WWE Hell in a Cell 2010

October 3, 2010 – Dallas, Texas

Daniel Bryan beat The Miz and John Morrison (Submissions Count Anywhere)
Randy Orton beat “Celtic Warrior” Sheamus (WWE Title / Hell in a Cell)
Edge defeated Jack Swagger
Wade Barrett defeated John Cena (Cena joins Nexus vs. Nexus disbands)
Natalya Neidhart defeated Michelle McCool w/Layla (Unified Divas Title)
Kane defeated The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer (World Title / Hell in a Cell)

Daniel Bryan defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and John Morrison to retain the WWE United States title: Before the match, the Miz said he mentored both John Morrison and Daniel Bryan, and neither of them would be anywhere without him. The Miz said even without them, he would have been a star and he should be the United States champion. They match stayed in the ring for a while before spilling out into the arena. They fought on the floor under the stage and then climbed up onto the stage to grapple. Morrison climbed up the Hell in a Cell set and jumped off onto Miz & Bryan! Morrison was about to make The Miz submit at one point but Alex Riley showed up and broke it up. Bryan shoved Riley (and a camera man) off the stage to get rid of him. Bryan then forced The Miz to submit using the Lebell Lock on the stage to retain his title! Even Michael Cole admited that Bryan was the real thing, but still said he was a nerd.

Randy Orton defeated “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus to retain the WWE Championship: They took a lot of time talking about historical figures before the match, and the announcers even began repeating stats (proving they don’t listen to each other). The match started and both men went back and forth, learning how to use the cell to their advantage. Lots of brutality, and later they brought the steel ring steps into the ring. Orton power-slammed Sheamus on top of the steps. Orton did his hanging DDT with Sheamus’ legs on the ring apron, driving his head into the ringside floor. Sheamus fought back and connected with a Rougue-Kick to Orton’s face but only got a two-count! Sheamus looked under the ring and found a steel chair, then bashed Orton with it. Sheamus could only get a two-count even after that. Sheamus lined up Orton for another chairshot, but he ducked and connected with RKO! Sheamus wisely rolled out of the ring to avoid getting pinned. Orton set up for the punt kick on the floor, but Sheamus moved and hit a devastating Rouge-kick to knock out Orton. Sheamus rolled Orton’s limp body back into the ring, but only got a two count. Sheamus went for the High Cross (Razor’s Edge) on the ring steps but Orton slipped out and nailed Sheamus with an RKO on the steps to win the match and retain the WWE championship!

Josh Mathews & The NXT Diva Rookies (Kaitlyn & Aksana & A.J. & Jamie & Naomi & Maxine) + The Nexus (Wade Barrett & Heath Slater & David Otunga & Justin Gabriel & Michel Tarver) : Josh Mathews tried to interview the six rookie Divas but they were chased off by the Nexus, so Mathews decided to talk to the Nexus. Barrett said there would be six members of the Nexus tonight because he was promising victory tonight. Michael Tarver held up an NXT arm band and Barrett said it was a gift for John Cena.

Alberto Del Rio + Edge + Jack Swagger: Alberto Del Rio came out in a Rolls Royce and did was introduced by his personal ring announcer. Alberto said it was his WWE PPV debut and he wanted to make it special. Alberto bragged about taking out Rey Mysterio. Alberto continued his rant until Edge came out and said he was fighting against stupidity, and there are parts of Alberto that are stupid. Edge listed the things about Alberto that are stupid. They were about to start fighting when they were interrupted by Jack Swagger. Swagger complained about what Edge did to him on SmackDown! (speared his Soaring Eagle mascot). Edge went after Swagger, but Alberto attacked Edge so that Swagger could take over. Alberto left the ring and went backstage. The anonymous G.M. sent an email and said Edge had to apologize to him (the G.M.) on RAW tomorrow and had to wrestle Swagger right now!

Edge defeated Jack Swagger with a spear: A referee ran down and as soon as Edge made it up to his feet he rang the bell to start the match. Swagger immediately began stomping the wounded Edge, who made a quick come-back. It was a great long match which ended with Edge spearing Swagger for the win!

The Nexus (Heath Slater & David Otunga & Justin Gabriel & Michel Tarver) : David Otunga said he had an idea to make sure that Wade Barrett wins tonight and they won’t get disqualified for it. The rest of the group wasn’t sure but followed Otunga to listen to his plan.

Wade Barrett defeated John Cena: A few minutes into the match, the rest of Nexus came down to ringside to watch the match. Wade Barrett yelled at them, saying he told them to stay backstage. They stayed at ringside, but Barrett warned them not to get involved. Barrett was actually holding his own against John Cena. Cena regained the advantage and the Nexus surrounded the ring. Suddenly, the Big Show led a charge to the ring with the WWE babyface locker room to take out the Nexus! The Nexus was eliminated and the WWE guys went backstage. Cena was happy that it was now 1-on-1 like it should be. They went at it for another 10 minutes before Cena put Barrett in the STF. A fan hit the ring and messed everything up, as the referee tackled him down in a facelock. A second fan jumped the rail and knocked Cena out cold with a 2X4. The “fan” ran away and Barrett got the pin to win the match, so John Cena must become a member of the Nexus now. They showed audience members who were totally stunned by the finish, which was pretty well done if you ask me. They did a good job hiding the identities of the “fans” but they were, in fact, NXT Season 2 second generation wrestlers Michael McGillicutty & Husky Harris. The Nexus hit the ring and celebrated with their leader over John Cena’s unconcious body. They showed a replay of the fan assault, and it was obvious that it was Husky Harris, but the announcers refused to verbalize that fact. Cena was left in the ring to absorb the defeat as it all sunk in. The fans still gave Cena a polite ovation. They showed another replay again and the announcers still were too dumb to identify the “fans.”

John Mathews & Paul Bearer: Josh Mathews was walking around the basement and found Paul Bearer lurking in the shadows. Bearer said he returned after a six years because he’s been developing his own master plan, waiting for the time to make his presense felt. Bearer said Kane may be the devil’s favorite demon, he will never be the father of destruction’s favorite son.

Natalya Neidhart defeated WWE Unified Diva’s champion Michelle McCool w/Layla El by DQ: This had the potential to be one of the great diva matches in recent history. Layla got involved on the ring apron so Natalya grabbed her hair. Michelle came over for a kick but accidentally hit Layla! Natalya put McCool in the Sharpshooter, but she reversed it into a leg submission. Natalya reversed it back into the Sharpshooter, so Layla threw her shoe into the ring and hit Natalya for the DQ. Wow. Absolutely ridiculous. Natalya put Layla in the Sharpshooter and then LayCool retreated up to the stage. Natalya snatched the Unified Diva’s belt and posed it with in front of a stunned Laycool.

Kane defeated The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer to retain the World Heavyweight title: The Undertaker was about to shut the door behind him, but he motioned for Paul Bearer to leave the cell first. Bearer said Taker needed him in the cell. Suddenly Kane attacked Undertaker and they fought outside the cell briefly before getting back inside. They destroyed each other at ringside between the ring and cell wall. The door was shut with Bearer outside the cell, and the match officially got started. They continued to destroy each other, using power moves and a steel chair as a weapon. The Undertaker had limited mobility and was selling an ankle injury midway through the match as a cover. It was obvious that Undertaker is starting to finally slow down at this point in his career. The crowd was kinda silent as the two brothers of destruction tried to destroy each other. It seemed like it went on way too long. Kane snapped and knocked out the referee. Some more referees came down and some trainers helped the injured referee out of the cell. Paul Bearer used this opportunity to sneak into the cell and cheer for Undertaker. Kane noticed this and stalked Bearer around the ring. Bearer has dropped a lot of weight but still can’t move around very well. Bearer waddled his way into the ring where Kane cornered and threatened him. Undertaker sat up and choke-slammed Kane to the mat! Undertaker got his power from the urn to lift Kane up for the Tombstone. Bearer opened the urn and shone a light into Undertaker’s eyes and then got between the two brothers. Bearer held up the urn and handed it to Kane, who used it to bash Undertaker! Kane then planted Undertaker with a thunderous choke-slam to win the match and retain the World Heavyweight title! Paul Bearer celebrated with his son, Kane! I guess it all makes sense since Undertaker did “kill” Bearer a few years ago.