WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

WWE Elimination Chamber Results
February 17, 2019
Houston, Texas
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show highlighting the big matches we’ll see on tonight’s show. The Road to WrestleMania is in full swing as it runs through the Elimination Chamber.

Beth Phoenix will be on commentary for the Elimination Chamber match to determine the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships – Elimination Chamber
Carmella and Naomi vs. Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan vs. The IIconics vs. Nia Jax and Tamina vs. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley

Sasha Banks and Bayley will start against Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Rose and Deville kick them down. Rose and Deville send Bayley into the ropes, but Bayley takes them down. Banks connects with a dropkick on Deville. Bayley and Banks hit stereo hip tosses and double knees for a two count. Banks and Bayley snap them off the middle rope. Deville and Rose are on the steel floor. Banks hits them with a double cross-body on the floor. Bayley covers Deville for a near fall. Deville makes a comeback and spears Banks down for a two count. Rose quickly catches Bayley with a backbreaker for a two count. Rose and Deville send Bayley and Banks outside. Rose and Deville send them into the Chamber wall. Rose gets Banks in the ring for a two count. Rose gets her foot stuck in the wall, and Bayley delivers a neckbreaker.

Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan join the match.

Logan and Morgan quickly come in and unload on the four women in the match. Logan slams Banks’ arm off the Chamber pod before head-butting Bayley down on the steel floor. Logan and Morgan get in the ring and go face-to-face with Rose and Deville. They trade punches and kicks. Morgan and Deville trade punches and stumble through a spot. Deville then lays Morgan out with a knee to the face. Bayley runs in and covers Morgan for a two count. Bayley hits Rose with a running knee before catching Deville with one. Bayley clotheslines Morgan and gives Logan a back suplex. Bayley goes to the top rope, but Rose cuts her off. Rose and Deville go for a superplex on Bayley, but Morgan and Logan run up to add a powerbomb.

The IIconics join the match.

The IIconics run in and cover everyone, but they all kick out. The IIconics send Morgan and Logan shoulder-first into the ring post. They bring Bayley into the ring and kick her, but Banks breaks up the pin. They take Banks down with a big boot for a near fall. Billie Kay screams in frustration. They grind Bayley and Banks’ faces into the Chamber wall. Kay forearms Bayley down. Peyton Royce hits a sloppy senton on the floor. They get Banks and Bayley in the ring and pick up a near fall. The IIconics send Deville and Rose in the Chamber walls before doing the same to the Riott Squad.

Naomi and Carmella join the match.

Naomi and Carmella kick The IIconics down before putting them in the corner. Naomi and Carmella hit Bronco Busters. The crowd is definitely talking some trash to Carmella. Carmella counters a powerbomb from Kay into a hurricanrana into the Chamber wall. Carmella then kicks Logan in the face. Naomi hits Logan with a split-legged moonsault, but Morgan breaks up the pin. Carmella hits Morgan with a cross-body block for a two count. Everyone starts running wild in the ring. Everyone is now down following some rapid pace moves. Nia Jax and Tamina start pounding on their pod walls. Deville spears Carmella. Carmella comes back with a submission, but Rose breaks it up. Rose poses until she turns and sees Naomi. Naomi punches away at her, but Rose knees her down. Naomi hits a springboard Rear View on Rose. The IIconics then rolls Naomi up to eliminate her.

Naomi and Carmella have been eliminated by The IIconics.

The remaining tag teams surround The IIconics, but the clock begins to count down.

Nia Jax and Tamina join the match.

Jax and Tamina quickly run through the field. The crowd is loudly booing them. Jax and Tamina stand alone in the ring. The IIconics run into a pod and close the doors to hide. Jax and Tamina walk up to the pod and power the doors open. They grab The IIconics and begin slinging them both into the Chamber wall. Jax and Tamina put The IIconics in the ring before hitting stereo Samoan Drops to eliminate them.

The IIconics have been eliminated by Nia Jax and Tamina.

Morgan and Logan quickly knee Jax and Tamina. Morgan hits Jax with a hurricanrana into the corner. Logan hits double knees. They hit Tamina with diamond dust, but Jax breaks it up. Rose and Deville take Jax down, but she kicks out. Banks and Bayley take down Rose and Deville. They slam both Morgan and Logan down for a two count. Bayley goes to catapult Deville into Rose, but Rose moves. Seems like that was a botch. They double stack Deville and Rose on the ropes for Banks to hit double knees. Jax and Tamina then avalanche Bayley and Banks. Logan and Morgan go to the top of the pod and hit Tamina and Jax with cross-body blocks on the Chamber floor. They pick up a two count.

Morgan kicks Jax away and climbs the ropes. Jax grabs her and hits a Samoan Drop on Morgan off the second rope. Tamina then comes off the top rope with a Superfly Splash on both members of The Riott Squad to eliminate them.

Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan have been eliminated by Nia Jax and Tamina.

Jax picks Banks up and tosses her over the top rope. Jax does the same to Bayley. Jax goes to avalanche Bayley, but winds up running through the pod glass when Bayley moves. Jax is out, and Tamina looks nervous. Rose and Deville attack Tamina before Banks hits a meteora on her. Bayley drops an elbow on Tamina, and all the women cover her to pick up the elimination.

Nia Jax and Tamina have been eliminated by Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville.

The two teams that started the match are the last ones left. Banks knees Rose down. Deville rolls Banks up, but Bayley breaks it up. Banks hits a backstabber on Deville, and Bayley follows up with Bayley-To-Belly, but Rose breaks it up. Banks cannot believe it. Rose climbs the wall and goes to the top of the pod. Bayley and Banks climb to grab her. They bounce Rose off the glass. Deville climbs the wall to get to them. Rose punches Bayley off the pod to the floor. Deville then spears Bayley into the support beam of the pod. Banks climbs down and takes Deville down. Rose attacks Banks from behind and hits her with the Bed of Roses for a near fall. Rose covers again for a near fall. Deville accidentally spears Rose after some miscommunication. Banks then goes for the Bank Statement on Deville, and Deville taps out.

Winners by Submission: Sasha Banks and Bayley

Sasha Banks and Bayley are the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Charly Caruso comes into the ring, and they wait for the crowd to chant, “You deserve it.” Banks says they do this not just for themselves or the fans, but also the people in the back. Banks and Bayley hug.

Video Package: Smackdown Tag Team Championships match

Smackdown Tag Team Championships
The Miz and Shane McMahon (c’s) vs. The Usos

The Miz comes out and congratulates Sasha Banks and Bayley. The Miz dedicates this match to his father, Monroe Sky, and his wife, Maryse. Maryse comes out and joins him. Miz says when they have a big announcement, he wants to make it in WWE. Maryse takes the microphone and says they’re having another baby! They kiss while the crowd cheers. Shane McMahon then makes his entrance, and Maryse goes to the back.

The Miz starts off against Jimmy Uso. They circle the ring, and Jimmy applies a side headlock. Miz whips him off, but Jimmy shoulder blocks him down. Jimmy hits the ropes… and they terribly fumble through a spot. Jey Uso tags in, and Miz avoids a double superkick. Jey elbows Miz in the face, but Miz quickly takes him down. Miz mocks Jimmy before hitting Jey with his patented corner clothesline. Shane McMahon comes in, and he goes to the opposite corner for Coast-To-Coast. Jimmy quickly cuts him off, but McMahon takes him down. McMahon hits Jey with a sunset flip for a two count. McMahon hits Jey with a jumping back elbow. Miz tags in, and they clothesline Jey over the top rope. They then clothesline Jimmy over the top rope. Miz and McMahon stand tall in the ring.

The Usos get in and quickly take Miz down by snapping him off the top rope. Jimmy tags in and chokes Miz before Jey gets a cheap shot in. Jey tags back in and avalanches Miz. Jimmy tags in and applies a chin lock. Miz fights up, but Jimmy clotheslines him down. Jey tags in and stomps The Miz. Jey then applies a chin lock. Jimmy tags in, rips Miz’ shirt off, and throws it at McMahon, but he catches it. Jimmy then hits Miz with his patented corner clothesline. Jimmy mocks Miz, but Miz takes him down. McMahon tags in and takes The Usos down. McMahon hits a sloppy big boot on Jimmy before catching him with a back body drop. McMahon dances around Jimmy and punches him down. Jey runs in, and McMahon hits him with a DDT. Jimmy comes back, and McMahon DDTs him as well for a near fall. McMahon has both Usos set up in the corners. McMahon hits a Coast-To-Coast on Jimmy before getting up and going back to the top rope. McMahon leaps, but Jey superkicks him out of mid-air! Jey hits a top rope splash and covers, but Miz breaks up the pin.

Miz tags in and hits a springboard axe handle on Jey. Miz kicks and boots Jey, but Jey comes right back with a Samoan Drop. Jey gets fired up and charges, but Miz moves. Miz DDTs him for a near fall. Miz hits Jey with a baseball slide and clears the commentary table. Jimmy accidentally hits Jey with a suicide dive. Miz punches Jey down on the commentary table. McMahon goes to the top rope and commits a Leap of Faith on Jey!

Miz gets Jimmy in the ring, but Jimmy superkicks him down. Jimmy goes to the top rope for a splash, but Miz gets the knees up. Miz rolls him up for a near fall. Miz quickly follows up with a Skull Crushing Finale and covers, but Jimmy quickly turns it and picks up the win!

Winners and new Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Usos

The Miz is stunned and apologizes to McMahon, who is just coming to at ringside. Miz helps McMahon up, and they walk off arm in arm.

Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush are backstage. Rush is asked about being the weak link, but they walk off.

WWE Intercontinental Championship – Handicap Match
Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Finn Balor

Lio Rush teases starting the match, but he quickly tags in Bobby Lashley. Lashley clubs Balor down. Balor fights back and forearms him. Lashley quickly knees him and takes him down. Lashley stomps him, and a loud “Let’s go Finn” chant picks up. Balor hits the ropes and takes Lashley down with a flying forearm. Lashley and Rush talk strategy at ringside. Lashley gets back in the ring and slams Balor down. Lashley attacks him in the corner, but Balor comes back with a snap kick. Rush distracts him, but Balor still manages to knee Lashley. Lashley avoids a sunset flip and stomps Balor. Lashley goes for a powerbomb, but Balor gives him a back body drop over the top rope. Balor sets up for a plancha, but Rush grabs the feet. Balor chases him, but Lashley intercepts Balor and slams him into the barricade. Lashley drives him into the apron and gets him in the ring for a two count.

Rush tags in and kicks Balor in the chest. Rush talks trash to Balor and stomps him down. Balor turns him around, but Rush gets out. Lashley tags in and clotheslines Balor for a two count. Lashley applies a chin lock, but Balor fights up. Lashley takes him down and tags Rush in. Rush applies an abdominal stretch to Balor, but Balor fights out. Rush boots him back and tags Lashley back in. Lashley powers Balor to the corner and shoulders away at him. Lashley hits a pair of running shoulders on Balor before hitting a big spinebuster. Lashley sets up, and Rush blind tags in. Lashley cannot believe it. Rush goes for a top rope splash, but Balor moves.

Balor has Rush cornered and stops him from making a tag. Balor takes Rush down, knocks Lashley off the apron, and hits a double stomp on Rush. Balor catches Rush with a Sling Blade before tossing Lashley out of the ring. Balor then throws Rush out of the ring. Balor hits them with a summersault senton. Balor gets Rush in the ring, dropkicks him into the corner, and goes to the top rope for the Coup de Grace. Balor picks up the win!

Winner and new WWE Intercontinental Champion: Finn Balor

Bobby Lashley is furious. Lashley kicks the ropes in frustration and yells at Rush. Lashley grabs Rush, but then lets him go. Lashley then grabs him and connects with a vicious spinebuster.

The 2020 Royal Rumble is coming to Houston, Texas. The WWE Royal Rumble event will take place in Minute Maid Park.

Video Package: Vince McMahon suspends Becky Lynch for 60 days and replaces her with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania

Footage is shown from a house show last night where Becky Lynch attacked Charlotte Flair. Flair quickly took her down with a chop block to the injured knee. Flair then attacked it with weapons and walked off.

Charlotte Flair makes her entrance. Charly Caruso asks when she found out she was replacing Becky Lynch. She says life is good when you’re Charlotte Flair. Flair says Becky Lynch did this to herself because she craves the crowd’s attention. There is a loud “Becky” chant. Flair says she’ll be at ringside to see who is going to main event WrestleMania with her.

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey comes out dressed as Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat 11.

RAW Women’s Championship
Ruby Riott vs. “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey (c)

Riott quickly takes Rousey down with punches, but Rousey immediately comes back with a pair of arm drags. Riott quickly gets out of the ring to recover. Rousey paces in the ring and waits for Riott to get back in. Charlotte Flair watches on from ringside. Riott teases getting in the ring, but she goes back to the floor. Riott finally gets in the ring, but she puts herself through the ropes to keep Rousey back. Riott blindsides her, but Rousey takes her down. A “We want Becky” chant fires up. Rousey hits Riott with Piper’s Pit and taps her out with the arm bar.

Winner by Submission and still RAW Women’s Champion: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey

Rousey angrily stares at Charlotte Flair, who nods at her and gets in the ring. They go face-to-face, but turn to see Becky Lynch hobbling on crutches to ringside through the crowd. The crowd is cheering her on. Lynch struggles to get up in the ring. A loud “Becky” chant picks up. The crowd then starts chanting, “She’s the man.” Lynch then tosses a crutch and viciously beats Flair down with the other crutch! Rousey just watches on. Lynch continues to beat on Flair with the crutch before turning to Rousey. Rousey then picks up the crutch, and Lynch offers Flair to Rousey. Rousey goes to hit Flair, but Lynch attacks her from behind with the crutch! The crowd is going wild. Security runs down, but Lynch continues to hit her. Lynch finally leaves the ring and walks off with security. Rousey looks furious and is bleeding from the side of the head.

No Disqualifications Match
Baron Corbin vs. Braun Strowman

Corbin throws his vest, but Strowman knocks him from the ring. Corbin hits him with a kendo stick a few times, but Strowman makes his comeback. Strowman grabs the kendo stick, says he doesn’t need it to kick Corbin’s ass, and breaks it over his knee. Strowman then knocks Corbin out of the ring. Strowman goes outside and shoulder blocks Corbin at ringside. Strowman goes for another, but Corbin throws a chair at him. Strowman catches it and chases him, but Corbin sends him into the steps. Corbin hits him with the steps a few times and mocks Strowman. Corbin gets him in the ring and peppers him with punches. Corbin hits the ropes, but Strowman clotheslines him down. Strowman splashes him and hits a clothesline. Strowman goes outside and grabs a table. Strowman sets it up in the corner and goes to put Corbin through it, but he rakes the eyes. Strowman quickly comes back with a Running Powerslam through the table.

Drew McIntyre’s music hits, and he comes down to the ring with a steel chair. Bobby Lashley attacks Strowman from behind with a steel chair. McIntyre and Lashley unload on Strowman with chair shots. Strowman fights back, but McIntyre punches him before Lashley connects with a spear. Lashley and McIntyre take the bottom half of both sets of steel stairs and puts them in the ring. They’re set up side by side. Strowman grabs them both by the throats, but Corbin smacks him with a steel chair. McIntyre and Lashley grab two tables and put them in the ring. McIntyre hits Strowman with a Claymore Kick. They then stack the tables in front of the steps. They drag Strowman to the steps and hit The Shield’s Triple Powerbomb through the tables! Corbin then covers for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Baron Corbin

A video is played for the Special Olympics World Games taking place in Abu Dhabi. Some athletes are in the crowd tonight.

Footage is shown of The Miz and Shane McMahon losing the Smackdown Tag Team Championships earlier tonight.

Shane McMahon is getting iced in the trainer’s room. The Miz apologizes and shouts that it is not ok they lost. Miz promised a lot of people and starts to flip out. McMahon tells him to chill out and go home. McMahon says he’ll see him on Tuesday.

Lacey Evans makes her entrance… and then leaves right to the back.

WrestleMania is 49 days away.

WWE Championship – Elimination Chamber Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniel Bryan (c)

Before Daniel Bryan enters the Elimination Chamber, Bryan says he and Rowan are being punished for trying to enlighten the crowd. The crowd got control from WWE management. Now he’s first in the Elimination Chamber. Fickle! He was first in the Gauntlet Match. Fickle! Referees come out and order Rowan to the back. Bryan is furious. Bryan doesn’t want to be called a martyr, but he’s suffering for the greater good. The small minded people repeat one phrase over and over again. It reminds him that the people need him. The planet needs him. There is still hope that he’ll raise the championship at the end and still be WWE Champion.

The bell rings, and Bryan quickly gets out of the ring to avoid Samoa Joe. Joe invites him into the ring. Bryan paces around the outer rim of the Elimination Chamber. Bryan wants to know if the clock is running. Bryan gets in the ring and peppers Joe with some kicks to the legs. Joe laughs. Joe blocks one and starts kicking away at Bryan’s leg. Joe applies a knee bar, but Bryan fights out. Bryan chops the chest and runs off. Joe cuts him off outside and pushes him into the Chamber wall. Joe chops away at him, and Bryan collapses in a heap. Joe gets him in the ring, but Bryan flips through a back suplex. Joe connects with a powerbomb before applying a modified Boston crab. Joe then turns it into an STF. Joe keeps twisting him, but Bryan gets out and clips the knee. Bryan throws him to the outside of the ring and drives him head-first into the pod support beam. They get in the ring and trade chops. Joe takes him down and kicks and chops at him. Bryan chops him back, but Joe crushes him with a vicious chop to the chest. Joe pushes him to the corner and charges, but Bryan gives him a drop-toe-hold into the turnbuckle. The clock ticks down.

Kofi Kingston joins the match.

Kingston takes Bryan down and kicks Joe. Kingston hits a springboard axe handle on Bryan before attacking Joe. Kingston hits a springboard splash to the back. Bryan quickly grabs Kingston and gives him a front suplex onto the top rope. Bryan goes to the top rope and hits a diving knee to the back of Kingston’s neck for a near fall. Bryan chops Joe’s chest, but Joe just kills him with another chop. Bryan goes outside and starts to run off. Bryan quickly climbs to the top of a pod to avoid Joe. Bryan sits cross-legged on top of the pod and watches. Joe whips Kingston to the corner, but he scales the ropes and gets to the top of the pod Bryan is on. Kingston punches away at Bryan. Bryan manages to start scaling the wall to get away. Joe pulls Bryan down, and Kingston catches them with a trust fall! Kingston gets them in the ring and covers Bryan for a near fall. Kingston then covers Bryan for a near fall.

Bryan uppercuts Kingston and shoulder blocks him down. They criss-cross in the ropes before Kingston hits a jumping back elbow for a near fall. Joe quickly takes Kingston down and flattens Bryan with a senton splash. Joe hits Kingston with a snap suplex for a near fall. Joe knocks Bryan to the outside and kills him again with chops while the clock counts down.

AJ Styles joins the match.

Styles immediately boots Bryan before getting in the ring. Styles takes Kingston down before hitting Joe with a strike combination. Bryan gets in the ring, but Styles slaps him. They trade punches before Bryan reverses a whip to the corner. Styles does a moonsault and catches Bryan. Styles then grabs Kingston and gives them both a DDT. Styles covers Bryan for a two count. Styles then covers Kingston for a near fall. An “AJ Styles” chant picks up. Styles catches Joe with a slingshot Phenomenal Forearm. Bryan is climbing the Chamber wall, so Styles takes him down with a springboard Phenomenal Forearm.

Styles shoulders Kingston and does a sunset flip. Styles goes for a Styles Clash, but Kingston gets out. Styles follows up with an ushigoroshi for a near fall. Styles goes outside and attacks Joe. Joe quickly sends Styles into the Chamber wall before giving him a back body drop back into the ring. Kingston starts to unload on Joe, but Joe catches him with a Coquina Clutch attempt. Kingston tries to get out, but Joe keeps it held. Kingston then stuns Joe with a jawbreaker. Styles then wipes Joe out with a Phenomenal Forearm to eliminate him!

Samoa Joe has been eliminated by AJ Styles.

Jeff Hardy joins the match.

Hardy takes Styles down with a forearm before catching him with a double leg drop to the midsection. Hardy takes Kingston down and jumps off his back to hit Bryan with Poetry in Motion. Hardy attacks Styles, but Styles takes him down with an overhead kick. Outside the ring, Bryan sends Kingston into the Chamber wall. In the ring, Hardy goes to the top rope, but Styles pushes him into the Chamber pod. Hardy fights Styles off, and they crash to the outside of the Chamber. Hardy lays Styles across the top rope and goes to the top of the Chamber pod. Hardy hits Styles with a Swanton Bomb! Bryan immediately gets in the ring and catches Hardy with a Busaiku Knee Kick to eliminate him!

Jeff Hardy has been eliminated by Daniel Bryan.

Bryan attacks Styles and puts him in the tree of woe. Bryan then puts Kingston on the top rope on top of Styles. Bryan goes for a superplex, but Styles manages to also hit Bryan with a German Suplex. All three men are down.

Randy Orton joins the match.

Orton slowly gets in the ring and clotheslines Bryan. Orton then attacks Styles before giving Kingston a clothesline. Orton stomps away at Styles again. Orton then sends Kingston into Styles. Bryan catches Orton with a backslide pin. Orton kicks out and gives Bryan a front suplex onto the top rope. Kingston blindsides Orton with a dropkick. Styles and Kingston fight before Styles hits him with a nasty backbreaker. Styles knocks Kingston back and goes for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Orton catches him with an RKO to eliminate him!

AJ Styles has been eliminated by Randy Orton.

Kingston quickly rolls Orton up for a two count. Orton avoids Trouble in Paradise and crotches him on the top rope. Orton then gives him a hanging DDT. Orton starts to stalk Kingston before catching Bryan with a powerslam. Kingston pushes off an RKO and hits Trouble in Paradise to eliminate him!

Randy Orton has been eliminated by Kofi Kingston.

The crowd is going wild for Kingston. Bryan and Kingston pull themselves up to their feet. A loud “Kofi” chant picks up. They get into a hockey fight before exchanging kicks. Kingston absorbs the shots and tells Bryan to bring it. Bryan clips the knee and starts doing the former YES Kicks. Kingston avoids the big kick and hits the SOS for a near fall! Bryan punches him down in the corner. The crowd is chanting, “New Day rocks.” Bryan shouts that Kingston doesn’t deserve to be in here with him. Bryan kicks away at the chest in the corner before hitting some wild corner dropkicks. Kingston explodes out of the corner with a standing double stomp for a near fall! Bryan goes outside to catch his breath. Kingston goes to grab him, but Bryan starts smashing him into the Chamber wall a few times. Kingston tries to make a comeback, but Bryan throws him into the pod glass. Bryan gets him in the ring and sizes him up. Bryan takes him down with the Busaiku Knee Kick… but Kingston kicks out! Bryan cannot believe it!

Bryan angrily grabs Kingston’s arm and starts stomping his face for a near fall. Bryan goes for a Busaiku Knee Kick, but Kingston counters into Trouble in Paradise! Kingston covers, but Bryan turns it into a roll-up of his own for a near fall. Bryan takes him down with the LeBell Lock, but Kingston scratches and claws to the bottom rope. A “This is awesome” chant picks up. Bryan goes to the top rope, and Kingston stuns him with a kick. Bryan starts to climb to the top of the pod. Kingston follows him up and bounces Bryan’s head off the plexiglass. Kingston goes for a huge superplex, but Bryan blocks it. Bryan smashes the back of Kingston’s head off the plexiglass and goes for a superplex. Kingston fights it and knocks him to the mat! Kingston stands on the roof of the pod and leaps off… but Bryan moves! Bryan catches him with a Busaiku Knee Kick for the win!

Winner and still WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is helped to the back by Rowan. The crowd is cheering for Kofi Kingston, who is coming to in the ring. The New Day runs down and embraces him. A loud “Thank you, Kofi” chant picks up. The New Day help him to the back while the crowd applauds and chants Kofi’s name.

Kickoff Show: Buddy Murphy defeated Akira Tozawa to retain the cruiserweight title.