTION: Pat Patterson.. they pushed the fact that he was the first ever Intercontinental champion exactly 30 years earlier. Patterson cut a promo in French. Patterson said he started in Montreal in 1958 and now he is known all over the world as the first Intercontinental champion. Dolph Ziggler, who wants to become the NEXT Intercontinental champion, interrupted Patterson’s speech. Patterson had some fun with Ziggler, but also said he had a bright future and wished him luck. Ziggler took the microphone and shot insults at the Hall of Fame legend. This segment went on way too long, but Ziggler eventually kicked him in the guts! Ziggler threatened to continue the assault, but Intercontinental champion John Morrison made the save!

John Cena defeated Randy Orton to win the WWE championship: They both started off cautiously, but the first declaration of violence happened when Randy Orton bashed John Cena over the head with a television monitor! Orton planted Cena with a hanging DDT, and then retrieved a chair from ringside. Orton set up for an RKO on the chair, but Cena countered and mounted a come-back. Cena hit the five-knuckle-shuffle, but Orton squirmed out of the Attitude Adjustment. Orton set up for the punt kick to the head, but Cena avoided it. Cena went for the STF, but Orton squirmed out and escaped. Orton lifted the top half of the ring steps and bashed Cena in the skull with it! Orton put Cena’s head face down on the ring steps and stomped him repeatedly. The referee asked Cena several times if he wanted to quit, but Cena’s response was NO. Orton found some handcuffs and handcuffed John Cena to the ropes. Orton put the key around his own neck and proceeded to beat the crap out of Cena! The referee asked Cena if he wanted to quit and Cena yelled “NO!” Orton bashed Cena in the head with the microphone! Orton unlocked the cuffs, and recuffed Cena before hanging him up and over the ring post! Orton repeatedly punched Cena in the ribs and forehead. Cena looked like he was going to pass out, so Orton poured water over his head to wake him up. The referee asked Cena is he wanted to quit, and Cena spit in Orton’s face! Orton began smashing Cena in the stomach and ribs with a kendo stick and finally one shot to the head – but Cena refused to QUIT! Orton began to choke Cena with the stick, but Cena escaped by kicking Orton in the crotch! Cena pulled himself off the ring post and fell to the floor – showing off the scars on his abs left by the kendo stick shots. Cena prepared to make his come-back but Orton smashed him with a chair! Orton unlocked one end of the cuffs and recuffed Cena to the bottom turnbuckle. Orton picked up a chair and bashed Cena with it (actually making more contact with the ring post). Cena screamed in agony, but when he was asked if he wanted to quit, he quietly responded with a NO. A second chairshot missed, and vibrated Orton’s fingers. Cena backdropped Orton and snatched the key from around Orton’s neck. Cena released himself and hand-cuffed himself to Orton, causing Orton to freak out. Cena went crazy, attacking Orton with fists of fury. Cena’s rally was snuffed out by Orton connecting with an RKO! Orton spotted the key to the cuffs across the ring but couldn’t drag Cena over to retrieve it. Cena then jumped on Orton and forced him to say I QUIT using the STF with the hand-cuff chain wrapped around Orton’s throat!

C.M. Punk defeated The Undertaker by Submission to retain the World Heavyweight title: The match was cut short (about eight minutes) because they were running out of time on the PPV. Most of the match was spent with Undertaker on offense and C.M. Punk playing the cowardly heel. The Undertaker initially won by tap out using the Hell’s Gate finisher, but General Manager Theodore Long came out and reminded everyone that Vickie Guerrero banned the move during her time as SmackDown! G.M. .. This submission match continued, and moments later C.M. Punk applied the Anaconda Vice on the Undertaker for the victory! The bell rang two second after Punk applied the hold and it was clear that the Undertaker did not tap out of submit. Undertaker quickly realized that he was in Montreal, the home of the SCREWJOB.